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Vicky had been receiving the bovine hormones in her breasts for three weeks, and she had gotten used to going around with milky wet patches on her shirt in front of her lactating nipples, and was even becoming accustomed to being publicly milked on a fucking machine.

But she had not found a solution for how to do her job under these circumstances. The natural effects of the drug, plus the state of heightened arousal it left her in, were making her increasingly confused and stupid, and she was accomplishing very little of her day to day duties as an executive.

Eventually Allen came to see her. “If this keeps up, you’re going to be fired,” he told her.

“I can’t help it!” wailed Vicky. “It’s these drugs. They keep me so confused, and…”

“Horny?” suggested Allen.

Vicky blushed, unwilling to admit it, but unable to deny it.

“Let’s see what Dr Giles says about this,” said Allen.

Dr Giles turned out to have much to say, when they visited him in the lab.

“Here, let me put this collar on you,” he declared, and before Vicky could protest, he was fitting a thin metal collar into place around her neck. It connected in the back with a “click” that suggested it had been locked in place – and sure enough, when Vicky raised her hands to it, she couldn’t remove it.

“What is this?” she asked.

But Dr Giles was already beginning to undress Vicky. “Sssh, ssh,” he said. “Let’s put you on the milker.”

Vicky allowed herself to be undressed and fitted on all fours in the milking frame. After all, her breasts *were* uncomfortably full of milk, and it would feel good to release the pressure. She almost sighed with happiness when the cups were fitted to her teats and began to suck with painful, mechanical force. She opened her mouth obediently and accepted the ball gag when Dr Giles offered it to her.

She expected that the next step would be to connect her to the fucking machine – but instead, Dr Giles had something else in mind. First, he reached down to her collar, and connected something to a clip on the front of it. It was a cowbell – and quite a large one, the size of a coffee mug. It dangled beneath her as she hung in the milking frame, making occasional soft dingling sounds as she shifted in her restraints.

Then he moved behind her, reached down and parted her cunt lips, and then…


She tried to swear, or scream, but her gag muffled her. Dr Giles had just done something to her clitoris – something that hurt a *lot*.

“It’s just a piercing, my dear,” said Dr Giles. “We’re just putting a small ring through your clitoris, which will hold a small monitoring device, to keep us informed of your vital rhythms. And it will pair with another one, which we will inject beneath the skin… here.”

She felt something push up inside her cunt, and then another short burst of pain – this time inside her vagina itself.

Suddenly, a voice spoke. It was coming from her collar! It spoke in a clear, female voice.

“Vicky’s cunt is very wet. Vicky needs to be fucked.”

Her eyes widened.

“Ah, I can see that it works!” said Dr Giles. He looked at Allen. “Would you like to take care of her needs?”

“With pleasure,” said Allen. He knelt behind Vicky, and she heard him unzip his fly, and then…

Vicky struggled against her restraints, and screamed into her ball gag. That was Allen’s penis! Pushing into her pussy! He was *fucking* her – right here in the public forum of the laboratory! He was *raping* her!

“Sssh, sshh,” said Dr Giles, stroking her hair. “It seems that the drugs have sent your reproductive system into overdrive. We’re going to need to monitor you very closely to see exactly how the drugs are interacting with your body, and take closer readings than we have in the past. But one thing we know is that it can be very bad for your health to keep your body in a state of sexual arousal without release. Allen here is just doing what is needed to keep you healthy and happy. Relax, and try to enjoy it, my dear.”

Vicky whimpered. She had to admit that it *did* feel good. She had enjoyed masturbating, and learned to enjoy the fucking machine, but it was no substitute, as it turned out, for a warm, hard, human cock.

With each thrust of Allen’s hips, her tits swung back and forth beneath her, and her new cowbell jangled.

“Now, we’re going to need to take regular urine and stool samples from you,” said Dr Giles. “We can’t have you wasting these in the public bathrooms, so your new collar is just going to give you a little shock if you go near a toilet anywhere in this building. What we want you to do instead is to come down here and relieve yourself in the litter box.” 

He gestured, and Vicky saw that there was indeed a litter box laid out in the corner, as one might provide for an animal – large enough for her to squat in, or to crawl on all fours, and filled with a loose clumping material. It was completely exposed to the corridor that passed by the laboratory area.

Surely he couldn’t be serious?

“To help you, the sensors we just put in you will keep an eye on your bladder,” said Dr Giles. “And when it’s time for you to come and relieve yourself, your collar will say this.” 

He pressed a button, and Vicky’s collar spoke, in a loud voice that could be heard from several meters away.

“Vicky’s bladder is full. Vicky needs to piss.”

“Oh,” added Dr Giles, “and if you try to urinate anywhere except in the litter box there, it will give you a shock, and announce loudly that you’re pissing.” He stroked her hair again. “So you just come down to the lab like a good girl when you need to go potty, okay?”

Vicky’s face was flushed with humiliation. This couldn’t really be happening! And yet the pain in her cunt, and the feel of Allen’s dick violating her, and the cold metal collar against her neck, told her that it was all real.

“Next, there’s that issue of your arousal,” said Giles. “And that’s something you need to just come and take care of here. Your collar will remind you when you’re in heat. You just listen to the collar, and come down here and get a nice fucking, to stay healthy. That way your mind won’t be so clouded with arousal all the time.”

Allen was fucking her pussy faster now, thumping hard into her and making her tits jerk and her cowbell ring. 

“If you receive stimulation in your pussy outside of this lab, your collar will give you a little shock,” said Giles. “I don’t want you masturbating when you’re supposed to be working. Just come to the lab and take care of it here. I’ll give Allen here a little remote, so he can turn it off for emergencies, but I expect you to get most of your sexual release right here in the lab, on the milking frame, understand?”

Vicky wanted to cry. But more than that, she wanted to cum. She was moaning into her gag with desire. The milking pain in her udders was so intense – and the feel of Allen’s cock so good. She did her best to buck against Allen’s cock, as best as the frame would allow.

“And lastly, the collar is going to let us do away with this ball gag,” said Dr Giles. And he took the gag out of Vicky’s mouth.

“Please, stop this!” said Vicky immediately – and then squealed, as the collar shocked her, hard.

“Sssh, ssh,” said Giles again. “It’s an electronic gag, see? While you’re in the laboratory, the collar will shock you if you speak, or make any sound louder than a normal speaking volume.”

“Take it off!” cried Vicky – and was shocked again.

“Sssh,” said Giles. “If you need to get our attention, you can just make a little ‘moo’ sound, like a cow. Go on – give it a try.”

Vicky blushed deep red. She was silent for a moment – finding it hard to concentrate as Allen fucked her towards his own orgasm – but then, in a quiet, insecure voice, she said, “Mooo?”

There was no shock.

And then Allen slammed hard into, and shuddered, and she felt his warm sperm wash up inside her womb, and begin to trickle back out of her. And she felt herself orgasming too, shuddering and trembling in her milking frame. She wanted to moan, to cry, to scream, but she felt her throat tightening in fear of a shock almost immediately, and so instead she heard herself say, “Mooooooo.”


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  1. I enjoyed Bovine Testing part 1 very much as a stand alone story and was greatly surprised to read a second equally degrading erotic sequel. Please provide us with MmoOoo rre

    1. As at this writing, Part 3 will publish tomorrow (27 July), and Part 4 is in my work schedule to be written.
      It’s intended to be around five parts, and then done.

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