Katy’s boyfriend delighted in taking humiliating photos of her, uploading them to the web, and sharing the links to her closest friends. The friends pretended to be disgusted by the practice – which he forced her to say was her idea – but he showed her the traffic stats for the site that proved that her friends were regularly visiting it regardless.

She thought maybe if she stopped smiling for the photos, and made it look like she wasn’t consenting, her friends might understand what was happening and help her. The result was a string of photos where she looked pouty, reluctant, and clearly forced to be a model. Her boyfriend spanked her for her rebellion, but he uploaded them anyway.

She waited anxiously for her friends to ask her why she looked so unhappy in the photos. But they never did. Her boyfriend, laughing while he fucked her, showed her the website traffic – it had doubled. Her friends liked seeing her humiliated even more when it looked non-consensual.

He thanked her, and told her he’d been worried about what her friends would do if they knew she was his sex-slave. But seeing as they clearly didn’t care, he’d now take the next step, and start enquiring what her so-called friends would be willing to pay to take a turn at fucking her…


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