It was Jenny’s first day at the Bellwood School, and she returned to her maths class confused.

“I’m sorry, Mr Evans,” she said. “I couldn’t find the door to the women’s toilet. Can you tell me where it is? I need to go?”

“Jenny, women’s toilets don’t have doors,” said Mr Evans sternly. “Here at Bellwood you’re going to learn to toilet properly, and save society quite a bit of money from not having to build ridiculous dedicated women’s facilities.” He pointed towards the corner of the room, and for the first time she noticed the large tray filled with kitty litter located there.

“You can go there, just like any other girl, Jenny,” he said. “And remember to play with your pussy for the class while you piss.”

Jenny blushed bright red. “I… I can’t,” she said. “Can’t I just use the boys’ toilets?”

“Absolutely not,” said Mr Evans. “And I should warn you that if you wet yourself, you’ll be obliged to lick up any mess you make, then suck your panties clean, then have your pussy spanked in front of the class.” 

Jenny dithered, legs pressed together, weighing the pressure on her bladder against the humiliation of pissing in front of the class in the kitty litter. But finally, she gave in. Blushing, she made her way to the litter tray, removed her panties, squatted, lifted her skirt, and began to slowly rub her pussy. 

The class, all new to the school like she was, watched her intently, and there were small “ooo” sounds and gasps as she began to piss. She watered the litter with her golden stream, rubbing her cunt all the while, feeling like an animal on display, and then went back to her desk with a red face, an empty bladder, and a wet cunt.

It was like this throughout the school. There was a litter tray in every classroom – one girl was always tasked to stay back and clean it out after every couple of classes – and several in the school’s central courtyard. Every girl at the school learned to piss in public, while masturbating. They very soon learned to become aroused at the feeling of their bladder being full, many learned to get wet enough prior to pissing that they could orgasm while urinating, and a good number began to experience difficulty in relaxing enough to piss when they *weren’t* squatting in a litter tray while someone watched.

It never got normalised, though. Students were encouraged to point and laugh at pissing girls, and make crude comments about them. The girls even learned to do it to each other. Occasionally classes would have lesson topics like, “Why girls are stupid and have to piss like animals,” or, “Why girls masturbate like whores when they piss”. Girls were continually learning new reasons to feel ashamed and embarrassed of the behaviour the school made them engage in.

For any girl who refused to use the litter trays, or couldn’t relax her bladder while being watched, the only option was to wet her panties. And true to the school’s word, the punishment for this was having to stand in front of the class, take off her wet panties, put them in her mouth, suck on them, and then get down on all fours and lick up the puddle of her own piss. Afterwards she would be positioned on the teacher’s bench with her skirt raised and her cunt facing the class while the teacher brutally beat the girl’s pussy until she either cried or orgasmed.

After the first month, the school expected girls to continue the behaviour at home. Girls would have to go home and beg their fathers to buy them a litter tray, and let them piss on it in front of the family, and spank their cunts if they wet themselves. From that point on they were expected to never use a toilet again.

The real challenge came at the halfway point of the year. That was when the girls were sent home with a sign that read “men’s toilet” to hang on their home bathroom. They were now required to stop any woman ever using the toilet in their house. Failure would result in daily punishment at school and eventually being refused graduation and needing to repeat the year. For those girls who lived with mothers, sisters, or other women, they faced a difficult choice – plead and beg for those women to accept the humiliating program; blackmail and coerce them into the degrading behaviour; or use force and violence to make them behave (or convince their father and/or brother to do so).

The school found that the point where a girl watched her mother piss into the litter tray in front of guests for the first time was usually the point where the girl accepted that her degradation was correct, appropriate and deserved….


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