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Destiny Stories #3

Destiny’s assignment for her Women’s Studies course was “Design a proposal to improve the position of women”.

Destiny knew that women were happier when they were nothing but fucktoys, so her assignment was titled “Standardisation of women’s terminology”.

She proposed that there should be no word used for women that did not also apply to animals. So the words “women” and “girl” would no longer be used, and women would instead be called “bitches” – or possibly “sows” or “heifers”. Young women might be “kittens”.

Bitches would not have “breasts”, but rather “udders”. They would not “speak”, but instead “moo”, and generally the actual words they spoke would not be repeated or quoted, in the same way that one didn’t bother to note what actual sounds a cow made when it mooed.

They would not have “husbands” or “boyfriends” but rather “owners” and “handlers”. They would not have clothes, but rather “tack”. No bedrooms or houses, but “stalls” or “kennels”. They were not happy, but “docile”, and not upset or angry, but “feisty”.

They would not “make love” or “have sex” or “fuck”. They would instead “mate” or “be bred”. The word “rape” would vanish altogether, as the English language did not distinguish whether a female animal consented to sex. The words “consent” and “opinion” would be grammatically incorrect if applied to a female.

Lastly, it would be unexceptional and not worth comment when a woman acted like an animal, but surprising when she did not.

Destiny’s assignment was so successful that she won the Bradfield Prize for the Imitation of Thought in Women. The local paper reported it as follows:

“A bitch called Destiny studying at the local college was today the recipient of the Bradfield Prize. She was led onto stage by her handler, walking on her hind legs like a person, to receive her prize, whereupon her tack was removed, and her udders were publicly beaten – a prize any young kitten should be excited to receive! She loudly mooed, presumably with happiness, after which her professor and the dean of studies took turns breeding her. She took well to her public insemination, and it seems likely this docile young sow has a bright future ahead of her as breeding stock!”


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