The ATR Story Collection Sappho’s Collar – Stories of Lesbians Used By Men has been updated to a new 3rd Edition, which is now available to purchase for only $3.99 USD! (Click here to view it in the shop.)

Sappho’s Collar collects erotic stories of orientation kink, sapphic betrayal, and lesbians having sex with men.

This new edition features:
All 20 stories from previous editions.
* A brand new story – “Making More Lesbians”
* Typo fixes and format improvements.
* A new cover by @BoredArtist4LYF.
* The five page gallery of “lesbian testimonials” that appeared in previous editions (only in the PDF version).
* An expanded page count – with the PDF version now clocking in at 64 pages.

A single purchase of Sappho’s Collar includes both the PDF version, and also a new EPUB edition which is significantly improved for a better reading experience. (Click here to view Sappho’s Collar in the shop.)

Please note that the EPUB edition omits some decorative images from the PDF, plus the testimonial gallery, in the interests of an improved reading experience on e-reader devices.

Customers who have previously purchased Sappho’s Collar as a standalone purchase can download the new version for free using the download links they received at purchase. 

The Collector’s Bundle #2 (link) has also been updated to include the latest versions of all e-books, including the recent releases of She’s Got The Look and Sappho’s Collar. If you have previously purchased this bundle you can download the new version using the link you were provided at purchase.

If you’re a current Stories or Premium Member for August 2022, then you can access both the PDF and EPUB versions of Sappho’s Collar for free as part of your membership. You can find them in Dropbox under “ATR Stories Member Content -> New Story Collections”.

If you discover any problems with any All These Roadworks e-books, please let me know at Your feedback helps me offer you a better product!

(Click here to view Sappho’s Collar in the shop.)

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