Jennie had structured her entire professional career so she could live out one particular fantasy again and again. She had gone to study psychology, graduated, and set up a private pro bono practice providing court-ordered counselling to convicted rapists of adult women.

When her clients arrived, they found her enjoying the odd feature of her office – the shower in the corner. She would stand nude under the water, holding a conversation with them about how much they loved forcing stupid sluts to their knees and raping them, until finally the client would take the hint and violently rape her right there in her office.

Rape was one of the only two ways that Jennie could orgasm – and her powerful sex drive gave her a *deep* need to orgasm. Almost nothing was better than lying there with a stranger’s cock inside her as he used her without a care for her consent.

Almost nothing. The other way she could cum, of course, was later that night, as she rubbed her pussy and thought about how she had just given her client the addresses of her pretty, single friends…


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