Kelly’s Master had been searching for the perfect decoration to use as a centrepiece for the lounge room, but one afternoon, after stripping Kelly naked and pushing her to the ground, he realised he had owned an excellent decoration all along.

Tits down, ass up, cunt exposed, Kelly had only the most basic view of what was happening around her, but her exposed anus and fuckhole were the centre of everyone’s attention.

He kept her like that for two weeks as guests stared at her and stepped carefully around her. She was referred to only as “the decoration” or “the cunt”, and the only physical interaction she received was when he once, briefly pushed the cold recently-refrigerated neck of a beer bottle into her fuckhole to store it for a few moments while he moved his favourite armchair closer to the TV.

In those moments, as she realised she was nothing but a life support system for that cunt, and that the cunt was being used as nothing more than a glorified coaster, she realised with deep happiness that she had finally found her proper role in life.


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