Other bars in the city advertised for “front-of-house staff”. But Gregory Beale, the owner of the Honey Market nightclub, advertised for “bar sluts”.

The cost of living was high, and jobs were in short supply, so women eagerly applied for the demeaning position. And once they got the job, they discovered the dress code.

It was illegal in Gregory’s city to employ topless bartenders – but if the “bar sluts” suffered “wardrobe malfunctions” that exposed their tits to the customers, that was no-one’s fault but their own. And in fact, Gregory could dock the pay of any girl who suffered such an accident, and claim he was doing it to enforce the city’s decency standards.

So, naturally, the bartending uniforms were little more than a loosely-anchored strip of cloth that hung across the girl’s tits. It didn’t cover much of their breasts in the best of circumstances, and whenever a girl leant forward to pass a customer their drink, she risked having her tits bounce free of the garment entirely.

Gregory made sure to hire the girls who were most embarrassed by this – he loved their humiliation as they repeatedly exposed their fuckbags to the paying customers, unable to stop it from happening, repeatedly objectifying themselves in a way they couldn’t prevent.

Most girls exposed themselves so many times in a night that Gregory’s “fines” exceeded the money they’d made by working. They found themselves sinking further into debt with Gregory the longer they worked.

Gregory wasn’t a monster. He offered them ways out of their difficulty.

Firstly, they could always pay off their debt by offering him a blowjob. If they gave him satisfying head at the end of the night, they could actually come out with a small profit for the night. Of course, only one girl could take up this offer per night, so the employees would spend the night competing jealously for the privilege of being the one to swallow Gregory’s cum at the end of the night.

And as for the outfits themselves – well, Gregory did offer the use of small, tight clamps. With these, a girl could directly connect the inner fabric of the top to her nipple, so it would never completely slide off her tits. The clamps were very painful, and it was obvious to the customers that the girl was wearing them, but it was better than exposing her boobs – with the associated fines that would bring.

Or alternatively, they could take advantage of Gregory’s “hospitality sponsorship” to get their breasts upsized into giant fake melons. The cut of the uniforms meant that the bigger your tits were, the less likely the outfit was to slide off them completely. Few girls were eager to take this path – it left them looking like a complete sex doll, that no man would take seriously. But for girls who got far enough into debt with Gregory, they no longer had the choice to say no. It was either get the surgery, or face the thuggish “debt collectors” that Gregory employed for recalcitrant girls.

The surgery left them further in debt, of course, even though Gregory paid half of the costs. Gregory offered them one further solution to pay off their debt – stop taking birth control, and then fuck him unprotected. He would cancel five hundred dollars of their debt every time he ejaculated inside them. The girls, who had already been selected for their shyness and insecurity, often cried as he fucked them, which was just how Gregory liked it.

Some girls got lucky, and paid off their debt without getting pregnant. Some of these kept working at the bar. Others left, while they had the chance.

But more often, a girl would find herself pregnant to Gregory before she had paid off her debt. Gregory informed her that she was to keep the child – or face his debt collectors – but also that she could no longer work at the bar.

Unemployed, with the costs of pregnancy ahead of her, the girl would become desperate, often begging Gregory for mercy, or offering to let him perform even more extreme and degrading sex acts on her. Gregory would take up these offers, and then inform the girl of his final mercy.

And the girl would learn that Gregory ran a very particular illegal brothel on the side – a brothel for men who had a taste for fucking unwilling pregnant sluts. And for a girl who was desperate, there was money to be made…


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