Tessa worked in the IT department, and she was the only woman in a team of seven.

The six men she worked with sexually harassed her constantly. They called her “doll” and “sweetie” and sometimes even just “slut”. They groped her ass and tits whenever the opportunity arose, and publicly speculated in the office about whether she would be fun to fuck.

Finally, Tessa had had enough, and she made a complaint to HR.

But instead of the men being disciplined or fired for their crude behaviour, the whole team were called into a meeting by management.

“I’ve had enough of the conflict in this team,” said their direct supervisor. “I need you to work together productively – and if you can’t do that, then we’re going to fire all of you.”

“But…” protested Tessa, “it was the men who…”

“Silence!” roared their manager. “I expect *teamwork* from your group. So I’m giving you a group assignment, that you’re going to complete together. You’re going to write a story about your team engaging in an activity together. The story will be at least 10,000 words long, and you will all contribute to it. I don’t care what happens in it, but I expect it to be complete and coherent by the end of the week, or you’ll all be unemployed.”

Afterwards, the team gathered in a small room to discuss what had happened.

“This is your fault, cunt,” spat Gavin, as Tessa followed the men into the room.

“Why do you have to be such a little bitch all the time?” said Ben.

“I knew a woman couldn’t do an IT job,” said Steve. “They think with their cunts, not their brains.”

“This isn’t my fault!” protested Tessa. “It’s yours, for harassing me!”

“Whatever,” said Gavin. “Now we have to write a stupid story.” He threw her a pad of paper and a pen. “Take notes.”

Tessa’s face coloured. She wasn’t a secretary. But she took the paper and pen and sat at the table in the small room.

“Maybe this should be a story about us working on a coding problem,” said Tessa.

“Fuck that,” said Ben. “It should be an erotic story about us all gang-raping you, because you’re such a bitch, except that you enjoy it because you’re a stupid slut.”

There was laughter from all the men.

“I like it,” said Jose, another of the men. “All those in favour.”

Six hands went up. Tessa’s stayed down.

“Decided by majority,” said Jose. “It’ll be a story about us raping Tessa.” He looked at Tessa. “Write that down.”

“I’m not writing this!” objected Tessa. “That’s the very thing I complained about!”

Jose shrugged. “I’ve got another gig lined up if this place doesn’t work out. Honestly, I don’t care if I get fired.”

“Me either,” said Steve.

There were murmurs of agreement from the other men.

Tessa fumed. *She* couldn’t afford to be fired. She was barely paying her rent as it was.

“Can’t we write about something else?” she asked.

“No,” said Jose. “We voted. Write it down. You get raped but you enjoy it because you’re a stupid slut.”

Her lips tight with fury, Tessa wrote on the paper. “I GET RAPED AND LIKE IT BECAUSE I’M A STUPID SLUT.”

“And in the story, Tessa’s a dumb bimbo, just like in real life,” suggested Steve.

Tessa wrote, “I’M A DUMB BIMBO.”

“And she secretly masturbates at work all the time,” laughed Ben.

Tessa wrote, “I MASTURBATE AT WORK.”

“But why would we rape a dumb bitch like her in the first place?” asked Gary, one of the other men.

“Oh, because she cockteases us all the time,” said Jose.


“And she secretly loves it when we call her a cunt,” said Gavin. “And she gets wet when we grope her.”


Jose came over and looked at Tessa’s work.

“Perfect,” he said. “That’s what we’ll do. Can you sign it as note-taker, Tessa?”

Tessa signed her name at the bottom.

“And add a little love heart,” said Jose. He was smiling as if it was a joke.

Tessa sighed. Whatever. She drew a love heart next to her name.

“Thank you,” said Jose. “I’ll take that. And you can get to work on this this afternoon.”

“What do you mean?” said Tessa. “We all need to work on it.”

Jose rolled his eyes. “I’m not doing homework for HR. This is your fault, you can write it.” He paused. “Or don’t, whatever. Like I said, I’ve got other places I can be.”

Tessa stared at him, mouth open. But the men were serious. They filed out of the room, one after another, leaving Tessa solely responsible for their group project.


She didn’t have a chance to do anything with the project until the afternoon, as Jose had said. She had other IT work to get done. But as she was working, men started filing past her desk, from other parts of the company, smiling strange smiles.

“Hey there, cunt,” said one, causing Tessa to blush.

“Good afternoon, cunt,” said another.

A third walked up behind Tessa while she was working, leaned forward, and put a hand down her shirt, squeezing her left breast through her bra.

This last molestation made Tessa jerk away, and turn on her violator. “What the fuck are you doing?” she demanded.

The man laughed. “I thought you liked that,” he said. “Or at least, that’s what the memo said.”

Tessa went to discover what the man was talking about – and was horrified when she found out.

It was the project notes she had written. Jose had photocopied them and stuck a copy on every notice board in the building. He had even found a photo of her in a bikini from her Facebook profile and attached it, so there could be no doubt about who the document was describing.

Without the context of the writing project, it looked like Tessa was just admitting that she was a cockteasing slut who enjoyed being groped and raped. The little love heart next to her name made the document look bimbo-ish and infantile. 

She raised her hand to rip the copy in front of her from the notice board.

A hand grabbed her wrist, stopping her.

It was Jose.

“How about you leave those up till the group project is done?” he said. “After all, you don’t need another report of conflict in your team, do you?”

She tried to pull her hand away. Her first instinct was to punch Jose, and smash his smug, hateful nose right into his face. 

But Jose gripped her wrist tightly, and she realised that violence would get her fired for sure. Maybe arrested. And Jose was right – if someone asked whether she was fighting with her team, that could get her fired as well.

So she had no choice to leave the embarrassing declaration on the noticeboard for everyone to see.

She didn’t have to go to the noticeboard to see it, though. Jose had had a copy of it framed, and he hung it in her cubicle where she could look at it all the time.

“To help you write,” he told her.


Over the next week, she worked on the story.

There was rarely time to make progress during the standard work day, so she found herself working through her lunch break, and working at nights.

The men “helped” her during these periods through a game they called “getting Tessa a drink”. This would involve one of the men going out to a nearby takeaway and buying a large cup of cola. Then they would bring these back to the office, at lunch time or after work, and tip the entire cup over Tessa’s head as she sat at her desk.

Her clothes and chair would be covered with sticky, sugary soft drink. Everyone would laugh. They would crowd around her chair so she couldn’t leave, and demand she clean up her mess. Unable to reach any sponges or wet wipes, Tessa would be forced to lick her chair clean with her tongue.

When this happened at lunch time, Jose would offer her a deal – a clean shirt and skirt, that she could wear, in exchange for her bra and panties. Tessa would have no choice but to pull her panties down her legs, and her bra out from under her shirt, and give them to Jose. Then Jose would give her the change of clothes, and she would scamper to the bathroom and change into them.

(She tried bringing her own change of clothes after the first time this happened, but the men were adept at stealing them from her bags as soon as her attention was distracted.)

Then after standard work hours she would be baptised with cola again, and now Jose would demand his “ruined clothes” back from her.

“Don’t worry,” he would say. “I’ll take them home and wash them quickly, so you have something to wear home.”

And Tessa would now have to strip completely naked. By this point her team were (blessedly) the only ones left on the floor, so there was no one to see her but her six co-workers, but those co-workers would hoot and holler as she stripped, and take every chance to squeeze her naked tits and slap her naked ass. 

And then they would leave her there, naked in the office.

It was usually three hours till Jose returned, and Tessa worked on the story in that time.

And when Jose did return, finally, he always smiled, and said, “Do you want your clothes?”

Tessa would nod.

“Then kiss me like I’m your boyfriend, and say thank you,” said Jose.

And Tessa had no choice but to step toward Jose, and press her naked tits against his chest, and tongue-kiss him, and let his wandering hand squeeze her ass, and probe its fingers at her anus, and wiggle between her thighs to find her cunt.

“Thank you, sir,” she would gasp, as his fingers pushed into her fuckhole – instinctively knowing he would want that “sir”.

And then he would step away from her, and hand her the clothes. And they would never be appropriate clothes to go home in. One time it was a tiny bikini that barely covered her tits. Another time it was a see-through mesh dress. On a third occasion it was nothing but sexy lingerie. On a fourth evening she received a thin see-through T-shirt and an adult diaper.

And she would travel home on the train dressed like that, and try and pretend that everyone wasn’t looking at her, and that she didn’t look like a slutty fuckdoll.


The process of writing had a strange effect on Tessa.

The story required her to describe how she teased and seduced her co-workers, and then orgasmed when they gang-raped her. Not just that, but she had to make it sexy. 

At first it was almost impossible to do. The idea was gross. The scenario was gross.

But if she didn’t complete this project, she would be fired.

So she tried to put herself in the headspace. She tried to imagine that she *did* want to be gang-raped. She tried to imagine how that might feel, how it might make her aroused, how she might become stupid with lust just from relentlessly cockteasing the men she worked with.

And she found she *did* start to get aroused. It was hard to write this story without becoming horny. She sat at her computer, after hours – often completely nude – and wrote about fucking the men who sat next to her, and she felt her nipples harden and her pussy get wet.

She tried to ignore it at first. But the more she ignored it, the louder her cunt became. The first night, when Jose came back with her clothes, she realised she had left a wet patch on the office chair, and she knew that Jose couldn’t help but notice that she was aroused when she kissed him and thanked him.

So after that, she stopped trying to resist. And as she thought about what to write next, her hand would dip to her crotch, and tease her pussy, and rub her clit, and soon she was just openly masturbating as she wrote. Masturbating to scenarios of being gang-raped by the men of her team.

The document she was writing in was shared with her co-workers. It was a team project, after all. And while they showed no inclination to help her complete the story, they were quick to point out problems.

“That’s not what my cock looks like,” complained Gavin, upon reading the scene where his fictional counterpart shoved his penis into Tessa’s eager pussy. “You have to get the details right, cunt.”

And Tessa found herself being led to the male toilets, where Gavin exposed his cock to her, and made her study it, so she could describe it properly. She had to touch it, and stroke it, and masturbate it a little – and then, as she knelt in front of him, Gavin grabbed her hair, and forced his cock into her mouth, so that she could get the taste right as well.

She struggled a little, but they were in a closed toilet stall, and there was a man in the stall next door, and she didn’t want anyone to know what was happening to her – to know she was sucking Gavin’s cock – so she had to be quiet and accept it. She knelt, and sucked, as Gavin fucked her face. And eventually he ejaculated into her mouth, which was good (according to him) because now she would be able to describe the taste of his cum as well.

After that, *all* the men wanted to show her their cocks. And she didn’t want to have a loud public argument about it in the office where everyone could hear it, so she had no choice but to follow them one by one to the toilets, and touch and stroke their dicks, and then suck them to orgasm. She spent the entire afternoon on her knees, sucking cocks in the toilet.

It was awful at first, but after Gavin’s cock she began to think about her story, and how to incorporate these details into it, and she felt her pussy growing wet. By the time she was suckling on Jose’s dick, she was surreptitiously rubbing her crotch as she sucked, and for both of her last two co-workers she experienced a small, secret orgasm while swallowing their cum.


The men had other “corrections” for her story too. They kept telling her that the eventual rape needed to be more violent and degrading. The men should slap Tessa more, they said. They offered disgusting names that the men should call Tessa as they raped her. 

Adding these changes was simple enough – but it meant that Tessa was obsessing about (and masturbating to) increasingly more violent and degrading erotic scenarios. All of them involving her own rape.

“Tessa should end up completely covered in our cum,” suggested Ben. “Like, completely soaked in it.”

This last suggestion was so popular that after work, when Tessa had been bathed in cola and then stripped naked, they decided to help her “get the details right”. The men took out their cocks and masturbated, as Tessa blushed and tried to write, and one by one they ejaculated onto her face, shoulders, and naked tits.

“Leave it there until I come back with your clothes,” Jose told her, “so you can get the full experience.”

The men left – but as luck would have it, that was the night that Tessa was finally caught by Raj, the night janitor. He came upon her in the course of his normal rounds – naked, at her desk, masturbating as she wrote a pornographic story, and covered in her co-workers’ cum.

She jumped when she heard the clank of his mop-bucket, and turned bright red when she realised he could see everything.

“What are you doing, miss?” he asked her. “I feel like I should report this.”

“No, please!” begged Tessa. “Don’t tell anyone! I’ll do anything. What do you want? Money?”

Raj didn’t want money. He wanted a turn at what was clearly the office whore. And so Tessa found herself bending over her desk, offering her ass up to Raj, and wincing as she slowly pushed his cock into her wet pussy.

It was her first time being raped, and to her shame she orgasmed from it, exactly like in her story. She took his cock in her cunt, let him fire his sperm into her unprotected womb, and afterwards she thanked him and cleaned his cock off with her mouth.

And of course every night after that, Raj “caught” her again – and she had to pay him off exactly the same way.


On the last day before the story was due, Tessa’s co-workers cleared her schedule for the entire day, so she could just work on the project. They took on all her tasks so she could sit there and stare at her slutty words, and get wetter and wetter as she thought about them. She couldn’t masturbate at her desk during the daytime, of course, and so there was no release for her slow-building sexual tension.

By the evening she was so aroused and slutty that she couldn’t think straight. She just wanted to masturbate. She just wanted to cum.

And a thought had been growing in her head. She had gone to such lengths to get the details right – sucking cocks, being covered with cum. 

She should go the whole way, shouldn’t she? It wouldn’t be *right* unless she actually fucked her co-workers. To see what it felt like. To really know what it was like to be violently gang-raped.

She hesitantly, blushingly proposed this plan to Jose, and he agreed immediately. Once the day had finished, and the other workers on the floor had gone home, the men crowded around Tessa. Gavin slapped her across the face, and Ben ripped her clothes off, and Steve slapped and punched her tits. 

She struggled – because she had to get this right, after all – and so they forced her face down against her desk, and kicked her legs apart, and then Jose pushed his cock into her cunt, making no effort to be gentle.

“You stupid cockteasing cunt,” Jose spat. “You deserve this.”

And Tessa knew it was nothing but the truth.

One by one, the men took their turns with her, stopping only to violently force her into new positions for their pleasure. Sometimes she had a man in her cunt and another man in her mouth. Four of the men tried out her asshole, which had never been fucked before that night. Steve found bulldog clips in a drawer, and put them on her nipples, cunt lips, and clitoris, making her squeal. Gavin found a permanent marker and wrote “SLUT” and “CUNT” on her tits. 

And, just as she had written, she orgasmed, again and again.

When it was done she was shaking, twitching, broken by pleasure and pain, and covered in their cum. 

But she knew it was right. The details in the story was right. She had finished the project.


She delivered the project to their supervisor the next day. She read out the whole story, about what a slutty cockteasing bimbo she was, and how she enjoyed rape.

And she was promptly fired.

“How could you possibly think that story was appropriate for work?” roared her manager. “Get out. Clean out your desk and go.”

Her co-workers guffawed with laughter.

“What a stupid cunt!” chuckled Gavin.

“God, I can’t believe you did that, you dumb bitch,” laughed Jose.

They weren’t fired – but only because they had quit first. Jose had been working on an algorithm for identifying fraud in large databases, and just that week had secured seed funding for a start-up. The whole team were leaving to go into business. They were almost certainly going to become rich.

While Tessa would be homeless and unemployed.

Jose took pity on her, in the end.

“There might be a job for you at our company, cunt,” he told her. “You’d have to be naked all day, and your duties would be – well, to be raped, whenever we want to rape you. Or if our guests want to rape you. But we’d pay you enough to live on. What do you say?”

Tessa had no options.

She accepted the job.


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