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When Victoria was raped by her housemate, Justin, the police told her they were reluctant to prosecute.

“The laws have been changing to make it pretty difficult to get a conviction,” said the police sergeant. “We don’t fancy your chances.”

“He raped me four times, and got me pregnant!” she protested. “Surely that’s enough proof?”

The sergeant made an unhappy face, and said, “Look, my advice is to drop it. But if you want to go ahead with your complaint, you’ll need to sign a form here, indicating that you understand the consequences.”

She signed the form without reading it. “Prosecute the bastard,” she spat.

When the day of the trial came, she had expected Justin to deny that it happened. But that wasn’t his defence at all.

“Look at her,” he told the jury from the witness stand. “Look at her body. She was made to be fucked. And she knew it. She didn’t even bother to wear clothes around the house properly. She’d come out of the shower in nothing but a G-string – no towel – all glistening wet – and not even hurry back to her room. She’d get changed with the door open. On time she even masturbated with the door open. She *wanted* to be raped. How was I supposed to resist?”

To Victoria’s distress, there was a sympathetic mutter in the jury, as men and women alike stared at her – or, more particularly, at her tits, which she was glad were conservatively covered today. What Justin had said wasn’t *entirely* untrue – she had given him the occasional peek at her body, enjoying the impotent arousal it caused. It was nice to be lusted after, and she enjoyed a little cockteasing of someone she had no intention of ever letting actually touch her…

Justin’s lawyer stood up. “Your Honour, I formally make an application under the Jury Visual Aids Act for the complainant to model the clothing that the complainant has described for the jury. I have what I believe is an identical G-string here for the purpose.”

Victoria’s eyes widened. Surely the lawyer couldn’t be serious? He wanted her to – what?

But the judge was taking it seriously, and he too was staring at Victoria’s tits. “Motion granted,” he said. “If the complainant would change into the G-string and show the jury what she looks like while wearing it, please.”

Two sheriff’s officers stepped forward to ensure Victoria’s compliance with the order. In a state of shock, she let them escort her out of the court to a small annex.

“Please,” she said. “I don’t have to do this, do I?”

“You absolutely do, miss,” said one of the officers. “The judge made an order. If you don’t comply, you’ll be in contempt of court. Now, I’d start stripping, quick smart.”

She looked back and forth between the two men desperately, but there was no hint of mercy. Slowly, she stripped off her jacket, shirt, skirt, bra, and panties, until she was nude in front of them. They were smiling, and making no effort to conceal their erections. 

“Nice tits you got there, miss,” said one of the officers. “I can see why you got raped.”

She blushed deep red, and quickly pulled on the G-string. It concealed nothing – the rear string disappeared between her ass cheeks, and the front wasn’t quite wide enough to fully cover her pussy mound. 

“Good girl,” said the second officer. “Now, let’s show the jury.”

There was loud muttering from the jury, and appreciative noises, as Victoria was marched back into court, futilely trying to cover her tits and pussy with her hands. She felt so exposed and vulnerable and slutty, she wished she could vanish or turn invisible.

“Hands away, please,” said the judge, and Victoria reluctantly moved her hands to her sides, letting the jury stare at her naked tits and sluttily-clothed cunt.

“Now, is this what the complainant looked like when she showed herself off to you?” asked Justin’s lawyer.

“Kind of,” said Justin. “Only she was wet from the shower.”

“Officers, if you would?” asked the lawyer, and one of the officers grabbed a jug of water from the table and upended it over Victoria. She squealed with shock. Her nipples hardened, and the thin fabric of the G-string turned semi-transparent. She stood there, nude, wet and shivering, trying not to cry.

“She does look very fuckable,” said the lawyer. “Is this how she showed herself off to you?”

“Yes,” said Justin. “Most of the time. But that one time, she was nude and masturbating.”

“Could the complainant please masturbate for the court?” asked the lawyer.

Victoria felt her knees go weak, and the officers had to grab her arms to keep her standing. “No!” she protested.

“Young lady!” exclaimed the judge. “You are already in danger of being found to have made an unmeritorious criminal allegation. If you refuse the orders of this court, I *will* hold you in contempt. I suggest you start masturbating immediately.”

Moaning with humiliation, Victoria lowered her hand to her pussy, pushed aside the G-string, spread her cunt lips with her fingers, and began to slowly rub her clitoris. 

To her horror and shame, she felt herself growing aroused. She kept rubbing, occasionally moving her hand lower to sink her fingers deep inside her fuckhole.

The jury were talking loudly amongst themselves. One man laughed at Victoria. Victoria shut her eyes and kept rubbing.

“I ask the record to show that the complainant keeps her groin shaved for the enjoyment of lovers,” said Justin’s lawyer. “I also ask the court to note that she has become aroused from masturbating in front of strangers.”

“Noted,” said the judge. “I don’t think I need to see any more. I think it’s clear to everyone that this woman was made to be raped, that she is a willing and malicious cocktease, and that no man can reasonably be expected to not rape her. I’m bringing this trial to a close and throwing out the charges.”

“No!” protested Victoria, still masturbating.

“As punishment for bringing false charges,” continued the judge, “I order that the complainant be confined to her house – the accused’s house – for three months, and be subject to such discipline as the accused sees fit.”

Victoria’s eyes widened in sheer horror. “Nooo!” she screamed, louder – and at that moment, her traitorous body chose to orgasm. She felt herself squirting from her pussy, and she collapsed to her knees, shaking.

“What a whore,” muttered one of the officers by her side. There was further laughter from the jury.

“And finally,” said the judge, “I note that the complainant signed a document stating that she understood the consequences of bringing this charge, and so her performance here today – including stripping and masturbating – is deemed to be by her own decision. I would expect that anyone who witnessed that performance would be just as innocent of rape as the accused is.”

He looked at the sheriff’s officers. “Officers, in light of the fact this woman has wasted the jury’s time, would you take the complainant to the jury room before you leave, so the jury can consider her behaviour?”

Victoria frantically tried to crawl away across the floor, but the officers were already grabbing her and hauling her to her feet. She looked up at the jury, who were smiling at her hungrily. 

“I’ll take first turn with her cunt,” said the jury foreperson loudly. “Who wants to use her ass and tits?”


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