Darcy said she was a lesbian, but once you got to know her it became clear that she had a type. Nothing turned her on more than a girl who was sleeping with Darcy’s father.

As soon as her father took a new pretty teen girlfriend, Darcy would be all over her, and when she had inevitably seduced the cute little thing, her first priority would be spreading the girl’s legs and pushing her tongue deep into the fuckhole that her father had so recently filled with his sperm.

When her father eventually came to understand Darcy’s proclivities, it became easier for her. He’d send the girls straight from his bedroom to hers when he was done fucking them, their cunts still dripping cum and ready for her eager tongue. Or the ones who didn’t fancy themselves bisexual, he would hold down for her, letting her have her way with the squirming beauties whether they wanted it or not…


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