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By lunch, the air was even colder. The girls were definitely showing goosebumps now on their naked flesh, despite the heat generated by their exercise. Vice urged them to push on into the jungle, hoping to reach the cliffs before whatever weather the dropping temperature foretold finally arrived.

As they walked, the girls continued to tell the stories of their first sexual experiences.

Amy shifted uncomfortably when Vice told her it was her turn to share her sexual history.

“My first time was with a boy from school,” she began, “and we…”

“LIES DETECTED,” intoned Rospar suddenly, in a flat, robotic voice.

Vice wasn’t immediately sure Rospar was right – lie detection was an imprecise science, and despite ordering the robot to keep the girls honest, he hadn’t really expected to gain anything of value from Rospar’s ability to monitor things like blood pressure, heart rate and eye movement.

But apparently Amy *had* lied, because now she visibly flinched, with the unmistakable look of a girl who had been caught out in a mistruth.

Vice sighed, and used his controller to deliver a shock to Amy’s collar. The pretty redheaded pop idol yelped, and clawed futilely at the metal band around her neck.

“The truth, please, Amy,” said Vice.

She glared at him. Apparently there was still some fight left in the minx – although not enough to help her resist his insistence on her sharing her true sexual experience.

“My first sexual experience was with a girl,” said Amy. She blushed, as everyone looked at her. “What? I’m bisexual. As if all of you haven’t been willing to lez off when our captain has commanded it.”

“Tell us about this experience, Amy,” said Vice.

Amy shrugged. “Her name was Gwyn, she was a cute blonde thing. We were both in the same wannabe-band – I was the singer, and she played bass. We started hooking up, and on the third date we had sex.”

Something about this didn’t add up for Vice. “Why didn’t you just tell us that the first time?”

Amy shrugged again, but her face was flushed.

“Amy, don’t you dare be dishonest with me,” said Vice, holding up the collar controller. “Why did you lie before?”

Amy looked away. “Because I felt guilty about it.”

“About fucking a girl?”

“No,” said Amy. “About how it ended.”

“And how did it end?” asked Vice, He was genuinely curious now.

“Our band was playing a gig, and there was a guy in the audience,” said Amy. “He was an agent for Moncavo – one of the big interplanetary music distributors. He said he wanted to sign me up for a music contract – but just me, not the rest of the band.”

“You sold out the band?” asked Vice.

“More than that,” said Amy. “He said I had talent – but my friend Gwyn had great tits. He said he’d sign me – but only if I could make Gwyn into his sex toy.”

Telea gasped. Laurel looked vaguely ill.

“Did you do it?” asked Victoria.

“I didn’t even think twice,” said Amy. “He was offering me interplanetary stardom. I gave him every photo of Gwyn on my personal devices right then and there – the photos of her nude, the photos of her licking my cunt, the photos of her masturbating. And then I called Gwyn to come to his hotel room, and when she got there, I helped him to hold her down.”

Amy looked like she might cry, and her face was flushed with guilt.

“She kept saying she didn’t like boys, that she didn’t want to fuck a man,” said Amy, “but me and the agent pulled her clothes off, and then I put a hand on her throat while he pushed his dick into her. I told her if she really loved me, she’d be the agent’s fucktoy so that I could be famous, but that even if she didn’t, she would still have to be his fucktoy or else all my photos of her would be published everywhere.”

“What happened to her?” asked Vice.

“Well, he did what he said, and made me famous,” said Amy. “And then he took Gwyn to a planet where slavery is legal and had her formally declared as property. He used to bring her along when I went on tour, and rape her in front of me, or have her lick my pussy before the show. And then when he got bored of her, he gave her to his son. I think she lives in a dog cage at the son’s house now.”

Vice looked at Amy and said, “You disgusting little slut.”

Amy couldn’t meet his eyes.

“What are you, Amy?” he asked her.

“I am a parasite that feeds on sperm,” said Amy, in a small voice.

“You know when I raped you, you deserved it?” he said.

“Yes,” said Amy.

“And you still deserve it?”


He nodded. “If you be a good girl and obey me, and help keep us all alive, then maybe the scales will balance out for you. Just do as you’re told, and be a good girl, and some day you won’t have to feel guilty about Gwyn.”

She looked up at him with eyes full of hope. “Really?”

“Really,” he told her, and ruffled her hair – and the look she gave him was one of genuine, unfiltered affection.


Victoria’s story ended up being somewhat tame after Amy and Laurel – a drunken encounter with a rich heir in an alleyway behind a bar, ending with Victoria giving a sloppy blowjob and the two of them going their separate ways.

Vice found himself looking at Rospar, hoping the robot would challenge a lie and force Victoria to reveal something more demeaning, but there was no such help coming.

Which left Telea.

“Oh, mine’s easy,” said Telea. “My mothers had me raped on my 18th birthday, except it didn’t quite happen.”

“What?” asked Vice, surprised.

“Well, we come from New Sappha,” said Telea. “And lesbianism is just the culture there. And so a lot of parents, when their daughter comes of age, they arrange to have her raped by a man, so that she will have a lifetime aversion to penises.”

“That’s… barbaric,” said Vice.

Telea shrugged. “It’s fairly normal. So on my 18th birthday I was all strapped down naked on the dining table, and my mothers brought in a space captain from the staport who they’d paid to do the deed, and he had just put his hand on my breast, and had his cock poking at my pussy, when it happened.”

“When what happened?”

“The earthquake,” said Telea. “The whole building shook. His penis went inside me a little – and then he staggered away, and everyone took shelter, and my mothers untied me and took me down into the basement.” She sighed. “I never did get raped.”

Vice smiled. “It sounds like you have regrets,” he said.

Telea blushed. “I just – it actually felt really nice. His penis was much smoother than I thought it would be – with soft foreskin – and when it poked me it felt really warm and good. And he was so different from my mothers – he smelt of different places, outside our world. I just – I guess I wanted to see what being raped by a man was like.” She frowned. “But after that, I would have been ostracised if I’d so much as gone near a man.”

“You must be happy here then,” said Laurel, under her breath. “You can get raped all you want.”

Vice frowned, and prepared to shock the disobedient Guild bitch – but he didn’t need to. Telea beat him to it. She slapped Laurel hard across the face.

“Shut up,” she spat – and she was genuinely angry in a way that Vice hadn’t seen in the cute little navigator previously. “Shut up. What was the name your Guildmaster gave you? Cunt? Just shut up, Cunt. Vice has been good to us. He’s kept us safe. And what have you done, other than snipe and bitch and complain.” She slapped Laurel again. “Just shut up,” she said again.

And to Vice’s surprise, there were tears in her eyes.

He didn’t understand – and then, suddenly, he did. He had raped the cunts of Amy, and of Victoria, while all the girls watched – but for Telea, who had been his most loyal and most affectionate lieutenant, he had only made use of her mouth. He had thought he was being kind to her – but he saw now that Telea had been growing more confused with each passing day why he wasn’t forcing his way into her cunt, and satisfying the curiosity she had had since she came of age. She had been wondering in what way she was deficient, and whether he found her unattractive. And her jealousy of the other girls had been growing.

He resolved to fix his oversight, and give Telea what she wanted – and deserved – at the next reasonable opportunity. He looked at the pretty, crying face of the ostensibly lesbian navigator, and felt a surge of deep affection – and also lust.

And then, suddenly, Telea was gone. One minute she was standing there – the next, she wasn’t.

Vice’s eyes widened. There were shouts from the other girls. Vice spun around, trying to work out what had happened.

“There!” cried Amy. “It’s got Telea!”

Vice followed Amy’s pointing finger – and saw what had become of his navigator. Telea’s mostly-naked body was suspended in the air by thick, ropy vines – and the vines were moving. The vegetation was alive – and predatory! 

The vines were holding Telea aloft. One encircled each of her limbs, and another curled around her neck. They were pulling her legs wide open, spreading her soft, pink pussy to Vice’s gaze. And a last vine, with a bulbous tip, leaking some kind of fluid, was making its way towards Telea’s undefended fuckhole.

Vice’s first thought was that this plant was intending to feed upon Telea – but he realised now that it had other intentions. 

It was going to rape her. Right here, as they all watched.

It was going to take the virginity that Vice had only just realised that Telea had wanted to offer to him.

And right here, right now, Vice couldn’t think of a single way to stop it.


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