Author’s Note: This story is the result of a request by an ATR Premium Member for an exploration of the story “No Women’s Door” from a different angle. This story stands alone, but you can read the original story here (link).


It wasn’t easy for Jenny, the first night she pissed in a litter tray in front of her family, and masturbated while she pissed. Her mother and sister were shocked, and her brother Mark was far more interested in the sight of her naked cunt than a brother ought to be. 

But her father, Colm, was supportive.

“We sent Jenny to the Bellwood Academy for a reason, remember,” he told his wife Lyn. “She wasn’t learning, she wasn’t behaving, and she even got arrested after attending that feminist protest in the city. We agreed that she needed a sterner hand, and the Bellwood Academy was perfect.” He laughed. “And it’s working – look how fast she’s learning. Would you have ever have thought that the girl who was so angry at that protest last year would one day agree to piss like an animal in front of her family?”

Lyn agreed, reluctantly, that their daughter had had a dramatic change in attitude.

Colm continued. “And we don’t want her ending up like Lucia, do we?”

Jenny’s older sister Lucia was 20, unemployed, still living at home, and generally a blight upon the household. Her parents worried she might be a lesbian.

“So let’s just normalise it, okay?” Colm finished. “It’s perfectly normal for a woman to piss like this.”

Jenny blushed, and was forced to correct her father, as she squatted bare cunted in the litter tray. “Actually, my teacher Mr Evans says it’s important that girls feel ashamed of their cunt, and everything we do with it,” she said. “I’m supposed to encourage you to insult and degrade me when I piss.”

Lucia piped up. “Well, that’s easy,” she spat, “because this is fucking disgusting, and I can’t believe that Jenny is going to piss like an animal while we all watch. Look at her, she’s even rubbing her pussy while she does it. Gross.”

Jenny’s brother Michael had a turn. “Look at her!” he laughed. “She looks like a dumb slut.”

Jenny’s father nodded. “You do look like a dumb slut, Jenny,” he said, watching a stream of piss spurting from his daughter’s cunt as she masturbated. “I’m very impressed with what the Bellwood Academy is achieving with you.”

“Why does the school make her do this?” asked Jenny’s mother, distressed.

“It’s just more efficient,” said Colm “They don’t have to waste space and money on women’s bathrooms, and it means that girls don’t have the sort of privacy and private spaces that encourage them to get up to mischief. Plus it’s very hard to get silly political notions about ‘rights’ or ‘equality’ when you’re pissing in front of the entire classroom.”

Afterwards, Jenny read them the essay she had been required to write for class, titled, “Why girls are stupid and have to piss like animals.”


Other changes followed around Jenny’s house. 

The very next day after her first use of the litter tray, Jenny’s father helped her throw out all her panties, and all her below-the-waist clothes that weren’t skirts, to make it easier for her in her new practice of pissing in litter trays.

On the instructions of her school, Jenny also had to instruct her father to start disciplining her with cunt spankings – including if she wet herself or pissed outside the litter tray. (Bad pissing behaviour would also require her to lick up her mess.) These cunt spankings happened in front of the whole family, and so everyone got to see how Jenny’s cunt would become disgustingly wet during the punishment, and how she would sometimes even orgasm from the spanking. The routine of masturbating while pissing had conditioned Jenny to become aroused from humiliation, submission, and piss.

Colm encouraged the whole family to participate in degrading Jenny while she pissed, and so Jenny got used to her father, mother, brother and sister all calling her a stupid slut and a disgusting animal. Her family got used to it too, to the point where it became common for them to call her a “cunt” or a “pig” even if she wasn’t pissing. They used her name less often, too. 

One day while Jenny was accompanying her mother on a shopping trip, they bumped into a friend of Jenny’s mother, and Jenny was introduced as “my stupid piss-slut daughter”. Jenny’s mother didn’t even seem to notice that she’d done it.

Her brother bought Jenny a pink name plate for her bedroom door that just said “CUNT”, as a joke, but when Jenny refused to install it on her door, her father intervened and said that it was rude to reject her brother’s gift, and Jenny was forced to place it on the door to her room, reinforcing her new position as “the household cunt”.


At the halfway point of the year came the moment Jenny was dreading. Her school gave her a sign that read “MEN’S ROOM”, and told her that she had to hang it on the door of the toilet in her home – and ensure that the other women of the house started pissing in litter trays like her.

When she broached this idea at the dinner table, the response was immediate.

“Absolutely not,” said her mother, Lyn.

“Is this a fucking joke?” spat Lucia.

“Please,” begged Jenny. “You have to do this, or else my school will fail me, And they’ll spank my cunt until I cry every day for the rest of the year until you agree.”

“Just because my daughter is a piss-slut, doesn’t mean I will be,” said Lyn coldly. “And you deserve a cunt spanking if you think I’ll act in the same disgusting way that you do.”

She looked to her father for help, but he just shrugged. 

“This is your project, sweetie,” he said.

At first Jenny didn’t know what to do about this refusal. And for the next week at school, when she was forced to report that her mother and sister were being disobedient, she had her cunt brutally beaten in front of the entire class every day, as she sobbed and wailed (and sometimes orgasmed).

After a week of this misery, and with a badly bruised pussy, Jenny became desperate. She wanted to be a good girl at school. She knew at some level what she was about to do was wrong, but surely ethics and morals didn’t matter for a piss-slut who masturbated like a whore while she urinated?

So she arranged for four boys at school to abduct and rape her mother as her mother came home from work. She had to promise them blowjobs, as often as they wanted until the end of the year, with the first round in advance, and as she swallowed her first ever load of cum from a boy’s cock, and knew it was happening because she had arranged her own mother’s rape, she felt a curious sense of disconnection from everything. The school was right, she realised – she really *was* just an object that pissed and sucked cocks. Not really a person at all. And her mother and sister needed to learn this same truth.

Her mother’s rape wasn’t enough, though. She needed an ally in her house. And so she began to seduce her father – going naked in front of him whenever she could, hugging him tightly, kissing him on the lips, stroking his cock through his pants.

It was a little upsetting to her how quickly he gave in, coming into the bathroom while she was showering, stepping into the shower naked, pressing her up against the wall, and sliding his cock into his daughter’s virginal cunt. Part of her hated that this was happening – that she had *made* this happen – but her cunt responded immediately to the humiliation and sense of powerlessness, and was sopping wet for her father as he began to rape her. She came twice, mewling her humiliated slutty moans into her father’s mouth as she kissed him.

And afterwards she started to tell him how nice it would be when her mother and sister acted like she did. How right it would be to see them all lined up and pissing like pets. How much more obedient they would be once they realised they were just animals. And even how fun it might be to fuck Lucia’s bratty little lesbian cunt, just like he was fucking Jenny’s now.

And that was that.

Two nights later, Jenny showed the video that her classmates had taken of her mother’s rape. Her mother had said nothing of her violation so far, but the video didn’t show a non-consensual rape. It had been carefully edited, and showed Lyn begging to suck the cocks of the four teenage boys, crawling around nude with her tits swaying beneath her, wiggling her ass and whimpering about how much she wanted to be raped.

“This is disgusting, Lyn,” said Colm immediately. “I should divorce you.”

Jenny’s mother started to weep, and tried to explain that it wasn’t her idea, and it wasn’t consensual.

“That’s not what the video shows,” said Colm. “I think if you want to stay part of this family, it’s time for you to start acting like Jenny does. Get over there in the litter tray and piss.”

Then he turned. “And you next, Lucia,” he added. “I’m tired of you sponging off this family. You can start pissing like your sister, or you can leave right now and sleep on the street.”

There was some hesitancy, and some tears – but the battle was over. First Lyn went to the litter tray, removed her panties, squatted, and pissed – with Jenny’s brother Michael laughing and calling his mother a dumb slut – and then Lucia followed. Jenny took the opportunity to call her own sister a disgusting whore.

Then it was time for a round of cunt spankings for all three women. Jenny was invited to spank her own mother’s cunt – and she was merciless. After all, if her mother had just behaved, Jenny wouldn’t have had to suck her classmates’ cocks, and then fuck her own father.

Colm spanked Lucia, who wiggled and wailed, and Jenny couldn’t help but notice her father’s cock was hard in his pants as he beat his daughter’s fuckhole.

And then Michael was given a chance to spank Jenny, and he took his time with. He grinned at his sister, as he surreptitiously stroked her clit between spanks, and even sank two of his fingers deep into her fucktunnel. And Jenny said nothing, even though she knew that if she was silent now, Michael would be bolder in future. Now wasn’t the time to argue with the male authority in her house. And besides, she had already fucked her father – wasn’t it only right that she should be raped by her brother as well?

And as it turned out, that night marked a new era of sociability for Jenny’s household. It was the start of a season of dinner parties, and gatherings – because, after all, it was important for all of Lucia’s friends to be invited over, so they could watch her piss and call her a fuckpig. And it was equally important for all of Jenny’s mother’s work colleagues to come over and watch *her* piss, and readjust their perceptions of her humanity and respectability. 

And just as Bellwood Academy had promised, the most educational moment of Jenny’s school year came as she watched her mother masturbate and piss in a litter tray, as her boss from work stared at her pissing cunt, and told her that from now on Lyn could piss in a litter tray in the office as well, in front of all her co-workers – and that piece of humiliating news was the thing that caused Jenny’s mother to orgasm.

Knowing that any woman could be trained to orgasm from humiliation while pissing was, after all, the most important thing that any girl could learn.


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