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“What does this ‘testing’ involve?” asked Vice – and not without some anxiety. He had no problem with dominating and raping the girls of his castaway harem, but he still had no real idea of the limits of the Galliard philosophy, or what its full consequences might be for his captive women. 

“A few simple questions of each of your bitches,” said Female Pig. “Then they must demonstrate that they know their role in life, and you must demonstrate that you know how to treat them. My masters have allowed me to judge the results.”

“And what happens if they fail – if we fail?” asked Vice.

“There will, of course, be no consequences for a male such as yourself,” said Female Pig. “But if the women fail, my masters will come for them, and take them away for a more thorough education.”

Vice felt himself tense up. He knew that, whatever happened, he would not allow that. These were his women, and he would fight for them, if it came to that.

But he also knew it would be far easier if they simply passed the test.

Outside, it was beginning to seem like the worst of the storm may have passed. The furious intensity of earlier was easing into a heavy rhythmic drumming of rain, and the wind no longer threatened to drown out the voices of the humans huddled in the cave.

“Very well,” said Vice. “Where do we begin?”

Female Pig looked around, and settled on Telea. “This one.”

Telea had been sitting, and she immediately moved into a kneeling position, her back straight, her nude tits thrust forward proudly, an attentive expression on her face. She looked for all the world like a schoolgirl eager to become a teacher’s pet – albeit that her school uniform had clearly gone missing somewhere.

Female Pig knelt opposite her, her gaze fixed on Telea’s tits. Telea immediately took the hint, and directed her own eyes at the Galliard woman’s breasts, remembering that the Galliard held them to be a more important part of a woman than the face.

“My first question is this,” asked Female Pig. “What is your nature?”

Telea *was* a good student, driven to learn and to please her teachers, no matter what the subject matter was, and she knew the answer to this. “I am a parasite that feeds on sperm,” she said immediately.

“Good,” said Female Pig. “And tell me, what is the nature of pain in a bitch?”

Telea had to think a little harder. What she had read of the Book of Galliard hadn’t specifically addressed this, but she could extrapolate from what she did know.

“It’s natural,” she said. “And educational for the bitch. And funny for men, and entertaining, and arousing.”

“Good,” said Female Pig. “Now, you are to demonstrate to your master that you place his entertainment above your own life.” She turned to Vice. “And you are to demonstrate that you know how to treat women as animals and objects, and that you are aroused by doing so.”

Vice’s cock was still out from fucking Laurel, and he felt it stiffening again as Female Pig spoke. Despite everything, he *was* aroused by dominating and mistreating these women, and being encouraged to do so.

“What do I do?” asked Telea, speaking to Female Pig.

“Surely you know,” said Female Pig. “If you do not, you will fail.”

Telea looked at Vice – and there was pure love in her eyes. She wanted to pass the test, not for her own sake, but for his. He was the man who had taken her virginity, had shown her the joy of submission, and she wanted to please him.

“Hurt me,” she whispered. “Make me cry. You think I’m prettier when I’m crying. My tears make you hard. Do it. Make me cry.”

She was right. And Vice found himself torn. He *did* care for Telea, and part of him wanted to caress her, and protect her. But part of him also knew that her tears would arouse him – and the process of causing those tears would be equally arousing.

So he stepped forward, and caressed her face – and then slapped her, hard. As she recoiled, he slapped her again.

“Cry for me, you dumb cunt,” he snarled. He grabbed one of her tits in a painful grip, and then slapped it with the other hand – one, two, three times. Then he pushed apart her knees with his foot, and kicked her in the cunt, hard.

She gasped, clearly unprepared for the savagery, and he took advantage of her open mouth to grab her hair with one hand and force her face down on his cock. He pushed his now-erect dick deep into her throat, making her gag, and began to skullfuck her with no regard for her own comfort or pleasure. And as he fucked her, he slapped her cheek with his other hand.

Telea was a good girl. There was not a hint of resistance, or of teeth, no matter how hard he slapped her.

When he felt her begin to sob around his cock, and felt her tears running down her cheeks and wettening his hand as he slapped her, he knew he was done. He very much wanted to keep fucking her mouth until he came, but he knew he might need his erection for the rest of the testing, so he instead he pushed her off him.

She fell to the ground, sobbing.

“You don’t deserve my cum, you stupid bitch,” Vice spat.

It was a lie – he felt that Telea very much *did* deserve his cum, and his affection, and more. She was the best and most beautiful of his women. But the cruel words had the intended effect, and Telea sobbed even harder, curling up into a ball.

“Anything else?” asked Female Pig, staring at Vice’s hard cock.

Vice thought. There were *two* crying women now. Laurel was still weeping from her treatment of him before. He would prefer not to listen to either woman cry – and that gave him an idea.

“Laurel, come and lick Telea’s cunt, and make Telea lick yours,” he told her. “Be a good bitch and don’t argue, or else the Galliard will take you away. It’s important for bitches to learn to cum while crying.”

Laurel clearly did not want to do as she was told, but she clearly preferred to remain Vice’s slave over becoming the unknown degradations of the Galliards, so she awkwardly moved across the cave, and encouraged Telea to uncurl from her foetal position and spread her legs. Soon the two women were entwined in a nude 69, and their tears were muffled by each other’s cunts as they licked each other into silence.

“Now this one,” said Female Pig, moving to stand in front of Victoria.

Victoria cringed away, clearly afraid of what was coming, which made Vice worried. He hoped she would pass this test.

“My question to you must be answered immediately, without hesitation,” said Female Pig. “A good bitch knows the answer to this deep within herself, and can say it without thinking. Do you understand?”

Victoria nodded.

“Just… answer instinctively, Victoria,” said Vice. “The first thing that comes to your head. Don’t second-guess yourself.”

She nodded again – clearly grateful for the support from Vice.

“My question is this,” said Female Pig. “What three changes should you make to your life to be a better bitch?”

Victoria’s mouth hung open – and for a moment Vice was sure Victoria would have no answer, or would refuse to say the answer she was thinking of.

But after only a split second, Victoria spoke. “My tits should be bigger, to please Vice,” she said. “I should be more submissive, to please Vice. I should rape the other girls more, to please Vice.” She blushed as she said this, and Vice wasn’t sure these answers were honest, but they had at least been swift, and in the right general area of ideas.

Female Pig smiled. “Very good,” she said. “And now prove that you know the place of women, as your fellow bitch did.”

Victoria looked back and forth between Vice and Female Pig, and Vice genuinely wondered what she would do. She had never been very forthcoming in promoting her own degradation.

Then, suddenly, she lunged at Female Pig. She grabbed the Galliard girl’s arms, and forced her down to the floor of the cave.

“Victoria!” yelled Vice, outraged. “What are you doing?”

Victoria moved to kneel over Female Pig’s face, her cunt over the girl’s mouth, her body oriented to face towards the girl’s cunt. She slapped Female Pig in the pussy. “Lick me, bitch,” she snarled. Then she looked up at Vice.

“Come and rape her,” she said. “I’m doing what good bitches should, right? I’m raping other girls for your amusement, and helping you to rape them. And it doesn’t matter that she’s Galliard – she’s a woman, and you want to fuck her, and nothing else matters. You should fuck her.”

Her hands were squeezing Female Pig’s balloon-sized tits with painful force, and Vice realised that she was right. This *was* consistent with Galliard teachings – and it was also a clever way for Victoria to get out of having to encourage her *own* rape and beating.

And Female Pig was barely struggling, instead submissively licking at Victoria’s nude pussy.

Vice lifted Female Pig’s legs, and placed a pack of supplies under her ass, raising her pussy upwards so that her body was at angle slanting down towards Victoria. Then he knelt between her legs and pushed his cock into her cunt, and began to rape her. 

It felt amazing. The Galliard girl’s cunt squeezed and milked his cock like no pussy he had ever fucked before. He wondered if the Galliard had literally used their genetic engineering to breed a more enjoyable kind of cunt to rape. And he found it squeezed him harder when Female Pig was in pain, so soon he was slapping at the bitch’s breasts as though they were drums, rewarded for each new agony he inflicted on Female Pig with a delicious squeezing of his dick.

He leaned forward and kissed Victoria as they raped Female Pig together, and he found it was the closest he had felt to the spoiled rich bitch since he had met her. Her lips were soft and salty, and it was fun to share in the abuse of the Galliard girl, with no concern for her consent or even her humanity, knowing it was the natural order of things on this world. 

It was a dynamic he could definitely get used to.

Soon Victoria was shuddering in the throes of an orgasm from Female Pig’s tongue, and Vice took it as a good time to reluctantly pull out of the bitch’s cunt, still not having cum. He still had two women to test.

Female Pig was shaking when Victoria climbed off her. “I wasn’t expecting that,” she admitted, Victoria’s cunt juices still shining wetly on her face.

Vice slapped her. “No one cares what you think,” he told her – even as he noted that she responded to his slap with a sudden flush of involuntary arousal. He could tell that she approved of his behaviour – and of Victoria’s. This test had been passed.

Over to the side, Telea made a small whimpering noise, and he looked across to see her cumming from Laurel’s tongue. Her tears had largely abated now, swept away by sexual pleasure and the comfort of her fellow female castaway.

“Laurel,” said Vice. “You’re next.”

Laurel crawled over to kneel before Vice and Female Pig. She shot Vice a quick look with a clear meaning – “I hate this”. He replied with a stern expression of his own. This was a bad time for her to be difficult, bitchy or bratty.

“Again, I want an answer quickly,” said Female Pig. “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” nodded Laurel.

“What permanent thing should your master do to you, to most entertain him and most degrade you?” 

Laurel opened her mouth – and was silent. Too silent, for too long. She flushed with embarrassment. Had she not been able to think of anything? Or had she thought of something, but was unwilling to say it.

Female Pig frowned, and opened her mouth to speak.

“He should teach me!” Laurel blurted out. “Teach me my name is Cunt. Make it my only name. Make me hate the name Laurel. Make me ashamed of it. Please. That’s my answer.”

Female Pig was still frowning, but she appeared to accept the answer. “Very well,” she said. “And your demonstration of your place?”

Laurel looked at Vice. She seemed genuinely desperate – scared by her delay in responding to the test question. “Please fuck me again,” she begged. “I mean, rape me. Rape my pussy again. Don’t let the Galliard take me – please. Rape me.” She spread her legs invitingly as she spoke.

Female Pig looked at Vice.

Vice sighed. “No,” he said. “I still have Amy to test, and I’ve already raped you once today. Don’t be greedy, Cunt. You get raped when I want to rape you, not when you want to be raped.” And he spat on her. The surprised, humiliated look in her eyes at his refusal to fuck her was delightful.

This all appeared to satisfy Female Pig, who turned away from Laurel to look at the last of the girls – Amy.

“This one needs to be raped,” said Female Pig, “in order to treat the Cuntroot infection. You still have the device?”

Vice did. He held up the elongated spiked cock ring, Female Pig took it from him, knelt, and pushed it onto his cock. It stretched slightly to accommodate his girth, and once in place it covered the majority of his shaft. Vice reached down to stroke the flexible spikes that covered the cock ring. As he had thought, they were perfectly designed to cause agonising pain to the inside of a woman’s pussy, without actually doing any damage.

“Her test is simple,” said Female Pig. “She is to beg for her rape, and then orgasm from receiving it.”

Amy cowered from the painful-looking cock ring, and looked up at Vice with a mute appeal for mercy in her eyes.

“Amy, you know you need this,” Vice told her. “You’ve been infected by the Cuntroot for more than 24 hours. If you don’t cum soon, it will begin having a permanent effect on your intelligence, and the infection means you can only cum from quite serious pain in your cunt. The ring will simulate the barbed spines of the vine, and let you find release. Be a good girl and beg for it.”

“It’s going to hurt!” objected Amy, her knees tightly pressed together to protect her pussy.

“I know,” said Vice. “And it’s going to be fun for me to hurt you. You want me to have fun, don’t you?” He cast a significant look at Female Pig as he said this, to remind Amy who they were performing for.

Amy had tears in her eyes, but she did what she needed to do. “Please, fuck me,” she whispered. And then, in a louder voice, “Please rape me sir. Hurt my cunt. Fuck me and let me cum.”

Vice gave no response. She could beg harder than that.

“Please,” pleaded Amy. “Please rape me.” She spread her legs, and reached down to spread her pussy lips invitingly. “Make me cum from pain. I need you to rape me, sir. Please.”

Vice figured that was enough. He picked Amy up bodily, and bent her over a large waist-height rock, tits down, ass out. He pushed her legs apart, stepped between them, and began to push his cock into her vagina.

She gasped with pleasure as the tip of his cock parted her cunt lips – and then screamed as the spined length of the cock ring followed it. She tensed up as if she might struggle – and then made a visible effort to relax, knowing that Female Pig expected good bitches to submit to pain.

Vice began to fuck her. He grabbed a handful of her red hair for leverage, and used it to pull her tight against his cock. Every thrust made her squeal or scream – and yet, despite the obvious agony she was experiencing, her pussy was sopping wet for him. Vice didn’t know if that was the effect of the Cuntroot, or the lake water, or Amy’s natural slutty urges, but it felt delicious to know that she was aroused by her painful rape, and it was intensely enjoyable to know that every thrust that brought him pleasure caused her misery in equal measure.

He looked over and saw that Telea, Victoria and Laurel were all masturbating. He felt a moment of pride that they had all recalled their teachings, and remembered they were supposed to rub their pussies when they saw a woman being raped. Victoria and Laurel looked ashamed, as if they didn’t want to be staring at Amy’s painful violation, but Telea had an expression of rapt adoration on her face as she watched Vice abuse her fellow castaway.

Female Pig, meanwhile, was kneeling behind Vice. He could feel her huge tits brush the back of his legs, and then her hand passed between his legs to lightly cup and fondle his balls as he fucked Amy. A moment later he felt her face press against her asscheeks, and gasped with pleasure as she began to do her best to lick his asshole – difficult, given his position and the thrusting of his hips, but apparently not wholly impossible.

Vice decided that Telea may look the prettiest of the four girls while crying, but Amy’s sobs were definitely the sexiest misery-sounds of any of his harem. Every choked, violated gasp she let out made his cock harder, and when she screamed like she was begging for him to stop he couldn’t help but pull her hair harder and sink his dick deeper inside her.

And then, suddenly, she was cumming – and squirting, all over his cock and over Female Pig’s hand. As he felt Amy experiencing a humiliating orgasm from her abuse, he let go himself, and began spurting hot cum deep into the former teen popstar’s unprotected womb.

When he was done, he pulled out, and wiped his cock clean on Female Pig’s face. He slapped the Galliard girl again, too, just for the enjoyment of understanding that he could, and shoved his cock into her mouth for her to suck the last cum and cunt juices off it.

As he looked around the room, he could see that the testing had been educational for the girls as well. They were finally coming to understand that being raped was the normal sexual experience for a woman on Persephone Nine, that it would happen to them often, that Vice enjoyed it, and that providing Vice with that enjoyment was a core part of their purpose in life. They were beginning to realise the truth of the Galliard teachings on a visceral level – that they were little more than moving objects for Vice to rape and ejaculate into.

Outside, the rain was finally beginning to stop.

“So,” he said to Female Pig. “Did we pass?”

She smiled, and said, “I will take your results to my Masters. And when you return to the beach, I will come again, with some rewards for you.”

But there was something in her eyes which rang an alarm bell in Vice. They *hadn’t* all passed. One of them had failed – and Vice was sure it was Laurel (or, rather, “Cunt”), with her painfully delayed response to the question Female Pig had asked her.

Vice didn’t know what that would mean. But he knew it wouldn’t be without consequences.

Once they got back to the beach, they would need to start preparing. Because the Galliard would be coming for Laurel. And Vice didn’t intend to let them take her.


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