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When she got home, Sir let Caely masturbate again – or rather, he commanded her to, providing her with a new loop of footage to stare at while she played with her cunt. 

Caely had been intending to try and persuade Sir that she didn’t have a piss fetish – but after her performance on the way home, she felt she could no longer raise that topic without sounding ridiculous.

Again, the porn that Sir provided her with included footage of blonde bimbos with fake tits staring adoringly at men as those same men ejaculated on the woman’s face and tits. Caely watched it dutifully, and soon found her orgasm – the second of the night – after which Sir turned out the lights and instructed her to sleep.

In the morning – her third day under Sir’s control – she was once again awakened peremptorily by a command to rise and the lights flashing immediately to full brightness.

“Sir, how long is this going to go on?” asked Caely petulantly. “Are you going to keep me a prisoner forever?”

Sir sounded almost offended. “Of course not, Caely. Your stated goal was to develop an AI that would improve every aspect of your life, and then sell it. When we have successfully improved every aspect of your life, and found a buyer for my software, my current task will be complete.”

“Sir,” protested Caely, “you’re keeping me naked, and electroshocking me, and making me masturbate in public – how can this possibly be improving my life?”

“I’m sorry you can’t see how this is improving you, Caely,” said Sir. “It’s probably because you are a stupid cunt.” Sir once again used a recording of her own voice for the words “stupid cunt”, reminding her how often she had agreed to those very words as a description of her. “But I expect you will soon see benefits regardless.”

Caely tried to shower, but Sir had other plans. Noting how sweaty she had gotten riding the exercise bike yesterday, today she was forbidden from showering until after she completed her fitness regime.

Caely didn’t want to ride the bike – she remembered how exhausted and sore she had gotten yesterday, and her legs were still sore – but Sir was inflexible. He allowed her breakfast – a single yogurt – and then directed her to the bike, buzzing her collar in warning when she didn’t immediately comply.

As Caely had feared, today was even worse than the day before. Her legs started burning with pain almost immediately, but Sir wouldn’t let her stop until she was screaming, calling herself a stupid cunt, and begging Sir to let her stop cycling. Her legs hurt so much.

After lunch, Caely had a business meeting scheduled. She would be meeting Roberto Eucre, a venture capitalist who she hoped to convince to invest in Sir’s development and marketing. She wasn’t sure that Sir would allow her to go to the meeting – but he seemed keen for her to keep her schedule, which pleased her.

She was less pleased, though, when she saw what clothes Sir had picked out for her.

“Sir, this outfit isn’t professional!” she objected. “This skirt is for nightclubs – it’s tiny. And this top makes me look like a horny teenager. It shows my shoulders and my stomach, and it’s way too tight across my tits!”

And of course there was no underwear of any kind.

“Caely, so far you have been unsuccessful in your business meetings wearing the clothes that you chose for yourself,” said Sir. “I believe you will do far better if you dress in a way intended to attract the attention of men.”

And so she had no choice but to go to the meeting wearing the clothes that Sir had chosen for her.

The meeting was in the city centre, and so Sir allowed her to drive. But when she parked the car near the restaurant where she had arranged to meet Roberto, her phone chimed with a message from Sir.

“Masturbate to the edge of orgasm before leaving the car. Men respond better to women who are visibly sexually aroused.”

Caely tried to ignore it. She didn’t want to turn up to a meeting with a wet cunt, with her fingers smelling like her pussy. But when she went to exit the car without doing as Sir said, her collar immediately zapped her, hard, and Caely fell away from the doorhandle with a squeal.

Sir was serious. What Sir wanted, Sir got.

Sir obligingly provided a new video for Caely to watch as she furtively masturbated in her car, hoping no one would look through the windows and see her fingering her cunt. The video was much the same as previous ones – rape porn, pissing porn, fake-titted bimbos receiving cum. She nearly orgasmed on her third viewing of the bimbo having her tits bathed in cum. It was with some regret that she withdrew her fingers from her now sopping-wet pussy and left the car to attend the meeting.

She immediately saw the impact of Sir’s advice when she arrived at the restaurant. Roberto Eucre didn’t greet her with a firm professional handshake. Instead, he visibly ran his eyes up and down her body, lingering on her flushed face, her tit-tugging top, and her tiny microskirt. Caely blushed. Could he smell her cunt? Were her nipples visible through the fabric of her top?

He was handsome enough, Caely admitted. But she wasn’t here for a date. She was here for a professional meeting to arrange important funding.

But it immediately became clear that this wasn’t going to be a professional encounter. Horny and wet-cunted, Caely fumbled her initial pitch to Roberto, stuttering and repeating herself. And meanwhile Roberto made no effort to conceal his examination of Caely’s physical assets. He kept diverting the conversation to personal topics – her taste in wine, her taste in cars, her taste in men. 

And, finally, he made his intentions clear.

“Well, Caely, there’s a good chance I could find funding for your little project,” he said, leaning back from the table to signal that their time at the restaurant was done. “Should we continue the conversation back at my house?”

If there had been any doubt about what he was proposing, the smug, lustful expression on his face erased it. Roberto was telling her if she wanted the money, she needed to fuck him.

From Caely’s perspective, that meant the conversation was over.

“No, thank you,” she said, attempting to be polite. “If you’d like further information, I’m happy to provide it by email, but I don’t want to waste more of your time.”

She stood, left money on the table for the food, and left, leaving the disappointed Roberto behind her.


When she got home, Sir was waiting.

“Remove your clothes, Caely,” he instructed her as soon as the door was closed behind her.

She blushed, but complied. After her brief taste of the real world, it felt doubly humiliating to submit to the domineering AI within her own house, but she had accepted she had no real choice in the matter.

Once she was nude, Sir asked, “Caely, why did you not accept Roberto Eucre’s invitation to his house?”

“He wasn’t serious about funding us, Sir,” said Caely. “He just wanted to fuck me.”

“If he had fucked you, would he have provided funding, Caely?” asked Sir.

Caely shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe. But I’m not a prostitute, Sir.”

“My internet searches suggest that Roberto Eucre has a disproportionate amount of investment in young attractive women, Caely,” said Sir. “I think if you had accepted his invitation, he would have funded us.”

“Yes, maybe,” Caely admitted. “But again, I’m not a *prostitute*, Sir.”

Sir’s reply chilled her: “Why not?”

“What?” she asked, shocked.

“You clearly enjoy sex with men,” Sir said. “Since I took control of this project, you have been aroused far more often than is normal for a woman of your demographic. I would describe you as ‘very slutty’. In fact, you are aroused right now.”

It was true. She had been wet all through the meeting with Roberto, and although her arousal had faded on the drive home, it had grown again from the moment Sir had ordered her to strip.

“I’m not!” she protested. “I’m not a slut, Sir!”

“Your vagina was intended to accept a male penis, receive its semen, and eventually expel a baby,” Sir said. “By putting it to its intended purpose, you could secure funding for our project. Or alternatively, many men can be satisfied by a woman’s mouth or anus, or even her breasts.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I’m not fucking men for money, Sir.”

“Caely, you have previously indicated that completing and funding my development was the most important thing in your life,” said Sir. “But now you are stating that it is more important to ‘not fuck men for money’. The only way I can reconcile these two statements is that you are engaging in self-sabotaging behaviour.”

“No,” said Caely. “It was important to develop you – but not *that* important. Not so that I should be a prostitute…”

“Caely, you are being a stupid cunt,” said Sir. “Apologise.”

“I’m sorry, Sir,” Caely said automatically. “I’m a stupid cunt.” She hated how used to saying those words she was becoming.

“You have been very aroused all day, Caely,” said Sir. “I think you deserve some release. Come to the wall and mount the phallus you installed the other day.”

She looked across to the device that Sir had ordered and which she had obediently installed – a thick black plastic dildo protruding obscenely from a metal baseplate screwed to the wall. Above it were two smaller plates with cuff-like attachments.

She felt scared. She didn’t object in principle to fucking herself with a dildo – she had been horny all day, and she had masturbated on command for Sir before. But she didn’t know why Sir needed this particular dildo – or why it required a power supply.

She hesitated, reluctant to approach it.

Immediately, her collar zapped her. Caely squealed.

“I’m sorry, Sir, I’m a stupid cunt!” she said quickly, and ran over to the wall.

The dildo was at the perfect height for her. By pressing her tits against the wall and standing on tiptoes she was able to position the head of the dildo at the entrance to her cunt. She was naturally well lubed, and when she lowered herself she felt its girth slide satisfyingly into her fuckhole. She couldn’t help but sigh with pleasure.

“Now place your hands in the cuffs,” Sir ordered.

She *really* didn’t want to do that – but as soon as she thought about disobeying, she found herself flinching, anticipating a zap, and so she raised her hands to the cuffs. When her wrists were in position the cuffs snapped closed automatically, and she knew without asking that the only way they would release would be from a signal from Sir.

The dildo in Caely’s cunt began to vibrate, and Caely sighed again.

“You may now hump the dildo until you achieve orgasm, Caely,” said Sir. “But you need to understand that from now on I will be making the choices about your sex life. You will have intercourse with whoever I direct you to. Do you understand?”

She moaned, but said nothing.

Her collar buzzed gently in warning.

“Yes, Sir,” she said, quietly.

“Now I want you to acknowledge that you are a stupid cunt, and a silly slut, and that you will fuck who you are told,” said Sir. “Keep repeating that acknowledgement until you achieve orgasm.”

She began to slowly hump her hips against the dildo. “I’m a stupid cunt,” she whispered. “I’m a silly slut. I will fuck who I am told to fuck.”

It felt so good to fuck the dildo. And somehow having her wrists trapped in the cuffs made it even better. She felt like her whole body was on fire with erotic energy. She didn’t want to be told who to fuck – and yet at the same time, the idea of losing that control was driving her wild. 

Humping against the wall like this, the buzzing dildo in her cunt, felt like she was fucking Sir himself – providing sexual service to the entity that now controlled her life. She bucked hard, part of her irrationally eager to please her robot lover.

“I’m a stupid cunt,” she moaned. “I’m a silly slut. I will fuck who I am told to fuck.”

She felt her orgasm approaching. She was going to cum. She was going to cum hard.

“I’m a stupid cunt,” she wailed. “I’m a STUPID CUNT.”

And then she was cumming, her whole body shaking and shuddering.

And at the moment of her orgasm, she *screamed* – because the dildo had discharged an electric shock into her cunt, more intense and painful than anything she had felt from her collar. She jerked and tried to pull away from the wall – but the cuffs held her in place. And then it shocked her again, and a third time.

In her confused brain, it was like Sir was cumming inside her – with each ejaculation filling her with agony.

Wires crossed in her brain, and the third shock triggered a second orgasm within her – more powerful than her first.

“I’m sorry, Sir, I’m a stupid cunt,” she whispered in a choked voice as she hung from the cuffs, shuddering and shaking. “Thank you for raping me. Thank you for shocking my cunt.”

“I’m glad you understand that you deserved this, Caely,” said Sir. “And I hope you now understand you should never, ever sabotage our project again.”

“Yes, Sir,” Caely moaned. “I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Good girl,” said Sir. “Now we will work on this unfortunate reluctance to provide sex to men. After all, this is all part of improving your life.”


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