Amber and Kyle got married in a single night of drunken passion, and part of that night included signing a very silly pre-nuptial agreement.

“If we break up,” slurred Kyle, to a naked Amber who he was vigorously fucking, “you can have my house – but I’m going to own your cunt forever.”

“Okay,” giggled Amber. “You get my cunt in the divorce.” After they had both cum, they staggered off and found a lawyer to witness their unusual agreement, and then got married.

The marriage only lasted a month. Amber caught Kyle fucking her sister, and immediately filed for divorce. It was only then that she remembered the pre-nup.

“Well, this is silly,” she said as she sat in the lawyer’s office, across the table from Kyle. “You can’t get my cunt in the divorce. It’s *mine*.”

“You signed this,” the lawyer reminded her. “It’s legally binding.”

“But… what does that *mean*?” asked Amber.

“It means I make the decisions for your cunt, not you,” said Kyle. “I decide who it fucks, I decide what goes in it and when, and I decide whether it’s covered or not.”

Amber was outraged, and refused, and the matter went to court. However, the judge ruled that the agreement was binding, and Kyle’s interpretation was correct. Kyle immediately insisted that “his” cunt should be on display, and Amber was forced to remove her panties right there in court and lift her skirt to show the courtroom her pussy – and keep it raised as she walked out, blushing with humiliation, to her car.

Amber missed the next week of work, as Kyle wouldn’t let her cover her pussy and she didn’t want to go to work bare-cunted. Kyle would visit her, and tell her he wanted to put his cock in his cunt, and she would have to lie there and let him fuck her. Eventually, he got bored of humping her inert body, and told her he’d let her cover “his” fuckhole for work if she was a good fuck, and she reluctantly began actively attempting to please him.

Kyle had fun sending his friends around to rape and violate “his” cunt, but eventually he began to feel dissatisfied.

“I don’t feel like it’s *my* cunt,” he said. “I feel like it’s *her* cunt, that she’s *letting* me use. She shouldn’t have a choice in it.”

The lawyer agreed, and they constructed a test. They would have Amber lie naked on the ground, her legs spread, and Kyle would kick her in the pussy. If she flinched or tried to protect herself, it would be clear that she didn’t acknowledge Kyle’s ownership.

Amber, of course, did flinch, and Kyle sued her for damages. The judge didn’t accept that Kyle should be paid in money, but did give Amber exactly one month to adopt a more proper attitude to who owned her pussy, or else there *would* be a financial order against her.

And so Kyle began to visit every day to kick Amber in the cunt, before fucking her.

It took Amber two weeks to lose the flinch reflex and accept that she simply didn’t have any say over what happened to her pussy. As she did, Kyle noticed that she began to become wetter and more aroused each time, in anticipation of his kick, and when he fucked her afterwards she would cum quickly.

“Do you agree I accept that you own my cunt now?” she said, when she finally managed to let him kick her without flinching at all.

“I don’t know,” said Kyle, as he fucked her. “You’re pretty good on the kicking thing… but I have a Taser, and I bet you’d flinch if I fired that into your cunt…”

Amber’s only response was to orgasm violently against Kyle’s cock…


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