Destiny Stories #1

After thirty years of societal degradation of the rights and position of women, teen flirting was a little different to how it had been in the past.

Destiny first realised that Eric, the boy she had a crush on, might be interested in her when he called her “D-Cup”. At first she was confused – her tits weren’t a D-cup – and then she realised that it was a play on her name – D for Destiny. Eric knew her name! Boys normally only called girls “slut” or “bitch”. Having him make fun of her actual name was *special*.

She blushed with shy delight, and played with her hair, and tried to look pretty for him. He asked her what she’d put up her cunt that week and she told him it was only her fingers and the handle of her hairbrush. She wasn’t good at small talk, she knew, and she fretted that she’d made a bad impression.

But he approached her the next day in the park as she sat eating her lunch out of a lunchbox.

“Hi there, D-Cup,” he said. “You look like a brainless slut today. I was feeling horny, and I thought I might slap you across the face a couple of times – for fun – and then masturbate all over your food and make you eat it, then wipe my cock clean on your face.”

Destiny knew that her consent wasn’t strictly relevant – he was a boy, after all, and her purpose in life was to be his cocksleeve – but she couldn’t help but smile a huge smile, and blush, and tell him shyly that she’d like that very much. 

She gasped with pleasure as he slapped her three times across the face, hard, and bit her lip with delight as he took his cock out of his pants and aimed it at her food.

She couldn’t believe that Eric was picking *her* to hurt and degrade. He must think she was marginally prettier than the average fuckhole. She felt like the luckiest slut in the world.

She almost fainted with the delight at the thought she was about to get to eat a sandwich that Eric had ejaculated on, and when he wiped his cock clean on her face and she realised that she had Eric’s actual sperm on her actual cheeks she nearly swooned with happiness.

She spent the rest of the day with his cum drying on her face, dreaming of the day when Eric might violently rape her, and make her one of his harem of five to ten interchangeable sluts that he barely respected. She knew she probably didn’t deserve such an honour, and he would be bored of her now that he’d casually degraded her once. But still – a girl can dream.


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