The first ten ATR collections, at a discount price

Includes A Woman’s Work, Laid Bare, They Say It’s Your Birthday, Girl on Girl, Fit For Purpose, Jessa Stories, Yes, Cast A Slutty Spell, Weird Science, and Sex Sells.


Get the first TEN e-books in the All These Roadworks collection, in a single bundle, at a discounted price.  Over 600 pages of erotica!
(Or click here to see Collector’s Bundle #2.)

Price: $29.99 USD

Formats available:
* PDF (recommended);
(Files in this bundle are provided as a .ZIP package and will require an application such as WinZip to unzip.)

Collector’s Bundle #1 includes the first ten collections of All These Roadworks erotic fiction.

  • [001] A Woman’s Work – Stories of Workplace Degradation (25 stories, 73 pages)
  • [002] Laid Bare – Stories of Public Exposure (22 stories, 70 pages)
  • [003] They Say It’s Your Birthday – Stories of Celebration and Degradation (22 stories, 61 pages)
  • [004] Girl On Girl – Stories of Lesbian Cruelty (24 stories, 71 pages)
  • [005] Fit For Purpose – Stories of Sports and Exercise Erotica (26 stories, 63 pages)
  • [006] Jessa Stories (7 stories, 58 pages)
  • [007] Yes – Stories of Submission (16 stories, 63 pages)
  • [008] Cast A Slutty Spell – Stories of Magical Erotica (17 stories, 60 pages)
  • [009] Weird Science – Stories of Erotic Experiments (17 stories, 68 pages)
  • [010] Sex Sells – Stories of Strange Products and Erotic Marketing (23 stories, 62 pages)

A single purchase gives you access to all ten books, in both PDF (recommended) and EPUB.
It does NOT include audiobook versions of these books.

The material included is identical to purchasing all ten books individually, but it’s cheaper to buy them through this bundle.

Please note: No discount or refund will be applied for already owning one or more of these books, and purchases are not giftable or transferrable.  Please check you are not doubling up before purchasing.

Upon purchase, the collection will be delivered to you as digital goods via email.  A single purchase gives access to all file formats indicated above.

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