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Destiny had been delighted when her application to move into the share-house was accepted. 

The advertisement had read:

“Seeking young rapeable cunt to decorate apartment of two professional men. Must be stupid, agreeable, and fun to humiliate. Rent is four hundred per week plus free use of all holes. Successful applicant will have her own room and bed when she is not in use. Your application constitutes a waiver of all rights in perpetuity. Include photos.”

The place sounded perfect – her own room! Her own bed! Most places at that price range only offered girls a dog cage – and even then, rarely one that was *indoors*. And not one but *two* boys that she might be privileged to entertain by submitting to their abuse of her! It was every girl’s dream.

She had quickly taken photos of herself nude, including close-ups of her tits and pussy. In addition, she had found a photo from some weeks ago where she was nude and had fresh cum on her face and tits – to show she was agreeable. She attached all these to an online application – and less than 24 hours later, she received a reply asking when she could move in.  

Her new flatmates turned out be named Kieran and Josh. Kieran was a lawyer, while Josh was a successful DJ. At their first meeting, Kieran slapped her across the face several times – to check she was agreeable – and then ripped off her shirt, and masturbated until he had ejaculated over her face and tits. Then Josh grabbed her head and forced it down on his cock, plugging her mouth so she wouldn’t speak or disagree during the conversation.

Destiny suckled obediently, beaming with happiness to have been found worthy of sexual use by such forceful men.

“We’re not interested in your name,” said Kieran. “We’ll call you Cunt, or whatever name we feel like calling you. You’re expected to know that we’re addressing you, no matter what name we choose, and respond promptly. Understand, Cunt?”

Destiny nodded, as best she could while sucking cock, and Josh groaned happily at the stimulation the motion caused.

“Your clothes, birth control, bank cards, passport and sanitary products will be kept in a locked closet in the hallway,” said Kieran. “Only Josh and I will have keys. We’ll lay out an outfit of our choice for you each morning. If we forget, you go naked. If you need something from the closet, you ask us.”

That seemed fair to Destiny. She nodded again.

“Your room doesn’t have a door or curtains,” said Kieran, “because you’re a girl and you don’t need privacy. We tried to decide what the most humiliating way to decorate it was. I thought we should do it with pictures of girls being raped on the walls, but Josh said we should do it up like a baby’s room, and I agreed that that was better. So all the decoration is pink, and there’s an ABCs and teddy bears motif on the wallpaper, and we’ve left you some building blocks and dolls.”

Destiny blushed. They’d gone to so much effort for her. It was so considerate.

“You’ll eat from a dog bowl at meal times. The plates are for people,” Kieran went on. “We’ll rape you when we feel like it, and so will our friends. If we’re not motivated to rape you at least twice a week, we *will* kick you out. Our sexual interest in you is your responsibility, so it’s up to you to make us want to rape you regularly.”

Destiny nodded again. This last motion was too much for Josh, and he groaned, and ejaculated into her mouth. Destiny swallowed his cum gratefully – then stayed in place, his cock still in her mouth, in case he wanted to piss as well. It seemed he didn’t today, and a few moments later Kieran lifted her off Josh’s cock by her hair, and moved her face over to his own groin, where Destiny took his dick into her mouth and began sucking.

Josh spoke now. “So, Cunt, that’s our rules. Now, what are you going to bring to the house to value-add on top of all that?”

Destiny’s mouth was full, so he looked up at Kieran. He nodded, and she raised her face off his cock.

“I have tons of pretty friends,” she said, “and I can invite them over, and rape them while you watch – or hold them down for you to have fun with.”

Josh and Kieran looked at each other. They smiled. Then Kieran slapped Destiny’s face – for fun – and pushed her back down on his cock.

“I think you’re going to do very well here, Cunt,” he said, and Destiny glowed with happiness, because she had just done the most important thing in all the world – made a man happy.


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