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It was only a matter of time until Brea’s slutty incestuous behaviour in the household came out into the open. And that was fine, because it was exactly what Brea had planned for.

It was, of course, no secret to anyone that the sexual dynamics had changed in the household. After all, Brea was noisily fucking her father every night, Michael was feeding piss and cum to his mother, and Veronica herself was going nude around the house and being masturbated to orgasm each night at dinner as she described how she had been raped at work.

But no one was talking about it. Everyone was acting as if it was all perfectly normal.

That came to an end on the day that Brea blackmailed her mother into licking her cunt.

“Come outside, mom,” Brea had said one Saturday morning.

Veronica took a while to understand what had been asked. She was so stupid now, from her daily dose of sex drugs. When she finally processed what Brea had said, she protested. “But I’m naked!”

“That’s because a daughter-molesting slut like you doesn’t deserve clothes,” hissed Brea. She pushed her naked mother up against the wall and kissed her on the lips. Veronica, permanently horny and dopey, just moaned and kissed her daughter back. Brea’s hand went between her mother’s legs, and Veronica spread her thighs eagerly, expecting Brea to finger her wet cunt.

But instead Brea found her mother’s clitoris, and pinched it.

“Come on, slut,” she hissed again, and pulled on Veronica’s clit. Squealing (but softly, so no one would hear), Veronica had no choice to be led by her pussy to the back door and into the rear garden.

There was no one around – Michael was out at the shops, and Brea’s father was in his home office, doing something on the computer. But it nevertheless felt open and exposed in the back yard, with its low fences and its openness to the sky.

Brea began to strip naked herself. She wasn’t wearing much to start with, and she was soon completely nude.

“What are you doing?” asked Veronica.

“You’re going to lick my pussy, mom,” said Brea. “I’m so horny, and I can’t stand it any longer.” She sat down on the lush green grass, then lay back, her legs spread. “Come over here and lick me.”

“What?” objected Brea’s mother. “No! You’re my daughter!” But she said it quietly, looking at the fences nervously. Their neighbour often did work in his backyard at this time of day.

“Get over here and lick my pussy,” said Brea, in a low voice, “or I’ll tell everyone what a daughter-molesting pervert you are.”

Veronica whimpered. She didn’t know what to do. It was so hard to think these days. She was so ashamed of how wet she was all the time, and of the sexual encounters she’d had with her daughter, and her son. She didn’t know why she was such a slut. She couldn’t help it.

Unhappily, she shuffled over, and knelt between her daughter’s legs.

“Not like that,” said Brea. “Turn around. We’re going to 69.”

Veronica turned around, so her ass was facing her daughter’s head. As she did, Brea sat up slightly, and reached forward.

Veronica felt something metal catch around her wrist. It was a handcuff. And then Brea added one to her other wrist. Not the same pair – two different pairs. And before she understood what had been done to her, Brea attached the other end of each handcuff to her own ankles, so that her mother’s hands were shackled to Brea’s feet.

“I don’t want you running away until I’m done,” explained Brea. “Now move into position.”

Veronica shuffled backwards, putting her knees on either side of Brea’s torso and moving back until her pussy was over her daughter’s face, and her own mouth was above her daughter’s cunt.

At this point, Brea reached down to her mother’s tits, and Veronica yelped again. Brea had attached clamps to each of her nipples – hard, biting ones! And the clamps were attached to a chain that ran underneath Brea’s body. The chain pulled Veronica’s tits to either side of Brea’s stomach, and ensured that Veronica couldn’t lift herself more than an inch up from her daughter without pulling agonisingly on her breasts.

“Good slut,” said Brea soothingly. “Now, I want you to do two things, mom. I want you to lick my pussy, and I want you to piss on my face.”

“Brea, I can’t!” protested Veronica. “Why are you doing this? It’s so obscene…”

“This is how good sluts lez off, mom,” said Brea. “They degrade and humiliate each other to satisfy their slutty cunts and to entertain men. Now, I’m not letting you go until you’ve made me cum, and you’ve pissed on my face, so if you don’t want anyone to see you, you’d better get started.”

Brea had of course set up a camera on the house wall to record all this in advance. She didn’t want to miss her chance to have a permanent record of the first time Veronica licked her daughter’s pussy and pissed on her face. 

Veronica didn’t do anything at first. She was surely staring at Brea’s cunt, at how wet it was, and smelling its wetness. But she wasn’t quite ready to incestuously tongue her daughter’s fuckhole.

Brea began to help her out, by licking her mother’s own cunt. Veronica bucked as she first felt her daughter’s tongue between her legs, and tried to raise her hips up, but the chain connecting her nipples stopped her from rising high enough to escape Brea’s attentions. Brea continued to lick.

It was a noise nextdoor that finally got Brea’s mother to start licking. It was only a tree branch creaking in the wind, but it was a reminder that someone might see Veronica’s slutty predicament at any time, and that she needed to get free of it. She hesitantly pushed her tongue between her daughter’s puffy cunt lips, tasting Brea’s thick cunt-honey, and began to lick.

It felt like heaven – not just because of the physical sensation, but because of the knowledge that Brea’s mother was finally starting to accept her natural place – the place of all women – as a degraded sex-doll. Brea sighed softly, and pushed her hips up to press her cunt tighter against her mother’s mouth.

Veronica seemed genuinely eager to make her daughter cum, but Brea had a good deal of self-control. And besides, she didn’t intend to let her mother go, orgasm or no orgasm, until someone had seen them. It was time for her mother to come out of the closet and be openly recognised as a sub-human fuckpuppet by her husband and son.

For a while, Brea reciprocated her mother’s attention by licking at Veronica’s cunt. But soon it became clear that Veronica was making no honest attempt to comply with the second of Brea’s demands.

“Remember, mom, you need to piss on my face, or I’m not letting you up,” said Brea. And when her mother only responded by pressing her cunt down against Brea’s face, eager for Brea to resume licking, Brea decided she needed something extra to focus her mother’s attention. 

Instead of licking her mother’s clit, she bit down on it, hard.

Veronica squealed, and jerked – which pulled on her nipple chains, which made her squeal harder.

“Piss, mom,” urged Brea. “Or I’ll bite it again.”

Veronica whimpered, her tongue still buried in her daughter’s snatch, and wiggled her hips.

Brea bit her mother’s clit again.

Veronica sobbed with pain and humiliation – and Brea was just about to bite her mother again, when she felt the first warm drops on her face. And then dam broke, and Veronica was pissing all over Brea.

Brea laughed delightedly – and loudly, loud enough to be heard from some distance away. The sound made Veronica wriggle with fear, but she clearly couldn’t stop pissing now that she had started. Brea opened her mouth and drank some of her mother’s urine, and let the rest flow over her cheeks and hair and tits. 

It felt so good to be used as a sex toy and urinal by her mother. It was exactly the relationship she had wanted with her mother since she had first started to learn her true place in the world at college. 

And right then, the back door of the house banged open, loudly, and the voice of Brea’s father filled the back yard.

“What the FUCK is going on here?”

And as Veronica’s whole body went rigid with horror and shame – although she was still pissing, she just couldn’t seem to shut off her bladder – Brea deliberately leaned up and resumed tongueing her mother’s pussy as she pissed. And at the same time, Brea opened her own bladder, and began to squirt her piss upwards onto her mother’s face.


Ten minutes later, Brea and Veronica were kneeling in the lounge room, nude, wet, dripping onto towels that had been spread under them.

Brea’s father Evan had physically pulled the two women apart – causing the nipple clamps to rip painfully away from Veronica’s nipples – and then he had used the garden hose to hose them both down as if they were animals. He had demanded they unlock the handcuffs, and Brea had pretended that the cuffs were her mother’s idea, slipping the key to Veronica, who accepted it obediently in a haze of mixed lust and humiliation.

Then he had dragged them both inside by their hair.

Somewhere in that, Michael had arrived home, and joined them in the lounge room. The women listened as Evan described the degrading activity he had caught them in to his son.

“Brea has been telling me for some time that the women of this family are disgusting whores,” said Evan, looking down at the two naked sluts. “She says she gets it from her mother. She says we need to stop pretending that they’re people, and start treating them like fuck-toys and animals.”

Michael nodded. “She’s right.”

Evan looked at his son. “Would I be right in thinking that Brea has… been engaging in sexual activity with you, son?”

Michael nodded again. “She’s been cockteasing me ever since she got home. And recently, mom too – she’s been desperate to see my cock and have me cum on her.”

“That’s what I thought,” said Evan. “I think it’s time we re-negotiated how we treat women in this house… don’t you, son?”

And Michael agreed that it was.

And as he did, he couldn’t help but see the expressions on the faces of his mother and sister. His mother wore a mask of pure degradation, shame and guilt.

And Brea, meanwhile, was showing the most perfect expression of slutty, rapturous joy that he had ever seen.


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