The dildos should have been recalled. The special clear plastic they were made of wasn’t toxic, as such, but it did have mildly addictive properties if ingested. Ivy didn’t know that, however. She thought she was being deliciously, but harmlessly, naughty when she started licking her own cunt juices from it after a satisfying session of masturbation.

It was only when she started craving the dildo in her mouth even when she wasn’t horny that she realised something was wrong. The first time she surreptitiously pulled it from her handbag for a quick suck while her friends weren’t looking, she blushed bright red. She blushed even brighter when she realised why it didn’t taste right, and had to hurriedly tease her cunt until it lubricated, then push the dildo into it to get the appropriate delicious coating of her fuckhoney.

It got worse, and soon her friends got used to her idly fellating the dildo in public. For a long time she was able to conceal the second half of her addiction, discreetly ducking away to bathrooms to re-flavour it with her slut juices, but once she was caught spread-legged in the alleyway behind a nightclub alternately fucking her pussy with the dildo and then licking it clean, the secret was out, and from then on her friends wouldn’t let her vanish away to the toilet, instead making her re-lubricate her favourite lollipop in front of them all…


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