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For women in the high-fantasy world of Arth-Keros, their only destiny is enslavement and degradation.

When young lovers Felicia and Kyra are caught in an illicit lesbian relationship, they are shipped off to the Convent of Lesba, to learn how to better serve men.  Within the Convent’s cold stone walls, their love is turned to cruel purposes, as they are re-educated by the sadistic male monks in the perverse and humiliating religion of the Three Sisters.

This story contains strong themes of non-consent, orientation kink (lesbians fucking men), torture, incest, and sexual activities with fictional monsters.

The Convent of Lesba collects all 12 chapters of the novella-length erotic saga.

This edition also contains a full-colour map of Arth-Keros, and five pages of additional appendices about the world of Arth-Keros.

The PDF edition totals 74 pages in length.

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