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Vice and his harem of castaways found the cave only a little before darkness fell, and the storm was already howling at their heels when they did. At first it seemed little more than a wide depression in the side of the cliffs, offering little real shelter, but as they came closer, the light of their torches revealed that it had hidden depths, extending backwards into dark, rocky shadows that promised shelter and concealment.

Vice’s concern was that a cave such as this was altogether too convenient – and specifically that it may already be home to some of Persephone Nine’s malignant wildlife. But Rospar conducted a cursory sensor sweep, and concluded that nothing larger than an insect could be detected within, and that was enough for Vice to order the women inside.

They found a small chamber some distance back from the entrance, perhaps twenty feet across, with smooth stone floor and walls, and stubby stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Vice guessed that water had flowed through here, long ago, and at first his fears returned. What if this cave flooded during storms? They could all be drowned. But again, Rospar’s sensors and diagnostics were enough to allay Vice’s worries. No water had flowed through here in years.

Outside, the storm began to deploy its full force – and as Vice had feared, it was no tame mixture of clouds and rainfall. It began with a rising intensity of wind. Vice and his women could hear first branches snapping outside in the forest they had passed through – and then what sounded like entire trees cracking, falling, and being dragged along the ground by the massive gusts.

Vice and the girls unpacked the bags they had brought. There were blankets, canvases, and small heating units, and the crew used these to create an enclosed area, capable of retaining heat and screening out the worst of the wind noise from outside.

As the wind built, the lightning started – and once it began, it was everywhere. The bright flashes of light outside were so frequent that the crew had to avert their eyes from the entryway to their makeshift shelter, and the thunder overhead was a constant rolling of bass drums.

The girls’ eyes were wide, and it was clear that they understood. If Vice had not led them to the cliffs, they very likely would be dying right now.

Telea was the first to thank him, crawling over to him with wide eyes. “We’re lucky to have you,” she said, in a small voice. And then she rose up on her knees and kissed him on the lips. “Thank you, sir,” she breathed.

And after that, the other girls did the same – grudgingly, perhaps, but sincerely. Laurel avoided his gaze as she kissed him – but she kissed him anyway, and it was all the sweeter for her reluctance. 

Victoria was more passionate. Possibly she was thinking about what he had said about “making him think she loved him”. He pushed his tongue deep into her mouth, and she moaned when he did.

Even poor victimised Amy kissed him. She didn’t seem immediately worse for wear from her raping by the plant – although it was on all of their minds that she would need to cum within the next couple of days, and that she would only be able to reach that orgasm if she was experiencing exceptional pain in her cunt.

Afterwards, he had them all kiss Amy as well. After all, it was her sacrifice that had saved them from the plant. He watched his harem exchanging lesbian kisses on his orders, and enjoyed the hardness it brought to his cock.

He sent each girl to toilet near the mouth of the cave – not so close as to be at risk of the wind, though – and made a point of watching, and making the other girls watch. Each ritual that humiliated and degraded the girls and took them further from their formerly privileged lives was a useful exercise. They would have to learn to be sub-human fuckpigs in order to survive on this planet. And besides, each of the girls blushed so prettily in their debasement.

Then it was time for their prayer. He had Laurel read the sermon from the Way of Galliard, because he knew that she would hate it the most – and that in her present state of shock at the fury of the storm, she would offer no resistance.

He took out his cock and looked around at his harem of kneeling sluts. They looked pretty, nude but for the coloured ribbons around their tits, and they were already obediently staring at his penis. 

He felt generous. “Rospar, allow the women to touch their cunts for the duration of the sermon.” He looked at the girls. “Masturbate, and pay attention to what you are learning.”

The girls blushed, and dipped their hands to their pussies. Laurel began to read.

“Women are inherently empty. We are a vessel, like a garbage bin, for men to put things into. Our cunt and anus and mouth are holes for men to fill with their cocks, and with their sperm, and their piss, and their spit. Our brain is a hole for men to fill with their thoughts. Our wombs are a hole for men to fill with their children. There is nothing of value within us that a man did not put there.”

The girls were obediently masturbating, even as they blushed at the degrading words of the sermon.

Laurel continued.

“A woman is a toilet that suckles and moans. A woman is a baby-incubator that is pleasurable to rape. A woman is a trash can that gains value when garbage is pushed into her cunt.”

And then the girls chorused out the end of the sermon together.

“I am a parasite that feeds on sperm. I think with my cunt and my udders. My udders deserve to be in pain. Our male is our god.”

Victoria’s rendition of this last part was mumbled and incoherent, and at first Vice’s reaction was to move to slap her, and make her say it again – but then he realised why her tongue was stumbling. It was because she was orgasming – cumming from the feel of her fingers on her clit as she recited the humiliating prayer.

He smiled, and allowed her to enjoy her orgasm.

And then it was time for the girls to choose someone for Vice to rape. But he didn’t intend to let them choose, tonight. He knew what he wanted.

“Telea, come here,” he said.

Telea bit her lip, and obediently crawled over to kneel before Vice, her face inches from his cock.

He took his cock and wiped it across her face. It left a trail of pre-cum. Telea flinched, but didn’t move away.

“Telea, you’ve been a very good girl here on Persephone Nine,” said Vice. “You deserve a reward.” He knelt down in front of her, and looked her in the eyes. “Would you like me to fuck you?”

Her eyes widened and her breathing quickened. Every part of her body was vibrating in a way that suggested she wanted to be fucked.

But she shook her head. “No,” she said, and there was the hint of tears in her eyes.

“Why not, Telea?” he asked her.

“I’m a lesbian,” she said in a small voice.

“Telea, I think we both know by this point that you’re a very bad lesbian,” said Vice. “Your pussy is aching for cock, isn’t it? Aching for *my* cock?”

She turned her head away. There were definitely tears in her eyes. And yet her whole body continued to tremble with excitement. Her nipples were rock hard. He could smell her arousal.

“I can’t,” she whispered. “I’m a lesbian. My mothers raised me as a lesbian. I can’t. It would be wrong.”

He reached out and stroked her hair.

“Do you need me to force you, Telea?” he said.

She bit her lip, and said nothing. But her eyes betrayed a mix of fear, shame – and excitement.

“I won’t be gentle, Telea,” said Vice. “If I force you, I’m going to treat you roughly. It will hurt. And you won’t have any choices. You won’t be able to make me stop.”

The sharp intake of breath – and the little slutty moan that escaped her mouth – told him everything that he needed to know, even if her eyes hadn’t been brimming with pure adoration as she gazed at him.

“Very well,” said Vice. He looked at the other girls. “You know what to do when you see a girl get raped. Rub your pussies, like the sperm-sucking parasites you are.”

Then he turned back to Telea, and slapped her hard across the face.

“Struggle,” he hissed, as she flinched backwards. “Struggle. Resist me. Or else everyone will know that you’re not really a lesbian at all.”

He grabbed at her arms – and she did struggle, trying to pull her arms away, until he let go of them and started slapping her tits instead, hard enough to make her squeal. She brought her arms back in front of her to protect herself, so he grabbed them again, pulling them away.

She had fallen backwards onto her ass, and was trying to wiggle away from him, across the blankets they had laid on the cave floor. He surged forward and brought his knee up between her legs, kicking her hard in the cunt, and that momentarily took the struggle out of her. She fell backward, and he fell on top of her, his legs between hers, forcing her thighs apart.

A moment later, he felt the tip of his cock against her wet pussy lips, and a moment after that, he was inside her, feeling his dick slide deep into her warm, wet, virginal pussy.

For a moment, all the struggle went out of Telea. She went almost completely limp, with nothing in her brain but the knowledge that a man was inside her, that a man was raping her, that a man was taking her virginity. 

He kissed her, long and deep, not thrusting into her, just holding still, letting her process her violation.

Then he said, “I’m going to get you pregnant, Telea. Then when we get off this planet, I’m going to take you back to your mothers with a big pregnant belly, and your tits leaking milk, so you can tell them how much you enjoyed being raped by a man.”

That got her moving again. She began to squeal, and buck, trying to throw him off, and of course every wiggle of her body just fucked his cock deeper into her pussy. 

He put a hand on her throat to pin her flat against the floor, and then used his free hand to begin slapping her tits as he continued to rhythmically rape her fuckhole.

“I love you, Telea,” he told her, as he brutalised her breasts. And he saw her face light up with confused affection at his words. She loved him too – had fallen in love with him – despite her upbringing. He had no idea if it was real love, or just a confused mindbreak brought on by their traumatic current circumstances, but he did not yet care which it was. 

“I love you so much,” he said, “that I’m going to let you be my pregnant little lesbian rape-pet. Would you like that, Telea?”

She started to nod – then shake her head – then did nothing, and stared up at him in confusion. So he slapped her across the face again, and then asked the question again, and repeated until she began to nod, eagerly.

“If we hadn’t crashed,” said Vice, resuming his spanking of her tits, “you would have gone your whole life licking cunts, and secretly fantasising about being raped by a man, and you never would have found happiness. But now this crash has brought you to the only man who really understands you, and now you can truly be happy.”

He took the ribbon wrapped around the base of her breasts, and pulled it tighter, until it was painfully tight, causing her titflesh to bulge lewdly. Then he pulled out of her, and pulled her up into a sitting position. Here, he pushed his cock into her mouth briefly, and pumped three or four times. She had such a beautiful, willing mouth. And then he turned her over, onto all fours and knelt behind her.

“Look at the other girls, Telea,” he told her. “Look at them masturbating to your rape. See how slutty and pathetic all women are. Aren’t you glad you have a man now to take your leash?” 

And he reached down under her and took the ends of the ribbon. He pulled back – and Telea’s body was pulled backwards, by her tits, to once again impale her on Vice’s cock.

He used the ribbons like reigns, jerking on them to bounce Telea on his dick, as he stared at Victoria’s cunt as Victoria masturbated to Telea’s rape. Each pull caused agony in Telea’s breasts, and ecstasy in her cunt.

And then suddenly Telea started to shake all over, and Vice realised she was cumming – orgasming from having her tits tortured while being raped by a man, in view of other women – and when he realised that, he could no longer hold back himself. He pulled on her tits as hard as he could, shoved his cock as far up her fuckhole as it would go, and let himself ejaculate.


Afterwards, they both collapsed, and Vice gathered Telea up in his arms, and held her against him.

“I love you, you silly little slut,” he whispered in her ear. “I’m glad you’re my pet.”

And Telea responded with such affection and adoration that he couldn’t help but be sure it was real.

“I love you, sir,” she said. “I love you. Thank you. Thank you for raping me. I… I deserved it.”

“You mean that you *wanted* it,” laughed Vice. “You’re such a bad lesbian.”

She blushed, and said nothing for a time.

The other girls had taken to their blankets, trying to sleep. But even with the heater, it wasn’t overly warm in the cave, and Vice experienced some satisfaction as he felt Amy moving to cuddle up against his back as he lay with Telea, trying to share his warmth. A few minutes later, the other girls took Amy’s queue, and Vice was the centre of a warm, nubile pile of blankets nad naked girls.

He kissed Telea on the lips again.

“I really do love you,” said Telea. “What can I do to show you my love?”

He caressed her cheek and said, “It’s simple, Telea. Just betray everything that you are to serve my cock.”

She thought for a while, and kissed him again.

Then she looked deep into his eyes, and bit her lip, as if not believing that she was about to do what she was going to do.

But she did it anyway.

She stared at him with big, round eyes, and said, “I wish my lesbian mothers were here, so that I could help you rape and impregnate them.”

And honestly, under the circumstances, that was the most romantic thing that Vice could possibly imagine Telea saying, and he appreciated it so much that he pulled her towards him, slipped his cock back into her pussy, and began to rape her again.


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