Originally, the women’s dorms and men’s dorms on campus had allowed free entry of all students to their common areas. However, after some incidents of men harassing women in the women’s dorms, the students had been allowed to set conditions of entry, and discriminate on grounds of gender. The girls promptly used it to bar men from their common areas entirely.

However, some months later a fire in the women’s laundry destroyed all their washers and dryers. Wealthy alumni of the men’s dorms offered to immediately finance a new coin operated laundry for the women, as long as they would sign an agreement to use no other laundry until their coins had paid off the cost of the investment. The girls gratefully agreed.

The catch was that the new laundry was attached to the men’s dorms. And the men immediately set conditions of entry for women who wanted to use it. First, their tits had to be exposed while on premises, to provide something for the men to look at. Second, the men didn’t want to hear anything the girls had to say, so they would have to have their mouth full of cum at all times while on premises, and be prepared to open their mouth to show the semen within on demand. And third, the men would inspect each load of washing, and destroy any clothes they found they didn’t approve of.

Some of the women tried to hold out for a while. A couple were caught hand-washing their clothes or using off-campus laundries, and were expelled. In the end, the women submitted, and it became normal to go down to the men’s dorms, give one of the men a blowjob, and then quietly do washing while holding a pool of cum in their mouths. The men weeded out the women’s less slutty clothes over time, until they had nothing to wear but slutwear.

The men deemed it a tremendous success, and were already planning what to ask for when the next mysterious fire would burn the women’s showers and toilets next week…


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