The new sporting codes required that a woman competing in sports was to do so nude. 

It had started with sports bras. They were basically performance aids. After all, if a woman with big tits couldn’t jog as fast, because it hurt to do so with her tits unsupported, then was her speed really *her* speed – or a result of the benefit she got from her bra?

Then it was pointed out that if you made a woman compete completely nude, many women wouldn’t even compete at all. So weren’t their clothes really an artificial aid to overcome the weakness of their shyness?

And so it became normal for women to take part in sports completely naked, so as to derive no unfair advantages from their clothes.

The results were pleasing to everyone, because viewership numbers went up immediately, leading to increased money from sponsors and larger prizes for successful female athletes.

With larger-breasted women no longer able to keep up in many sports, new “buxom” divisions were created for many sports, allowing only women with a sufficiently large cup size to compete. The level of athletic excellence in these leagues was often lower than their smaller-breasted peers – but they proved even more popular with audiences.

That meant the prize pools were larger – and soon many women were getting breast surgery to make their bosoms large enough to compete in these more lucrative leagues. 

The popularity meant that league organisers could make the requirements of entry more and more stringent. The minimum breast size kept going up – and meanwhile the organisers declared birth control medication to be a “performance enhancing drug” (and therefore banned), while also implementing “behaviour standards”. Reporting a sexual assault to the police, for example, would disqualify you for life for “bringing the league into disrepute”.

Many women athletes weren’t exactly happy about having to expand their breasts until they were giant whorish fuckballoons, or face the daily risk of rape and impregnation, but sporting excellence had always required hard work and sacrifice. 

And being the best was worth it, wasn’t it?


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