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Tayla had never had a day of such intense feelings as she did that day in the Rutman house, crawling around on all fours with suction cups on her nipples and clitoris and a mop handle shoved up her pussy. 

By lunchtime she was in agony from the constant rhythmic sucking on her tits and pussy, and from the motion of the mop handle in her twat – but she had also orgasmed twice.

In the afternoon, Bessie disconnected her from the “Helper Cow”, and Tayla was so grateful she just babbled incoherently, delighted to be free from the agonising suction on her tits. The third cup was still sucking away at her clitoris, but that was nothing compared to the relief in Tayla’s breasts.

But Bessie wasn’t done with her. She stood Tayla up, cuffed Tayla’s hands behind her back, and led her over to the dining table. Once there, she used a bottle to spray something on Tayla’s tits – was it some kind of *polish*? – and then forced Tayla to bend at the waist, pressing her tits against the table.

“Get rubbing,” she said. “You won’t be able to do this once your udders start leaking milk – it will just leave a mess – so you may as well get some use in now while you can. After this, you can do the windows.”

Tayla soon realised what Bessie expected. She was to rub her tits back and forth over the smooth wood of the dining table to polish it. Bessie sprayed extra polish on the rest of the table to help her, and Tayla, helpless and with no other option, obeyed. 

Her breasts were already aching from the suction, and now the action of dragging them back and forth across the table, trying to bring it to a perfect shine, doubled the agony in her udders. Tayla felt herself spacing out from the pain and humiliation. She lost track of where she was – there was only the pain in her breasts, the rhythmic thumping suction on her clitoris, and the wetness in her pussy.

She actually fell over at one point when she orgasmed unexpectedly. Her knees went weak as the wave of pleasure ran through her, and she fell to the floor – hard, because with her hands cuffed she couldn’t break her fall. She was lucky not to hurt herself. 

Bessie helped her back to her feet, placed her tits back on the table – and then banged one of them hard with the heel of a shoe.

“No slacking off on the job, young lady,” she said. “I expect to see that table spotless.”

When the table was done, she was led to the front windows. These, too, were sprayed with cleaning fluid, and Tayla was encouraged to wipe them clean with her tits.

The windows faced onto the front yard. There were two teenaged boys passing by, and they stopped to watch as Tayla pressed her naked fuckbags against the window. When Tayla saw them, she struggled, trying to pull away and hide herself, but Bessie put a firm hand on the back of her neck and pinned her hard against the window, until Tayla learned to accept that the boys would be able to stare at her naked breasts and cunt, and began to obediently rub her breasts against the glass.

The boys watched her the whole time. She could hear them laughing at her as she worked. She heard one of them mooing at her, and she heard the other call her a “dumb cunt”.

She orgasmed again as she wiped, and they saw her do that as well.

In the late afternoon, Bessie admitted that the windows were as clean as they were going to get.

“Good girl,” she said to Tayla. “Why don’t you go and have a rest in your bed until the men get home?”

Tayla was so sore and tired that she was more grateful than humiliated to be given the chance to lie in the dog bed in the laundry. But even there, she found to her horror that Bessie intended to connect her back to the Helper Cow. The suction cups went back on her nipples.

“But we can give you a break from this one,” said Bessie, removing the sucker from Tayla’s clitoris.

Tayla soon found that in the absence of her groin being stimulated, the suction on her tits was even more painful. She would have even contemplated masturbating, just to bring those endorphins back, but her hands remained cuffed behind her back.

Finally, she heard the sound of a car in the driveway, and Bessie came into the laundry.

“That’s my husband home,” she said. “And Edward too, if I’m not mistaken. Let’s get you out of the Helper Cow so that you can greet them.”

The suction cups finally came off Tayla’s nipples, and the cuffs off her hands.

“Watch how I welcome the Sheriff home,” said Bessie, “and then do the same for Edward. He’s had a hard day of work while you’ve been lounging around the house, and he deserves a little sugar.”

Tayla hardly thought she had been “lounging around the house”, but she followed Bessie to the front door. She wanted to massage her aching, painful tits with her hands, but when she thought about moving her hands near her breasts, a voice in her head said, “No, don’t touch your udders. Bad girl.” And she jerked as if she had been zapped.

The Sheriff and his son entered the house together, having both parked outside within minutes of each other. Bessie went immediately to her husband, wrapped an arm around him, and gave him a long, soulful tongue-kiss.

Her free hand went to his pants, and Tayla blushed as she saw Bessie undo the zip, slip her hand into the Sheriff’s trousers, and begin stroking his cock.

When the kiss was over, Bessie whispered – loud enough for Tayla to hear – “Rape me.”

The Sheriff laughed – and then pushed Bessie away bodily, so hard that she stumbled and fell to her knees. “No, you haven’t earned it today, honey,” he said. “But good girl for trying.”

Bessie and Edward both looked at Tayla.

Tayla rebelled. Edward had done nothing but sexually abuse her since she had arrived in this town. She wasn’t going to kiss him as if she loved him. She wasn’t going to stroke his cock. She certainly wasn’t going to beg him to rape her.

Instead she just looked down at her feet, and said, “Welcome home.”

The Sheriff sighed – then walked over to her swiftly, grabbed her by the hair, and slapped her across the face, hard, three times. Tayla gasped in shock, and struggled, but his grip was like steel.

“Young lady,” the Sheriff snarled, “I am providing you with room and board and medical care. The least you can do is show some manners to my son. Do you understand?”

Tayla struggled and wailed, so the Sheriff slapped her again.

“Do you understand?” he asked again.

“Yes,” said Tayla.

The Sheriff slapped her again. “Yes what?”

“Yes, sir,” wailed Tayla.

The Sheriff let go of her, and Tayla fell to her knees. “Good,” he said. “See that you get it right tomorrow.”

And then the evening proceeded to show Tayla what she had already guessed, and feared – that the abuse she had been subjected to since arriving at the Rutman household was not a series of isolated incidents, but rather her new daily routine.

Bessie gave Edward a cup of hot coffee, and Edward brought it to Tayla. “Are you a good cow yet, Snowball?” he asked her.

Tayla just whimpered. She knew what was coming, but her tits already hurt so much. “Please,” she gasped. “I’ve been trying. I’ve been on the suction cups…”

Edward sighed, and placed the coffee cup on the table, and grabbed her by her left tit. She squealed as he yanked hard on her breast, pulling her towards the cup and aiming her nipple into it. The tip of her nipple briefly touched the hot coffee inside, and she squeaked at the burning pain.

Then Edward began to squeeze her boob in a milking motion. Tayla started to cry, but as had been the case that morning and the night before, no milk came out.

“Apologise for being a bad cow and ask to be punished,” he told her.

“What?” she said, surprised. Ask for it? Ask for him to hit her tits with his shoe? She couldn’t do that….

“It’s four strikes if you ask for it properly,” he said. “And twelve if you don’t. I won’t remind you to ask for it in future, so you’d best practice now.”

Her mind whirled. Four strikes if she asked, twelve if she didn’t? She couldn’t take being hit in the breasts 12 times with his shoe. They were already in so much pain…

“I’m sorry,” she breathed, trying to come up with the right words – the words that would stop Edward from hurting her. “I’m sorry for being a bad cow. Please punish me.”

“Be specific,” said Edward.

“Please beat my tits with your shoe,” Tayla gasped.

“Beat your what?” asked Edward.

Tayla didn’t understand at first – and then she did. “Beat my udders with your shoe,” she corrected herself.

Edward smiled, and rested her breasts on the edge of the table. Then he took off his shoe, lifted it, and – WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK.

Tayla had thought she was crying before, but now she was wailing. Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Edward was just looking at her. He looked irritated. He looked like he might hit her again.

She choked back her tears, and tried to compose herself. Edward wouldn’t like her crying. She had to stop crying. And there was something else – something else he wanted….

She remembered. She crawled over and kissed Edward’s cock through his pants. “Thank you for beating my udders, sir,” she said. And then, because she was still crying a bit and he still looked irritated, she added, “I’m sorry I’m such a bad cow.”

It seemed to be enough. Or at least, he didn’t strike her tits again.

At dinner she was once again given a place at Edward’s feet, impaled on the thick dildo. She felt just as humiliated as before as she worked it into her pussy. And once again, Edward fed her from his cock. He exposed his erect penis, and balanced each scrap of Tayla’s food on the tip of his dick, or wrapped it around the shaft, and Tayla would lean forward and lick it off his cock while still bouncing on the thick dildo.

Between mouthfuls, the Sheriff told her to tell the story of her rape again, with a focus on new details. Wet-cunted, humiliated, sore-titted, it was hard for Tayla to separate truth from reality and remember what was real and what wasn’t. She told the Rutmans how she had masturbated to the fantasy of being raped by “Liam” every night for a month before it happened, and how she had stroked Liam’s cock in the nightclub and whispered “rape me” in his ear prior to their encounter in the alley. She blushed at the knowledge of what a disgusting teasing slut she had been, and how she had deserved her rape and impregnation.

Once again the dinner ended with Edward grabbing Tayla’s hair and pulling her down on his cock, and facefucking her as she struggled to breathe until at last he ejaculated into her mouth. Tayla swallowed his cum obediently, and when he released her, she kissed the tip of his cock, and thanked him for feeding her.

Her hope was that after dinner, she might be allowed to retreat to her dog bed, and escape the humiliations of her day, and let her tits recover from their painful treatment.

But her hopes were dashed when the Sherriff stood from his chair after he finished eating.

“That was a fine meal, Bessie,” he said. “Excellent work.”

Bessie blushed with pleasure.

“And now,” he continued, “it’s about time we started living up to our obligations in relation to young Snowball here – getting her ready for a smooth, healthy birthing.” He reached down and grabbed Tayla by her hair, pulling her painfully to her feet, the dildo popping out of her pussy and bouncing back and forth as Tayla rose.

“Come along, young lady,” he said. “It’s time for us to take your measurements…”


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