Sacred Tower Private School had a long history of being appallingly misogynistic, even 15 years after they began letting girls enrol, and Alice should have known she wasn’t going to change anything.

But Alice – young and dumb and with a head full of feminism – couldn’t help herself after her friend Courtney got expelled at the start of her graduating year. Courtney’s maths teacher had started referring to her as “cunt” in class, and when Courtney refused to answer to the name “cunt”, she had first been given detention, and then eventually asked to find another school.

Furious, Alice had led a protest of twenty female students across the school grounds at lunchtime. But in the heat of the moment, the protest had gotten out of hand, and by the end of it, they’d accidentally burned down the school’s woodworking shed.

Naturally, expulsion was on the cards for Alice. She didn’t know what had happened to the girls who had joined her protest, although she’d heard they’d been allowed to stay after each receiving an agonising spanking from the headmaster on both their bare asses and – Alice had heard – their pussies. The rumour was it had been videotaped and placed on the girls’ permanent records.

But as ringleader, the school offered Alice less mercy.

She was desperate though, and so were her parents. Alice was at Sacred Tower on a scholarship (obtained, she suspected, by way of her big-titted blonde mother regularly fucking the principal), and if she was expelled she couldn’t afford to transfer to another private school.

So in the end, she was given one last chance, on very strict terms. The school needed to be sure that Alice regretted her shouts of protest, regretted standing up for Courtney, and regretted, most of all, feminism.

Alice promised, through gritted teeth, that she regretted feminism very much, and that “cunt” had been a very good name for Courtney that Courtney should have been grateful for.

So the rules were set. Alice would be allowed to stay at Sacred Tower, under the following rules:

One: For the rest of the year she would answer only to the names “cunt”, “bitch” or “cockholster”. If she used or responded to the name “Alice”, she would be expelled. If, and only if, she made it to graduation, her graduation certificate would be issued in her birth name.

Two: She would report any girl she heard voicing feminist opinions, or disagreeing with a man, to the principal. The girl would get her pussy whipped, and she would be told who had dobbed her in.

Three: At any time when Alice was in the presence of an exposed cock, she would plug her mouth with it immediately, and keep her mouth wrapped around it, until its owner put it back in his pants.

Answering to “cockholster” at roll-call was hard for Alice. The cruel laughter of the other students made her blush with humiliation, and when they learned that *they* could call her “cunt” or “bitch” and she’d have to answer, it got even worse. But as the months passed she got used to it, and began finding it natural to answer to “cunt” and occasionally forgot she had ever had a real name.

It took about three weeks for Alice to lose all her female friends, after reporting them one by one to get their cunts beaten. She ended up naturally drifting to hang out with the school’s bimbettes, who let the boys feel their tits and asses, and spent all their time talking about what their boyfriends had shoved up their twats last night. It wasn’t long before the boys were groping Alice too, and once she started attending the parties of her new social group, she found that “partying” inevitably involved one boy or another pushing her down on a bed and fucking her, whether she consented or not. It was hard to get boys to take seriously the idea they should respect the consent of a girl called “cockholster”, so Alice learned to just accept it, spread her legs, and try to be fun to rape.

The third rule was the most humiliating. She was first forced to follow it at the end of her first week back at school. Against her better judgement, she had started to argue with her biology teacher that women weren’t just bipedal cows designed for breeding and rape – but no sooner had she begun to angrily raise her voice than her teacher opened his fly and took out his erect cock.

Alice had trailed off, blushing. And then, realising what she was supposed to do, she blushingly walked to the front of the class, knelt, and took the teacher’s cock into her mouth.

He kept her there the entire lesson, and all she could do was kneel and blush and taste her teacher’s pre-cum on her tongue. Her argument had been thoroughly plugged by her teacher’s dick. 

Then, after class, once everyone had gone, he grabbed her by the hair, and began efficiently facefucking her until finally he orgasmed, spurting his cum down her throat.

After that, almost every teacher exposed their cock to her in every class. If they didn’t pull it out as soon as she entered the room, they would do so the first time she opened her mouth to speak. Alice learned that her place in school was kneeling, sucking a man’s cock.

Each teacher had their own little twist on the routine. Mr Kaine in English liked to keep pulling his cock out of her mouth throughout the lesson and walk back and forth in front of the blackboard, making her crawl after it like an eager dog, trying to get it back in her mouth. 

Mr Johannes in History liked to piss in her mouth a little as he talked and make her swallow it, before cumming in her later.

Mr Erikson in Physical Education liked to facefuck her very quickly at the start of each class, and then pull out of her mouth and ejaculate into one-piece gym leotard, before sending her to the locker room to change into it. Alice would spend the rest of the lesson wearing a cum-soaked outfit, feeling his sperm squish against her tits and pussy.

Mr Berg in Mathematics always reached orgasm about halfway through the class – and he’d tell the class when he was about to cum. He’d lead the class in loud chants of “WHORE! WHORE! WHORE!” directed at Alice as he neared his climax, and then he’d pull out of her mouth and cum all over her face and hair as the entire class laughed uproariously.

Finally, graduation came – but there was a final twist for Alice. She would not be attending graduation in a gown and cap. Rather, the program called for Alice to kneel naked on stage, and suck the cock of every one of her male classmates as they received their graduation certificate.

(The principal had proposed this to Alice in a meeting in his office the day before. He had spelled out the whole plan to Alice, and then exposed his cock, and said, ‘Please say anything at all if you don’t agree that this is a good idea you consent to.’ Alice, fuming, had knelt and sucked his cock silently, knowing that to do otherwise was to be expelled.)

She had never been so humiliated. In the audience, the parents of every boy were filming their son’s graduation – and filming her servicing his cock. A little plaque with her real name had been set up next to her, so that everyone could tag her appropriately when they uploaded the footage to the internet.

And finally, when they called her to the stage – by the name “cockholster”, one last final time – she was relieved to see that her graduation certificate really did say “Alice”.

But as the principal presented it to her, the principal said, “And Cockholster here has been such a *good* whore all school year long that she wins a special prize – a six month internship at the local Naughty Kat Brothel, where she’ll be available for each and every one of you to fuck at very reasonable rates.”

Alice’s eyes widened in horror, but the principal continued by saying, “And of course, if Cockholster has any objection to this at all, she will say so right now.” And he exposed his cock.

Alice looked at him in fury and humiliation. She looked at her graduation certificate, the he still hadn’t quite passed into her hands.

And so she knelt, and took his cock into her mouth, and said nothing.


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