It was harder for women to support themselves these days. A life of poverty and hardship was a real possibility for any young female.

A group of private companies approached the government with a proposition. They would like to invest in the future prospects of young women – but in return they required certain concessions.

So a law was passed making it legal for a woman to enter a contract that declared her to be “property”, providing that her new owner also contracted to invest a significant amount in the improvement and care of the woman.

Thus the Companion Schools were born. Women could enter them at any age – even leaving traditional schooling to take part. An education took two years, and over this period the school would sculpt the woman’s body and mind. She would be made fit and healthy. Her breasts would be enlarged. She would be trained to both accept and enjoy rape, and taught a range of ways to sexually please a man. She would receive conditioning, using both hypnosis and aversion, to make her unable to disagree with a man, and to interpret abuse as affection. 

And at the end she would legally become an object – no different from a fleshlight or a blow-up doll – that the company would sell to a wealthy man.

Jessica entered the Slut Dream companion school at the age of 18, and graduated at 20. The school legally changed her name upon graduation, so that she was now known as “Slut Dream Companion Model D-16 / Cum Receptacle / ‘Sweet Cunt QZ91A’”, or just “the Sweet Cunt” for short. 

(Always “the” Sweet Cunt, or “a” Sweet Cunt”, for there were four functionally interchangeable other “Sweet Cunt” girls in her graduating class alone, and she had come to learn that there was nothing unique or special about her.)

A small chip implanted in her groin allowed any man holding the relevant app to monitor her arousal level, bladder, and menstrual cycle, and even raise or lower her levels of sexual desire. It could also emit small electrical shocks to discipline her.

Another chip in each of her breasts offered another avenue for electrical discipline, and could also be used to start or stop her lactation hormones.

A final chip in her throat could be used to limit her vocal volume, or stop her from speaking altogether, or to only permit her to make animal noises.

She went with the rest of her graduation class to the local Slut Dream store, where she was kept in a plastic display case, held completely immobile, her mouth, cunt and anus plugged by subtly vibrating dildos, as customers browsed the girls, selecting which model they would like to own.

Jessica – or “Sweet Cunt QZ91A” – was eventually bought by a husband and wife looking to spice up their sex life. Her new owners liked to play a game where the husband would rape Jessica on their marital bed, using her as an object to cum inside while kissing her and squeezing her tits – and then the wife would beat the Sweet Cunt’s breasts and cunt for “stealing her man”, before forcing the Sweet Cunt to lick the wife’s pussy.

When they were done, they would cooperate to wash the Sweet Cunt clean in the shower – with particular and painful attention to her pussy – and then put her away in the closet, with the rest of their sex toys.

It never occurred to the Slut Dream Companion Model D-16 who had once been known as Jessica to wonder if she was happy with her new life. After all, she was an object for men to cum into, and objects didn’t have opinions.


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