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Telea screamed and struggled as the predatory vines held her bound and aloft, and the plant’s bulbous member inched its way towards her unprotected cunt.

“Captain,” she begged. “Help me!”

Vice unholstered his stun gun. It was the only one the group carried – he had gathered the others and disassembled them after Victoria’s traitorous behaviour with the Rapehounds. Lifting the gun, he took careful aim at the plant, and fired. The shot connected squarely with one of the vines, but, as he had feared, there was no effect. The stun guns were designed to disrupt a nervous system – and the plants had none. 

“Fuck,” he swore. He looked at the other girls. “Don’t just stand there – grab the vines! Help her!”

The two able-bodied girls hastened to obey. Victoria grabbed one of the vines holding Telea’s legs and began to pull, while Amy started to wrestle with the vine that terminated in the bulbous penis-like tip. They looked ridiculous, nude but for the pretty ribbons binding their tits, grappling with an oversized plant, but Amy at least appeared to be having some success in at least slowing the plant’s assault upon Telea. The vine’s tip was perilously near Telea’s fuckhole, but it was making no further progress against Amy’s attempt to pull at it.

Vice looked at Rospar. The robot was titanically strong – but it was a blunt instrument, not a subtle one. If he ordered it to attack the plant, it would likely rip the thing apart – but he couldn’t be sure that Telea wouldn’t be hurt in the process. 

Telea was still squealing – but to Vice’s detached amusement, he realised that she was also aroused. The cunt that the plant was aiming for was engorged and wet. The influence of the arousing lake water, plus Telea’s natural submissive streak and fetish for being overpowered, had left her body not just ready to be raped, but positively eager, no matter how terrified she might be.

Amy, meanwhile, was climbing the vine she was struggling with, and was now several feet above the ground. Her face was level with the vine’s bulbous tip, which was itself leaking some kind of white fluid – and both Amy and the vine were only inches below Telea’s pussy.

Suddenly, Vice spotted something else – a second penis-tipped vine, emerging from the undergrowth, heading for Telea’s cunt – with no one to stop it. He moved forward, intending to grab it, and cried out to the other girls, “There’s another one! Watch out!”

Amy turned her head to see what Vice was talking about – and as she did, a thick drop of arousal-nectar dripped from Telea’s nearby cunt, directly into Amy’s eyes. She flinched instinctively, opening her mouth to gasp – and as she turned her head with the flinch, she ended up taking the tip of the vine directly into her mouth.

Instantly, the vines dropped Telea. The naked navigator fell to the ground, bruising her ass with the abrupt landing. And before Vice or Victoria could react, the vines had moved to Amy, seizing her arms and legs, and lifting her up into the air. The vine in her mouth pushed deeper inside her, muffling her sudden squeals, and the second penis-tipped vine went straight for her pussy.

“Amy!” called Vice. “Don’t worry! We’ll get you out!”

But it was too late. The second penis-vine speared into her fuckhole, and Amy’s whole body arched briefly, before relaxing. Her skin was flushed and her nipples were erect – Amy, too, was reacting to this rape with arousal.

Vice ran and tried to pull at the vine in Amy’s cunt – but Victoria reached out and put a hand on his shoulder.

“No,” she said. “Look at her.”

Vice looked up.

Amy was shaking her head, as best as she could with the vine in her mouth. 

At first Vice didn’t understand – but then, suddenly, he did.

The plant was going to rape one of the girls. Its reach was long, its vines were powerful, and they had no effective way of combating it. And Amy – still filled with guilt after telling the story of how she had raped her first girlfriend – was offering herself as a sacrifice to the plant’s lust.

“Amy,” he protested. “Are you sure? You’re my crew – I’ll fight for you…”

Amy shook her head again, and the meaning was clear to everyone. She wanted them to let the plant use her.

He reached up and put a hand on her restrained leg. “You’re a hero, Amy,” he told her. “You’re saving Telea, and all the other girls. You’re a good girl. You’re a very good girl.”

He went to Telea, and helped the shocked girl up off the ground, before backing away out of reach of the vines, and motioning for the other girls to do likewise.

“You know what to do when you see a girl being raped,” he reminded them, and the girls obediently lowered their hands to their pussies and began to masturbate as they watched Amy’s violation.

The vine in Amy’s mouth was pulsing, with surges of something travelling down the length of the vine and, presumably, being discharged down Amy’s throat. Vice speculated – and hoped – that it was some kind of drug designed to keep Amy weak and compliant for her raping, and not something more dangerous.

Meanwhile, the vine in her cunt was thrusting in and out of her, much like a penis. It appeared to be causing her some pain, because Amy was squealing around the vine gagging her mouth on each fresh thrust. 

A third vine emerged from the underbrush and rose up towards the helpless Amy. They watched as it pushed into her anus, and began to thrust in an alternating rhythm with the cunt-vine. Vice wondered whether the plant had some need to rape Amy’s ass, or whether it simply couldn’t distinguish between holes. 

Amy started to cry just before her first orgasm – and as she orgasmed, all three vines began to pulse, pumping fluids into Amy’s violated holes. As it filled her, it began to leak back out around the vines – a thick, white sticky fluid that looked all the world like cum, oozing from her pussy and anus, and drooling from her mouth as she struggled to swallow what the vine was spurting down her throat.

She orgasmed again shortly afterwards, and then a third time, and after the third orgasm the vine finally released her, lowering her to the ground, and then pulling its vines back into the undergrowth, until they were quickly hidden from view. 

The other girls were flushed and breathing heavily. All of them had orgasmed while watching Amy’s rape, and their bodies were now nearly as shaky as Amy’s. Vice went to Amy and helped her to sit up.

“How are you doing?” he asked her. “Can you walk?”

“I think so,” said Amy. The vine’s “sperm” was still dripping from her lips, and running in rivulets over her tits.

“That was a very brave thing you did, Amy,” said Vice. “You’re a good girl.”

And to his pleasure, Amy flushed with gratitude at his praise.

He helped Amy to her feet, and together, the procession continued towards the cliffs, eager to reach their destination before the cold front hit.

As they walked, Vice said, “This planet never stops surprising. I have no idea what kind of crazy plant that was.”

To his surprise, Rospar replied. “Eddinger’s Cuntroot,” said the robot. It spoke in a cultured, nuanced voice, different to its usual monotone, and Vice realised it was accessing its “encyclopaedia” application.

“What are you talking about?” asked Vice. “How can you know the name of a plant indigenous to this planet?”

“Eddinger’s Cuntroot is native to the planet Gevenche-4,” said Rospar in the same conversational voice. “Analysis suggests it was imported to this world by colonists.”

Imported? Vice didn’t understand. Why would the Galliard have brought such a plant with them, and then allowed it to spread.

“Tell me more about this plant, Rospar,” he commanded.

“Eddinger’s Cuntroot is known for the means by which it propagates,” said Rospar. “The plant attracts and then traps female mammals, and then injects fluids into their reproductive system, often bringing the female to a state of heightened sexual arousal to help the fluids spread deeper inside her. Once inside the female, the fluids grow into a kind of pollen, which is then sprayed out of the female as ejaculate on each successive occasion that she orgasms. When the female eventually encounters another Eddinger’s Cuntroot and copulates with it, she will thereby fertilise it.”

Amy looked pale. “There are… seeds… growing inside me?” she asked.

“The infestation of the Cuntroot is treatable with modern medicine,” said Rospar, “and poses no threat to the health of the host. The only changes notable in the host are a greater propensity to ejaculate during orgasm, a greater volume of ejaculation, and an inability to orgasm without intense vaginal pain.”

“Why the pain?” asked Vice.

“The tips of the Cuntroot extrude small spines during intercourse. They do no lasting damage, but are said to cause exceptional pain in the vagina during sex,” said Rospar. “To encourage the female to mate with another Cuntroot, the fluid prevents her from achieving orgasm without a similar level of vaginal pain.”

Amy was nodding her head. “It hurt,” she said. “It hurt so much.”

Vice thought he understood here. “The Galliard brought the plant here to stop women trying to hide in the woods,” he thought. “Or possibly because they wanted a means to stop women achieving the pleasure of orgasm.”

“So I can only cum now from… being raped by that plant?” asked Amy, in misery.

“The spines of the plant can be simulated by a specially designed condom, applied over a dildo or male penis,” noted Rospar. “The sex will be excruciating, but your body should be able to orgasm. I can synthesize such a condom using the fabricator, if you require it.

“No thank you,” said Amy. “I guess I’ll just be celibate now.”

“I do not advise it,” said Rospar. “If your body does not achieve orgasm at least once every two point five days, the seed load will build up in your body, leading to reduced intelligence, and eventual health problems.”

Amy looked scared, but Vice stroked her hair with one hand and said, “It’s okay, Amy. You’ve been a good girl, and we’re going to look after you.”

The look of submissive gratitude she gave him when he said this brought him pure pleasure. 

He did not elaborate on how he would look after her.


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