Iga liked to game, so her boyfriend told her that she would spend her birthday videogaming – but she had to follow his rules. 

She played competitively, online, the voice chat channel playing via headphone in her ears, her boyfriend watching and taking note of her wins and losses. 

Every time someone degraded her over chat, she had to rub her cunt for three seconds, no more or less. Every time she lost a match she had to remove an item of clothing. Once she was naked, every loss meant he would send a picture of her naked body to one of her friends and add three strikes to the number of times he was going to whip her tits with his belt that night. 

At first it was awful, but then her cunt started getting wet from being regularly touched, and after that she started to welcome the abuse as another chance to rub her needy pussy. The three seconds was never long enough to cum, so she just got hornier and hornier. 

By lunch she was seeking out the abuse, encouraging it. He watched as she changed her username to “FuckKitten89″, just so people would be quicker to insult her. By 2 pm she wasn’t even trying to win anymore. She would enter the match, put down the controller, and wait to be berated so that she could fingerfuck herself…

At 5 pm, he told her it was over. She had racked up 73 losses, which meant he would be sending nude pictures of her to 73 people she knew, including her parents and both brothers, and she would be getting over 200 strikes to her tits from his belt. (He graciously offered to spread them over four nights, so as to keep her tit-flesh bruised but intact.)

“But can I cum?” she asked him, blank-eyed.

“I’ll give you a choice, Iga,” he told her. “I can fuck you tonight until we both cum, after you’ve had your first 50 tit-beltings and we’ve sent out your photos. Or you can go without cumming – I’ll handcuff your hands behind your back for the night so you can’t play with yourself – and you’ll have no further stimulation. And if you choose that second option – no orgasm – I’ll show mercy and not send the photos, and only give you half as many tit-whippings.”

She moaned, and looked at him pleadingly, but in the end there was no real question what she was going to choose. 

“Please fuck me, Master,” she begged. “Please. I’ll send a photo of my pussy to my father and my brothers, and then you can whip my tits – just please let me cum…”


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