As Janey had grown up, she had felt herself becoming more and more disconnected from her beloved father. She was no longer “daddy’s little princess”, and it seemed to become harder and harder to get a smile from him – and that loving, affectionate smile was all she really wanted.

She solved the problem the day after her 18th birthday. Her father had invited her for a trip to the beach – just a walk along the shore, no plan for any swimming – and Janey had dressed accordingly, in a skirt, button-up shirt, and no bra.

But as they walked along the beach, a wave came higher than Janey was expecting. She felt her feet swept out from under her, and then she was tumbling into the soaking water, the force of the wave pulling at her clothes.

By the time she emerged from the surf, she was a mess. Her skirt had come away in the water, vanished out to the ocean, and her panties were plastered wetly against her pubic mound, with every curve of her puffy pussy on display. 

Meanwhile, her shirt had been ripped open entirely, and her small but attractive tits were bare to the world.

When she realised how lewdly exposed she was – and that her father was staring at her uncovered body – she went bright red. Her arms moved to try and cover her tits.

But then she saw that rather than being embarrassed, her father was *smiling* – that warm, approving smile that she had been longing for for so long – and the glow that spread through her from that approval was so comforting and pleasurable that she didn’t even care that the smile was accompanied by the tent of an erection in her father’s pants.

She had finally worked out how to get a smile from her daddy.

So she dropped her hands from her tits, straightened her back, let him take a good look at her 18-year-old body, and prepared to begin an exciting new phase of her relationship with her father…


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