‚ÄčThirty years ago, when society changed, women had needed classes in obedience to follow their new requirements. Many women at the beach, for example, were unwilling to strip naked while in public for the entertainment of male beachgoers.

Now the obedience was so ingrained that schools and universities actually spent special time teaching women shame, so that they would still be able to blush appealingly and feel degraded by these routine requirements.

Lying on a towel at the beach, Kelli realised there was a man standing over her and looking down at her. Quickly, she rolled onto her back, so he could see her tits, and obediently used her hands to spread her pussy open for his inspection. She would lie like this for as long as he wanted to keep looking at her. Eventually he would probably either decide to use her for sexual pleasure, or move on.

She realised with dismay that doing this no longer made her flush with shame and beg to have her tits whipped for being so slutty. She supposed she would need to book herself in for another re-orientation class, to help her once again feel appropriately confused about her sexuality and ashamed of her gender…


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