and Other Erotic Stories

Collects the complete novella “The Lakewood Cheerleaders” plus nine more stories.
(Novella [5 parts], plus 8 stories, 63 pages.)


A new story collection is available!
(PDF / E-book only.)

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When the school cheerleading team takes sponsorship money from the local brothel, everything changes for the Lakewood Cheerleaders!

It begins with slutty new cheerleading outfits and humiliating new routines – and before the year is out, the cheerleaders have become sexual toys for the entire town.

And it doesn’t stop there.  The Lakewood Cheerleaders and Other Erotic Stories contains all five chapters of “The Lakewood Cheerleaders” plus nine more hot stories of public nudity and sexual corruption – including the exclusive story “The Cheerleader Attorney”!

Plus this edition includes an exclusive bonus cover gallery.

As with all ATR releases, all characters in sexual situations in this book are aged 18 years or over.

The included stories are:

  • The Lakewood Cheerleaders (Parts 1 through 5) – The complete novella!
  • Redefining Friendship – A hypnotist builds team spirit on the cheerleading squad by redefining their definition of female friendship.
  • Beach Auditions – Cheerleading auditions held at the local beach look for unusual skills and talents from the female applicants.
  • Joining the Basketball Team – When women’s basketball refocuses to be more entertaining to men, it takes new skills to pursue a career in the sport.
  • Conditions of Gym Membership – Charley discovers she has agreed to humiliating conditions as part of her gym membership contract.
  • McCormack Park – Performing at a sports field owned by a puritan religious group requires a cheerleading team to make humiliating changes to their routine.
  • A Lifestyle, Not A Swimsuit – Becoming the public face of the new swimwear line meant more than just modelling the swimsuits…
  • Surprise Second Course – Kiri has always loved helping the local bad boys violate innocent cheerleaders.
  • Cheerleading Tryouts – The only way onto the cheerleading team was for a girl to betray and violate her female friends.
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS STORY – The Cheerleader Attorney – Blackmail forces a female attorney to appear in court dressed as a slutty cheerleader.

Please note that some or all of these stories may also be published in other All These Roadworks collections.

Upon purchase, the collection will be delivered to you as digital goods via email.  A single purchase gives access to all file formats indicated above.

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