Alexandria Everton had never had cause to think her breasts were too big until she came to work at the Hornwood Residence.  But she soon learned that her E-cup udders were, in fact, ridiculously large, and that they deserved to be ridiculed and punished, and that she should be ashamed of how they made it clear that she was an enormous slut.

For most of her life, Alexandria had been an unqualified success.  Pretty, blonde, driven, and with a sizeable inheritance from her late father, she had been top of her class at business school, and immediately launched the speculative tech startup Athenium Delta, which had secured billions of dollars in angel investment to develop its revolutionary medical diagnostic software.

But then it had all come crashing down.  Failed business partnerships, dismayed investors – and then a full-scale regulatory and taxation investigation of the entirety of Alexandria’s operations.

She had woken up one morning to find herself being evicted from her expensive mansion, all of her property being repossessed, left with literally nothing but the clothes on her back – which happened to be the loose white shirt and panties she had slept in.

With no money, no car, and no housing, she had stumbled down the road towards the only person she could think of to help her – Cameron Hornwood.  He had always had a crush on her, even though she had repeatedly turned him down in college, and while he had never ascended to quite the same dizzying heights as Alexandria, he had nevertheless made a small fortune in accountancy, which had secured him a beautiful trophy wife and an expensive house only a couple of blocks away from Alexandria’s.

She was almost in tears by the time she knocked on his door.  There was a long delay in answering – and then, finally the door was yanked open by a beautiful, petite redhead, almost ten years younger than Alexandria.  This, Alexandria knew, was Cameron’s wife, Elody – a famous Instagram model in her own right.

Elody wrinkled her nose at the site of Alexandria.  “Ew,” she said.  “No, thank you, we don’t want any.”  And she went to close the door.

Alexandria slammed a hand on the door to hold it open.  “Please,” she said.  “I’m Alexandria Everton.  I’m Cameron’s friend.”

Elody looked at her.  “I doubt it.  His *prostitute*, maybe.”  She sighed, and stepped back, yelling upstairs to a distant audience.  

“Cameron!  There’s some dumb bimbo at the door for you.  She’s got really huge tits.  She’s practically a cow!  Come see.”

Alexandria, suddenly self-conscious, crossed her arms over her breasts.

There were sounds of someone descending a staircase, and then Cameron was at the door – bespectacled, but roughly handsome.  Honestly, he looked better and more attractive now than he ever had in college.

“Alexandria,” he gasped.  “My God – is this about those investigations?”

Alexandria couldn’t hold it together anymore.  She burst into tears.  “They took everything, Cameron.  I have nothing.  They’re saying I committed fraud.  I might go to… to… to j-j-jail!”  

She wailed this last word at a volume that made Elody cover her ears with her hands.

“Gross,” said Elody.  “Now it’s loud, AND there’s snot coming from its nose.  Cameron, if you’re going to talk to this fat prostitute, or play with its giant fuckbags, or whatever, can you take it to the rumpus, where I won’t be able to hear it?”

“Of course,” said Cameron, and shepherded Alexandria inside.  Elody immediately vanished somewhere, walking away with a natural gait that drew attention to her shapely ass, leaving Cameron and Alexandria alone.

They had to cross several rooms before they reached their destination, and Alexandria was impressed at the size of Cameron’s residence – she thought it might even be larger than her own.

Of course, everything was larger than her home now, because she didn’t have a home.  She didn’t even know where she would sleep that night.

Cameron sat her on a luxurious couch, and sat next to her.  He put his hand on her thigh – which felt strange, because she was wearing nothing but panties below the waist – but it also felt comforting, and in any case, he was the only person she could think of to ask for help, and she didn’t intend to make things awkward by objecting.

“Tell me everything,” he said.

And she did.

At one point in the story, Elody came by and asked Cameron if he’d like a coffee.  She pointedly didn’t make any such offer to Alexandria.

“Yes, please, honey,” he said.  “That would be lovely.”

“Should I add milk?” asked Elody sweetly, “or will the cow provide?”

Cameron didn’t seem to recognise the insult.  “No, milk would be good,” he said.

Alexandria again crossed her arms over her breasts.  E-cups weren’t that big, really – although certainly next to Elody’s modest bosom they did seem large.  Were her breasts really so prominent that they were the first thing a stranger would notice?

Elody came back a little later with coffee for her husband, and a plate of biscuits.

“These are for Cameron,” she said, looking at Alexandria.  “*You don’t need any, obviously – you’re fat enough around the bust already.”

She turned and left.

Cameron chuckled.  “She’s such a sweetie,” he said, as he took a biscuit and bit into it.

Alexandria finished her story, and Cameron took a long moment to think at the end of it.

Finally, he sighed.

“Of course I’ll help,” he said.  “I’ll do up some paperwork, and take control of the administration of your remaining assets.  I should be able to get this straightened out, and save you as much of what you had as possible, and if I do it right it should protect you from future claims.”

“Oh, thank you!” wept Alexandria.  

“I’ll advance you some money for appropriate lawyers,” he continued, “and if I save enough of your property you should be able to pay me back once this is all cleared up.”

“And… something for a hotel?” she asked hopefully.

But he shook his head.  “No, your accounts will have been frozen, and direct donations of cash or services to you personally will look suspicious.  It could get me audited too.  For the time being you’re going to have to survive without having money under your personal control.”

He pondered a moment longer, and then said, “Here’s what we’ll do.  You can stay here, in one of the guest rooms – we’ve certainly got enough.  Elody will find you some clothes and other personal necessities.  And we’ll give you a job working here at the residence – something to keep you busy.  The pay from that job will go into a trust account – you’ll get a good salary, but nobody will be able to touch it, including you, until this whole mess is settled.  It won’t be what you’re used to, but it’s probably better than sleeping on the street, right?”

It was a lot better – and honestly better than Alexandria had expected.  Cameron’s house was a mansion, and she couldn’t think of anywhere she’d prefer to stay.

“Thank you,” she said, clutching at his arm in genuine gratitude.

Cameron just nodded, smiling.  “Well, you always were a friend, Alexandria,” he said.  “And anyway, Elody is terrible at cleaning.”

That last sentence didn’t make sense to Alexandria.  “What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well, your job – you’ll be our maid, of course,” he said.  “You can do the cooking and cleaning.  It’s a big house, and we really do need the help.”

Alexandria’s face flushed.  A maid?  Did he really expect her to cook and clean, like some kind of… glorified janitor?  

“I thought maybe I could help you in your business…” she said, hopefully.

He laughed.  “Oh, no,” he said.  “You’re being investigated for fraud.  I can’t have you anywhere near my actual business.  No, you’ll be a maid.  It’s really not that taxing – Elody’s been in charge of the cleaning and cooking up to now, and she seems to still find eight hours a day to sunbathe and watch television.  You’ll be fine.  Now – just wait there a moment.”

He rose, and went upstairs, and she heard the sound of a printer, and when Cameron returned he had an armful of documents.

“Just sign these,” he told her, “and I’ll get started on fixing up your situation.”

Alexandria obediently signed each piece of paper he placed in front of her.

“Very good,” he said when the last one was done.  

He turned and yelled.  “Elody, sweetie!  Would you come to the rumpus?”

Elody appeared, looking both bored and impatient.  “What?” she said.

“Alexandria here has very kindly offered to take the position of our house maid,” said Cameron.  

Elody screwed up her face.  “Ew!” she said.  “Honey, animals do NOT belong indoors.  Can’t it be the gardener or something?  Cows LIKE eating grass.”

“No, sweetie,” said Cameron.  “Alexandria will be doing the cooking and the cleaning, to take that burden off of you.”

Elody suddenly looked more interested.  “Oh, really?” she said.  She stared at Alexandria, then back at Cameron.  “Is it any good at those things?”

“Well, she used to be a very successful businesswoman,” said Cameron, “so I’m sure a little tidying and cuisine isn’t beyond her.”

He looked back at Alexandria.  “I have to get to work now.  Elody will get you set up with your new duties.  Just do whatever she tells you, okay?”  He smiled, and patted her arm.  “I really am glad you came to me for help.”

And with that, Cameron was gone, vanished upstairs, leaving her alone with Elody.

Elody came and stood in front of Alexandria.  The trophy wife was almost a head shorter than Alexandria too, so that her eyes were level with Alexandria’s chin.  Alexandria was suddenly aware of Elody’s perfume – elegant and feminine, with a hint of lavender.  Alexandria was suddenly aware that she hadn’t even showered yet that morning.

“What did my hubby say your name was again, cow?” asked Elody.

“Alexandria.  Alexandria Everton,” said Alexandria.

Elody shook her head.  “Ew, no.  That’s too long.  We’re not doing that.”  Her eyes traveled down to stare at Alexandria’s bust.  “You can be Titsy.”

“What?” said Alexandria.  “No, my name is Alexandria.  If it’s too long, you can call me Alex.”

“No,” said Elody.  “You’re Titsy.  I expect you to answer to that name.  Because of your huge cow tits, you see.  Undress.”

Alexandria had whiplash – she wanted to object again to the demeaning name, but the last thing Elody had said had grabbed her attention.

“What?” she said, dumbly.

Elody clapped her hands together, her eyes wide, as if addressing a toddler.

“Take.  Your.  Clothes.  Off.  You.  Stupid.  Big-titted.  Whore.”

Alexandria blushed.  “I can’t… I mean… what if Cameron…”

“If Cameron sees you nude he will probably vomit,” said Elody.  “I know that I’m throwing up a little in my mouth right now at the thought of your gross cow body.  But I love my hubby and if he says we’re taking in a stray then I will do my best to make it happen, no matter how ridiculously oversized your sex-melons are.  So stop fighting me on this and strip.  You can’t wear those clothes – you look like a slut – and I need to find you something else that’s more appropriate for a maid.”

Blushing and reluctant, Alexandria began to pull off her shirt, and then her panties.  

As her cunt came into view – covered with a thick thatch of pubic hair – Elody covered her pretty mouth with one hand.

“Oh, that’s wrong,” she said.  “God, it’s like a rodent died down there.”

She snatched up Alexandria’s panties as Alexandria stepped out of them, and then her shirt as well.

“Stay,” she said, as if addressing an animal, and then hurried away.

Alexandria stood awkwardly, completely nude, trying to cover her breasts with one arm and her groin with the other.  She was blushing bright red, from the sense of vulnerability and humiliation – but as she stood there, she realised her pussy was having a completely different response.

Was it getting *wet*?  Was she actually *aroused*, in this situation of extreme embarrassment?  Was her cunt traitorously *enjoying* the constant stream of abuse coming from Elody?

She tried to think unsexy thoughts, but that just made it harder to ignore the growing throbbing between her legs.

Elody returned with a pile of clothes – but also a small basin full of warm water, a can of shaving cream, a disposable razor, and two towels.

She put down what she was carrying on the coffee table, and then spread one of the towels on the couch.

“Sit,” she said, pointing to the towel.

Alexandria opened her mouth – and then saw Elody’s face.  Saying anything was just going to bring another tirade about how sluttishly huge her breasts were, and at the end of the day she didn’t have any other options.  Was she going to refuse Cameron’s offer to help her, and walk out on the street completely nude?

So she sat.

“Good Titsy,” said Elody.  “Now, hands up, above your head, resting against the couch back.”

Blushing, she did as she was told.  She was uncomfortably aware of how the position thrust her breasts forward, and in this position, they *did* look huge.  Had she just never understood how large-breasted she was before?  Plenty of women had an E-cup, didn’t they? It was normal, wasn’t it?


Something cold snapped around Alexandria’s left wrist, and secured itself with a metallic locking sound.  And then…


The same thing had happened to her right wrist.

She tried to pull her hands away from the couch – but they were trapped, one on either side of her head.

“What have you done?” she asked Elody.

“Silly Titsy,” said Elody.  “It’s just a little handcuff.  Don’t be a baby.  There’s some D-rings back here that my hubby had installed for fun games we play, and they’ll do just fine for holding your arms in place.”

She moved back to stand around in front of Alexandria, and then knelt.  Alexandria instinctively tried to twist her legs out of Elody’s reach.

Elody grabbed Alexandria’s right ankle with surprising strength.

“Titsy, we are about to clean a very sensitive part of your anatomy, and if you make this hard, or – heaven forbid – you actually *kick* me, I swear to God I will cut of your whorish clitoris,” said Elody.

Alexandria’s eyes went wide.  “What – I mean…”

Elody pulled her ankle to one side, and a moment later there was the feeling of something coiling around Alexandria’s leg, and another click.  Her leg had been cuffed to the chair.

“Your pubic hair is disgusting, Titsy,” said Elody.  “It’s not sanitary.  There could be *lice* in there.  Hubby likes his women clean, and you’re working for hubby now, so we’re just going to tidy you up, okay?”

And she grabbed Alexandria’s other ankle, and pulled it, and CLICK – and suddenly Alexandria was trapped, her limbs restrained, and her legs spread far apart, exposing her cunt to Elody’s gaze.

Elody stood.  Her eyes were fixed on Alexandria’s breasts, and slowly she reached out and put her hand on one.  There was nothing Alexandria could do to stop her.

“God, they’re so huge,” she said, in a distant, wondering voice.  She seemed entranced by Alexandria’s tits.  “Just giant fat udders, telling the world the only thing you’re good for.”  She squeezed Alexandria’s breast – and then allowed her fingers to trail down to Alexandria’s nipple, circling it, teasing it, lightly flicking it – and, finally, pinching it, hard enough to make Alexandria squeak.

And even as she squeaked, there was an answering response from her cunt – a needy, urgent throb…


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