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Michael awoke with a gasp.  It had all been a dream, hadn’t it?

And then he saw his sister Brea standing in his bedroom doorway, wearing a short crop-top that barely covered her new plastic tits, and not a stitch of other clothing, and he knew that it had all been real.

It had started yesterday when his sister had come home from interstate college with an interesting new set of beliefs – that feminism was cancer, that women were nothing but a set of holes for men to rape, and that she would be happiest in life if every man who knew her – including her family – used her as a cum toilet.  Michael’s parents were away overnight, and it was just him and Brea in the house.

Giggly, mischievous, and with an impressive and slutty new pair of fake tits, Brea had cockteased Michael into calling her a bitch and a cunt, slapping her face, and finally firing a stun-gun into her pussy and raping her until he ejaculated in her womb.  Michael had gone along with it at first because his sister had threatened to drop out of college and become a full-time whore – but had promised to go back and finish her degree if Michael played her slutty games.  Later, Michael had to admit, he had gone along with it because he could no longer resist the demands of his increasingly aroused cock.

After he had raped her, Brea had insisted on taking his cock in her mouth to clean it off – and then had kept her mouth there, even after Michael protested that he needed to urinate.  He had tried to pull her away from him several times, even slapping her across the face and kicking her cunt, but she kept coming back, and in the end he accepted the inevitable and urinated into her mouth.

There was something about using one’s sister as a toilet, Michael thought, that made it hard to ever look at her the same way again.

Now Brea stood in his doorway, grinning.  She was wearing the same cunt-spreading device she had the night before, giving Michael a good view at her clitoris and fucktunnel.  She was visibly aroused.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” she said.  “Ready for another day of fun?”

“Mum and dad are coming home today,” Brian protested, struggling to sit up.

“Not till late tonight,” said Brea.  “I rang them to check, and told them there was no hurry to get home.  So they said they’d say away for dinner, and catch the late flight home.”  She paused and said, “But I think I should send dad some photos of my new look for him to enjoy in his alone time, don’t you?”

Michael’s eyes widened.  Brea had suggested yesterday that she might seduce their father, but he hadn’t really believed her.  But was she really going to send their dad nude pictures of herself?

“You can’t, Brea!” he objected.

She frowned.  “What have I told you about using my name, like I’m a person?” she said.  “Do you want to try again?”

He paused.  “You can’t, bitch,” he said, a moment later.

“That’s more like it!” said Brea happily.  “I’ll tell you what,” she said.  “How about you use me as your toilet – it is morning, after all – and then we’ll play a little quiz game.  Five questions.  Each right answer gets you a kiss and part of a handjob.  Each wrong answer and I record a little video for daddy.  As long as you get half the questions right, I won’t send the videos anywhere.”

Michael could barely find the energy to protest.  He let his sister get down on the ground, crawl over to the bed, and wrap her lips around his cock.  It felt amazing.  He relaxed his bladder and pissed into her – she swallowed every drop – and by the time he was done his cock was hard.

Brea pulled off her shirt and sat facing him, her gorgeous plastic tits mere inches from her chest.  She set up her phone to film both of them, then she wrapped her right hand around his erect cock, and looked into his eyes.

“First question,” she said.  “You’re on a date with a girl you like, and she’s pretty, but she’s shy.  What do you do?”

Michael shrugged.  “I tell her she’s pretty,” he said.

Brea sighed.  “No,” she said.  “You slap her across the face, drag her into your car boot, drive her back to your house, repeatedly rape her, and then show the film of her rape to all her friends and family.”  She pursed her lips.  “You’re going to have to try harder.”

Then she turned to the camera.  “Hi daddy!” she said.  “This is your daughter Brea, but it’s okay to call me Cum-Toilet now because I’ve learned how to be a good girl.  I’m looking forward to you coming home so you can squeeze my big new titties!”  She giggled.

Then she turned back to Michael again.  “Question Two,” she said.  “It’s midnight and you wake up horny.  The house is quiet and you’re not sure who’s awake or asleep.  What do you do?”

Michael thought he knew the answer his sister was looking for.  “I come into your room and rape you.  It doesn’t matter if you’re awake.”

“Good!” said Brea encouragingly.  “God, it makes me hot when you talk like that!”  And she began to vigorously pump Michael’s cock.  When Michael gasped with pleasure, she leaned forward and tongue-kissed him.

The kiss and the masturbation went for a full minute.  When they stopped, and Brea pulled back, Michael was flushed and gasping.

He wanted to get more correct answers.

“Okay, Question Three,” said Brea.  “We’re on a long road trip together, and you’re horny, and you really want to cum in a girl’s cunt, but you didn’t bring any condoms and I’m not on any birth control.”

Michael tried to think.  It was difficult, with his cock so hard.  “Fuck you in the ass,” he said, finally.

Brea frowned.  “No, that’s not right,” she said.  “You wanted to cum in my pussy, so you should just cum in my pussy.  Force me if I don’t consent.”

“But what if I get you pregnant?” asked Michael.

“Pregnancy is always the girl’s problem, silly,” said Brea.  “You don’t have to think about that.”  She turned to her phone again.  “Hi daddy, it’s Brea again!” she said.  “If you’re upset that I have plastic tits now, it’s okay to beat them, or use your belt on them.  I deserve it, because I’m a girl, and anyway, pain in my tits makes me wet!”  She giggled, then turned back to Michael.

“Ready for question four?” she asked. 

“I guess,” said Michael. 

“You have to get this one right, and the next one, or else dad sees my videos,” Brea reminded him. 

“Then make it an easy one,” said Michael.

“Okay,” said Brea, smiling.  “You’re fucking me, but I start crying and say it hurts.  What do you do?”

“Keep fucking you,” said Michael.  This one *was* easy.  “And if your crying is annoying, slap you across the face until you shut up.”

Brea immediately leaned in and kissed him hard on the mouth, and started masturbating him again.  He groaned with enjoyment, kissing back against her hard enough to bruise her lips..

“Last question,” she said when the kiss was done.  “You’re in a remote cabin with a pretty, pure, innocent girl – like that Claire chick you used to hang out with at school, that I know you had a crush on.  Remember her?”

“Yes,” said Michael, his cock twitching.  He still had fantasies about Claire, and her pretty, blonde, naive, virginal body.

“Yeah,” said Brea.  “So you’re in a cabin with her, and you realise that you can do anything you want with her, and there will be absolutely no consequences other than her pain and violation.”

Brea paused and said, “And in answering this, I want you to know that whatever you say now, I’m going to help you make it happen for real.”  She gave his cock another quick pump, and smiled.  “So…. what do you do with her?  Wrong answers mean I send the videos to daddy.”

Michael moaned, and then spoke the honest truth.  “I want to strip her, and rape her while she cries, and impregnate her, and then make her tell the world that she got pregnant to a stranger while working as a prostitute.”

And Brea was kissing him again, and pumping his cock – and then she was moving up closer to him, her tits pushing against his chest…

.. and suddenly she was sitting on his lap, and his cock was sliding into his sister’s cunt.  He moaned in distress, and tried to push her away, but he just ended up grabbing her tits, and then he wasn’t pushing but instead squeezing, hard, painfully hard, trying to make her squeal into his mouth as she kissed him.

And when she started to cum from the pain in her tits, started to cum against his cock, her cunt muscles squeezing, her whole body shaking, it was too much, and he orgasmed too, ejaculating into his sister’s womb.

Afterwards they sat there, together, shaking, for nearly a minute.  Finally, Michael said, roughly, “Get off me, cunt, and clean my cock with your mouth.”

And as Brea climbed off him, the look of pure adoration on her face at his treatment of her was all he needed to know that they were going to have very many more orgasms together…


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