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The chemical runoff from the factory into the bay had very particular effects, well known to the rich playboys who sailed their yachts there. 

A night-time swim had seemed like such a good idea when the men had suggested it to Hannah. She’d been in the company of several friends, so felt safe. She’d wondered why the men weren’t coming in the water, but had soon stopped caring, and had a wonderful time splashing her friends, diving beneath the surface, and laughing uproariously.

Soon she began to feel strange, and she came back aboard the boat. Her friends had already left the water, but she saw no sign of them on the deck. There were lights on in the cabin below, and sounds – were those moans of pleasure? The rhythmic flesh-on-flesh slapping of fucking? 

One of the men was waiting for her. “Oh, Hannah,” he said. “Your swimsuit is all soaked through. Don’t you think you’d be happier if you took it off?”

It was hard to disagree. Her head was packed with wool. And now that she was out of the water, she became aware that her pussy was *throbbing* with arousal. Just tightening her thigh muscles together made her mewl with need. What was happening to her?

Obediently, she slipped out of her swimsuit. What was she doing? Why was she exposing her large tits to these men she hardly knew. She stepped out of it completely, and now she was buck-naked. She was aware that her nipples were rock-hard and her pubic mound was puffy and engorged. Her cheeks were flushed and her mouth was open.

“Can I take some pictures of you like this, Hannah?” the man said, and Hannah nodded, because she couldn’t make her own decisions, and she was so grateful for suggestions. The man photographed her nude body on his phone. He asked her to cup her tits for him, and then spread her pussy with her fingers, and she did, blushing but obedient.

He stepped up to her, reached between her legs, and slid his fingers into her sopping wet cunt. She gasped, and made no effort to stop him. He withdrew the fingers, coated with her cunt juices, and then wiped them clean on her face. She instinctively opened her mouth, wanting to suck on them, but he pulled them away before she could.

“You’re a stupid little slut, aren’t you, Hannah?” he asked, smiling, and she agreed, because he must know best. 

“My buddies are probably just cumming in your friends’ tight little fuckholes for the first time about now,” he told her. “Why don’t we take you in there to lick your friends clean, and then we’ll include you in round two?” He reached out again, and this time grabbed her by her nipples, one nipple in each hand. He pulled, hard, and she allowed herself to be led by her tits down into the cabin.

Of course she needed to be led by her tits, she thought. Her head was so silly, hurting her tits was surely the only way to get her to do anything.

“What are you, Hannah?” he asked as he led her.

“A stupid little slut,” she replied, and giggled. She’d never been gang raped before. She was quite looking forward to it…


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