The hypnosis sessions were supposed to make her a better person – more honest, more ethical, more hardworking. She had not noticed, however, that they were sponsored by a group with ties to the female enslavement movement. They did what they had promised – but the ethics they promoted in her were not what she expected.

She first started to become aware of it the first time she opened her wallet after leaving the program. It was filled with money – money that she had earned working as a manager. It disgusted her. She had no business making money telling other people what to do. She was a woman. 

She realised that *all* her money had been made that way. She couldn’t spend that money. It would be disgusting and dishonest, like claiming that she had rights or was intelligent. How would she buy dinner tonight?

And her clothes! She was dressed in a business suit! Nothing about her suggested she was for sexual use! In tears, she pulled at her clothes, ripping them off until she was wearing nothing but panties. These, at least were a sexy pink lace, but she pulled the crotch up between her pussy lips just to be sure. 

People were looking at her, and the tears flowed harder now. Partly she was crying because she had been pretending she wasn’t a slut, and that was so dishonest and wrong. But partly she was crying because she understood that what she was thinking and doing was from the hypnosis sessions. She knew she had been turned into a silly whore and was powerless to stop it.

She drove home mostly nude, and spent a half hour throwing out almost all of her clothes – all the ones she couldn’t cut with scissors until they adequately put her boobs and cunt on display. She took down all the curtains in her house – she didn’t deserve privacy. She knew she would be walked nude around the house now and doing both her exercises and her masturbation in front of the wide front window that faced onto the street.

She practiced now, rubbing her pussy as passers-by outside gaped at her, until she was on the verge of orgasm, wet-cunted, horny and stupid. She took a photo of herself in this state, and uploaded it to her social media. No more pretending to be a nice girl on the internet, she vowed. She was a slut and her friends and family should know it.

She threw out all her dinner plates and cutlery next. At the back of the cupboard she found the old dog bowl that a former boyfriend had bought for his pet at the time. She could eat her meals out of this, on all fours, like she deserved.

Finally, she got back in the car, completely naked now, and drove to the red light district. She would need new money, earned honestly, in a job that involved degrading herself and letting men enjoy her body. There would surely be an opening for a stripper or a whore…


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