Billionaire Corvus Redwood disdained philanthropy, and instead chose to gift his money in more interesting ways.

The Redwood Prize, for example, was a very special annual competition – and a very simple one. The prize – $2 million in cash – was payable to women academics only – and it was payable to the woman each year who developed the device or process most degrading to her own gender, and who had demonstrated that work to degrade at least one woman other than herself.

Ellen Sampson won the prize in 2017 for her invention of a subdermal vaginal implant that vibrated and released aphrodisiacs in response to the sound of male voices raised in anger, gradually conditioning its subject to become aroused by male abuse. She implanted her sister Annie with one, without her knowledge, with the effect that her sister had not only stayed in her abusive marriage to her husband, but had become more loving and compliant around him and was now little more than his live-in fuckdoll. Annie reported that her husband would now rape other women in their marital bed and make her kneel naked and masturbate as she watched, and that she had never been happier or hornier. Annie still had no idea what her sister had done to her.

Katy Horoth won in 2018 for her variant of the female birth control pill that induced women’s pussies to secrete a pheromone nearly identical to the sex pheromones of female dogs. 100% of her 30 test subjects aged 18 to 30 reported they had been raped by at least one male dog in their first month on the pill.

And Irina Grail won in 2019 for her “Nourishment” women’s weight loss protein drinks. These drinks were sold in two flavours – “Baby Girl” came in a baby bottle, complete with rubber nipple, whereas “Good Girl” came in a bottle shaped largely like an erect cock, where the woman would drink by sucking on the end. Both flavours were largely composed of human sperm, with the addition of a potent long-acting aphrodisiac. “Baby Girl” also contained a drug that would lower the drinker’s IQ and lower their bladder control, whereas “Good Girl” made the drinker less inhibited and more suggestible. 

The clear front-runner for 2020 was Crystal McKay’s new automatic sliding door technology. A sensor would analyse the face, bone structure, and pheromones of people approaching the door, and only open when a male was detected. Several all girls schools had already ordered installations, to ensure that girls on campus would have to be escorted by a male to leave the premises, access certain rooms, or use the toilets. Several businesses were planning to follow suit…..


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