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Destiny Stories #2

After thirty years of societal degradation of the rights and position of women, the work opportunities for young women were a little different.

Destiny had taken a job as a guide at the local wildlife reserve.  It didn’t pay anything, but she didn’t have a husband or steady boyfriend and so it was a crime for her to not be in full-time study or employment.  She was able to do the work around her study commitments for her college degree in Stripping and Prostitution – a degree that would some day lead to every girl’s dream job, where she might actually get *paid* for being raped by men.

On her first day as a guide, she was assigned to escort a rich gentleman who gave his name as Tom, along with a group of four of his male friends.  She was to show them around the reserve’s walking trails, talk about the local flora and fauna, and explain the history of the area.

Almost at once, she sensed the rowdy mood of the men.  Most of them were drinking from beer bottles and talking loudly.

“Hi!” she said chirpily.  “I’m Destiny, and I’ll be your guide!”

Tom looked at her, and said, “I think I’m going to call you Cunt.  Is that okay, Cunt?”

Destiny blushed.  Tom was really quite handsome, and she felt privileged that he’d taken the time to come up with a name that he felt suited her.

“Yes, sir,” she said.  “Thank you, sir!  Cunt is a good name for me.”

As she led them along the walking trail, she pointed out the unique local birds, and the ancient trees that lined the path.

“What about your pussy, Cunt?” asked Tom loudly after a while.  “Is your pussy wet?”

Destiny blushed.  “Yes, sir,” she admitted.  “My pussy is wet.”  All the male attention was making her quite aroused.

“I want regular updates on that, Cunt,” said Tom.  His friends laughed.

And so they continued on.  “This is a radiata pine, common in this area,” she said.  “My pussy is getting very wet.  I think I’m leaving a wet spot on my panties.”  And later, “If you look over there, you can see some of our native wildlife.  My face is very flushed because my pussy is so wet and needy.  It’s difficult to concentrate on anything except my cunt, sir.”

At one point, one of Tom’s friends reached out and pulled down Destiny’s top, exposing her tits.  She made no effort to fix it.  Men knew best – and besides, it was a huge compliment that they thought her tits were worth looking at.

At about the one-third point on the walk, the men began to finish their beers.  “I need a garbage bin,” declared Tom.  “Cunt, bend over and show us your rapehole.”

Flushing with embarrassment – and pleasure that they wanted to see her pussy – Destiny pulled down her jeans and panties, and got down on all fours, facing away from the men, presenting her fucktunnel to them.

A moment later, she gasped, as the cold glass mouth of an empty beer bottle was pushed into her pussy.  She gasped louder when another one was shoved into her anus.

“You make a good garbage bin, Cunt,” said Tom.  “But you’re all full up now.”

Destiny didn’t think she was.  She awkwardly stood, careful to keep the bottles trapped in her cunt and ass, and accepted two more bottles from the men – one in each hand – and a third in her mouth.  She was beaming with pride that the men had chosen to use *her* instead of an actual garbage bin.  She felt so happy that the men thought she was more useful than a garbage bin.

She awkwardly waddled down the road with the bottles in her orifices, until they came to one of the reserve’s actual visitor bins, at which point she unburdened herself, dropping the five bottles into the container.

A bit later down the path, the men wanted to repeat the performance.  Tom had her bend over again and this time they pushed what rubbish they had in her pockets into her cunt – a wadded up burger wrapper, a cardboard packet of cigarettes, a used tissue, and a plastic potato chip packet.

She orgasmed loudly and embarrassingly as this last was pushed up her fuckhole, and everyone laughed.

After the next bin – where she again emptied her pussy – they pulled off the remainder of her clothes, leaving her nude.  They left her shirt and jeans by the side of the road, but they used her panties to tie her hands together behind her back.  As they proceeded down the road, the men took turns slapping her face or tits.  She was unable to defend herself, but wouldn’t have even if she could.  It was such a compliment for a man to want to use her in that way.

She was practically glowing with happiness.  She was value-adding for these men by her presence.  They were paying more attention to her than they were to the gorgeous natural environment they were walking through.  The idea that a man would rather beat her tits than look at the amazing landscape on display overwhelmed her with gratitude.

At the end, just before they returned to the visitor’s centre, the men gang-raped her.  They didn’t talk about it, or ask her consent.  Tom just casually grabbed her, pushed her down on the ground, and shoved his cock into her pussy.  He was in the middle of talking about a recent football game as he did it, and he didn’t even break his conversation.  He raped her as casually as he might scratch an itch or adjust his clothing.

One of his friends plugged Destiny’s mouth with his own cock, and she obediently started sucking the cock in front of her and bucking against the one behind her as the men continued their conversation over the top of her.  She moaned in heat, driven to distraction by the sensations, the knowledge that the men thought she was worth dumping cum into, and by the lack of power and control she had over her own situation.  She orgasmed again and again, although none of the men seemed to notice.

Once Tom had ejaculated, spurting hot sticky cum up into her pussy, he pulled out, wiped his cock clean on her ass cheek, and stepped away from her.  Another man took his place, this time penetrating her anus.  Shortly after, the man in front of her filled her mouth with delicious cum, which she swallowed eagerly, and wiped his own cock clean on her cheek before, again, he was replaced by a fourth man. Destiny whined with happiness and pathetic gratitude as she tasted the new cock entering her mouth.

Each of the men had his turn with her, and three of them took a second turn as well.  Destiny was a quivering mess by the end, cum dripping from all of her holes, her skin smeared with sperm from where the men had cleaned themselves off.  And through it all, not one of the men had acknowledged her, spoken to her or about her, and acted as if she existed in any way other than by raping her. 

As Destiny climbed unsteadily to all fours and prepared to crawl after the men on the last hundred metres back to the visitor’s centre, she couldn’t stop thinking of what her treatment meant.  Of what she had accomplished. 

She had not existed except to be degraded and raped.  She had been what all of her friends hoped to one day be – the perfect girl….


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