Many young men, upon completing their secondary schooling, took part in a gap year before moving on to tertiary studies. 

However, for those who were rich, privileged, and who wanted to reach the upper echelons of politics, law and business, there was another option: The Bradhall Academy.

Bradhall offered a single year of schooling to its student, and it covered a single, essential theme: how to treat women as interchangeable sub-human sex objects.

The academy procured its attractive female teachers in many ways. For some, they were willing to work a year at the school to pay off sizeable debts they had incurred to the academy’s powerful patrons. Others were blackmailed into working there. Some were simply so submissive they couldn’t say no to the men who had told them to take the role. None of them liked it – because it was important their students knew they were neither happy nor consenting – but none were free to quit, no matter what happened to them during their year.

It wasn’t necessary for them to be able to actually teach – because at Bradhall, the teacher *was* the lesson. And in the rare instances where complex content was actually delivered, a man would be present to explain it.

The students never learned the names of their female teachers. They were encouraged to make up their own names for the teachers – “Balloon Tits”, “Fuckpet”, or “Cockslave” – or just refer to them as “cunt”, “bitch” or “that red-headed slut who teaches Psychology”.

The students were told at the start of the year that they were to do nothing to their teachers that would inflict *permanent* damage or endanger their lives – but other than that, there would be literally no consequences for anything they did to their female teachers, ever. Impregnation did not count as permanent damage, and in fact was encouraged.

Each class would start with the students ripping their teacher’s clothes off, until she was naked. This taught them to physically control and dominate women, and that clothes were a privilege for women that men could take away. The teacher would struggle – after all, there was a standing punishment for teachers who didn’t struggle, applied by the headmaster. Any teacher who lost her clothes in less than two minutes would receive an electrified cattle prod to her pussy after the class.

The process of stripping the teacher would normally involve slapping her face and tits, and kicking her in the cunt. It was considered good form to make one’s teacher cry, and would be reflected in each student’s final marks.

Once the teacher was nude, the students would take their seats, and the teacher would begin the class.

A variety of subjects were taught, and the teachers rotated through them, so that a given class would rarely be taught by the same teacher on consecutive days. This helped students understand that women were interchangeable, and prevented any woman from seeming like an expert or authority on any topic. Teachers were required to masturbate themselves constantly during class, or make use of a vibrating clitoris clamp if they genuinely required use of both hands.

In “Female Dignity”, the teacher would explain all the most pathetic, embarrassing, slutty, degrading and disgusting things she had done in her own life, with visual aids where possible. She would encourage students to laugh at her, and make insulting comments about her body, her intelligence, and her life. They would also learn about the flaws, promiscuity, and sins of famous women throughout history, and be encouraged to bring in degrading material of women in their own life – whether friends or family – including nude photos and other embarrassing media, to share with the class. The final assignment required them to completely ruin the reputation of a woman and make her a public laughing-stock.

In “Systemics”, the young men learned how to manipulate the systems of society to control and degrade women. They learned how to gaslight and demean women in the workplace. They learned how to craft laws to oppress and enslave women. And they learned how to work the legal system to discourage and defeat claims of sexual harassment and rape. Their final assignment required them to rape a non-consenting woman somewhere other than in school, film it to share with the class, and get away with it without suffering consequences.

In “Female Biology”, the students learned how the bodies of women work. Part of the course focused on menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and lactation, and the availability of drugs that affected these processes, to help the young men take away women’s control of their bodies. Another part focused on sensitivity and health, to help them inflict intense pleasure, pain or discipline on women without leaving unintended permanent changes. The major assessment involved students using a combination of drugs and torture to make their teach orgasm from pain in her tits or pussy.

In “Female Psychology”, the young men were taught how to dominate, confuse and disorient women. They learned how to seduce and control women, how to break their will and encourage submission, and how to extract obedience. They learned how to orient a woman’s thoughts around her cunt, her tits, and her desire to obey men. Advanced students were offered extension work in the study of hypnosis. Final assessment was freeform, but it was generally understood that getting a woman to apologise for being a cocktease and beg to be raped and impregnated, without the use of force or violence, would earn top marks.

The subject matter of “Counter-Privacy” largely concerned removing the privacy of women. Students were taught how to install spy cameras in a variety of contexts; how to install spyware on computers, phones, and other internet devices; and how to obtain covert photographs using drones, telephoto lenses, or upskirting techniques. They received training in gathering information about women from online sources, in breaking into a woman’s online accounts, and in the physical art of stalking and lockpicking. Students learned that there was no good reason for a woman to have privacy in any aspect of her life, and it was a man’s duty to create that reality. Students were invited to each prepare a presentation on the life and secrets of an unrelated woman, and these presentations were generally expected to include clear images of the woman’s tits and pussy, proof of her sexual fetishes, and documentation of at least one humiliating or illegal act that could be used to blackmail the woman into slavery. (The subjects of these assignments often became next year’s teachers at the Academy.)

And finally, in “Training”, the Bradhall students learned how to teach relevant skills and behaviours to a woman, including the basics of domestic service, sexual service, and self-objectification. The students here were assigned the teachers from the previous year – who may have foolishly thought they were free, after serving their year in the school – to train as slaves. Sometimes this required re-abducting the teachers, but often the women were broken enough from the previous year to return obediently – or simply still vulnerable to blackmail.

A few young women were admitted to study at the school alongside the boys. Sometimes they were there because their families forced them. Sometimes they were lured by the promise that graduates would be taken care of for life – whether in an actual high-paying job, or simply as the trophy wife of a privileged man. Sometimes they simply wanted to learn how to treat other women like toys. 

But regardless of their reasons for enrolling, they were still subject to the same lack of rights as the teachers. The boys were encouraged to objectify, molest, and outright rape their female classmates, and most of these female students finished the year submissive, obedient, traumatised, and pregnant.

In addition, the school provided toileting facilities for students – but they were rarely used, because the boys were encouraged to just force the female students or teachers to drink their piss instead.

By the time the young men had completed their education at the Bradhall Academy, they had thoroughly internalised the knowledge that women were nothing but ridiculous sub-human cum-receptacles. They had become used to ignoring, abusing and controlling women in all walks of life, and normalising that behaviour in others.

And, thus prepared for life, they were then elevated by the patrons of the Bradhall Academy to positions at the head of politics, law, and business, to help create the world they had been taught to enjoy…


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