In other circumstances, the Report into Economic Conditions in the Sex Industry by Wendy Varmer might have been overlooked.

But by happenstance, an aide to a conservative politician read it, and spotted one particular piece of data, and realised how it could be used.

The data was an estimate of unmet demand. The report suggested that the sex industry nationwide could accommodate as many as another 10,000 women – but the supply of women looking for work as a prostitute simply wasn’t there.

It was everything conservatives had dreamed of. Why should women be entitled to a minimum wage, when they could so easily get a second job in the sex industry? Why should women get unemployment benefits just because they were too lazy or proud to become a whore?

And thus the Female Employment Package was born – a comprehensive policy to transform women’s employment.

The first part of the package looked at employment. Unemployment benefits for women were abolished, and businesses no longer needed to pay women a minimum wage. 

The second part of the package was about skills and education. The government provided courses to women to transition them into sex work. These courses taught women how to suck cock, how to be enjoyable to fuck and to rape, how to striptease, and provided a combination of hypnosis and conditioning to help women learn to orgasm from pain, violation and degradation. The courses were completely free – providing the woman completed the course through to graduation and then immediately registered with a brothel. Women who dropped out or who didn’t go on to become prostitutes incurred a substantial debt.

The third limb of the package was a reform of the brothel industry. Contracts between brothels and prostitutes were standardised to two year terms, with brothels having the power to return workers by force and confine them on premises if they refused to work. Brothels were required to set a schedule of rates for the services of their girls, which must include a top tier “anything goes” rate under which a client was allowed to do anything to a girl that didn’t permanently harm or mark her, with legislated maximum prices provided for such a rate.

Once these rates were set, girls were prohibited by law from refusing any client who wanted to hire them – which the government called an “anti-discrimination provision” – and prohibited from refusing to accept any act permitted under the rate they were hired at. There was no provision for “work hours” – a prostitute was always for sale.

It thus became the case a man could do literally anything to a prostitute, providing it left her undamaged long-term, and provided he could pay. The industry was delighted it could now service the considerable demand for non-consensual sex.

And finally, if a women was in debt for any reason, and debt proceedings were commenced against her, she would automatically be registered with the default government brothel, which set very low rates on all services, so that debtors could extract the money owed from her in sex.

The package was a complete success. Its beneficiaries included:

* Janessa, who had been working as a maid for a rich businessman. When the package passed, he cut her salary in half, matching trends nationwide. Blushing, she signed up at a brothel the next day, and subsequently informed her employer of the additional services he could now buy for her. He laughed, noting that the “striptease” rate of her brothel was less than the former minimum range, and informed her that he was buying a 24/7 striptease from her, and that she should take off her clothes now and never put them back on, even when she went home to her family at night. He waited until the end of her shift to pay to rape her, so that she would go home with his cum dripping from her exposed cunt.

* Kelly and Candice, a mother and her daughter, who had each registered with separate brothels to supplement their income – until a client found out their relationship, and made it his practice to hire them both and make them lick each other’s cunt for his entertainment.

* Makayla, who registered for a sex work skills course, but found it mostly consisted of her instructor raping her at each lesson. Outraged, she thought about quitting – until she learned how much debt she would incur if she didn’t graduate. Her instructor smiled, and told her that, girls being girls, he expected some students might take *years* to graduate, and she’d better start learning to be enjoyable to rape pretty quickly…

* Bella, who defrauded her company for nearly two million dollars and lost it all at the casino. Upon her compulsory registration with the government brothel, her company just hired her straight back at the “anything goes” rate at her regular hours, and told her her new position would be naked, in the men’s toilets, receiving anything the male employees wanted to do to her. As the proceeds went straight into paying off her debt, Bella had to find further sex work for the evenings after she clocked off, and was only eventually able to make ends meet by finding a client who enjoyed raping her while she was asleep…


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