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Slut-Queen Kissy awoke in the middle of the night, to find the elven Princess Eredethi standing beside her.

“The time has come, mistress,” Eredethi said. “Your revenge is at hand. Follow me.”

Princess Kissy smiled – a cruel smile. She rose, and kissed the elf on the lips – a passionate tongue-kiss. 

When the kiss ended, she looked in her slave-lover’s eyes, and said, “At last.”


For months, Kissy had barely felt human. She was aroused all the time. The Gartish ambassador had been raping her daily, hoping to impregnate her with a Gartish heir. When she wasn’t being raped, she was either masturbating wantonly in front of her subjects while watching the abuse and exploitation of women, or else she had her big-titted elven slave-princess Eredethi nude between her legs, obediently licking her pussy.

At night, she slept in a 69 with the elf, so that the stimulation of her cunt could continue. Elves did not need sleep, so Eredethi could continue to service Kissy’s fuckhole all night long. Kissy dreamt erotic, degrading dreams about rape and humiliation, and woke to find herself orgasming against her elven slave’s face several times each night.

Kissy knew the Gartish ambassador had hoped that Kissy would lose respect for her new elven slave, and see her as nothing but a sex toy. But instead, the reverse occurred. The deal Kissy had made with the elves made Princess Eredethi her sole, exclusive slave, forbidden from being used by men. That made Eredethi the only thing in all the world that was just for Kissy now – and as such, she came to cherish the elf deeply.

She had to be cruel to Eredethi in public, of course, and made sure to come up with some new sexual degradation to subject the elf to in front of the royal court each day. And it was true that the sexual abuse of Eredethi made Kissy very wet. But at night, their shared cunnilingus became more and more loving, and they whispered intimate secrets to each other in the darkness.

It was at the end of the first month that Eredethi proposed the plan, as they lay in the darkness of Kissy’s bedchamber.

“Mistress,” she breathed into Kissy’s ear as she fingered Kiss’s cunt, “do you want your revenge upon the Gartish?”

“Of course I do,” gasped Kissy, lying nude, her legs spread, her breasts heaving, feeling herself close to orgasm.

“Which is more important to you?” asked Eredethi. “That the women of your country are protected from sexual abuse – or that you have revenge on the Gartish, and your kingdom have self-determination?”

Kissy barely had to think about it. Honestly, she couldn’t truly picture a version of Terna where women weren’t routinely raped anymore. What would she watch while masturbating, in such a world? Would she still be able to keep a cunt-slave in such a world? Would she be able to play with her pussy in public in such a world?

The decision was easy.

“Revenge,” she purred.

Eredethi smiled. “Then I may have a plan, mistress.” She pushed her fingers deeper into Kissy’s vagina, and Kissy gasped. “You know that I am the high priestess of the Elves – the Promised Virgin. But do you understand our religion?”

Kissy shook her head. “No,” she admitted.

“I serve the God of Light, Alamindel,” said Eredethi. “But my status as the Promised Virgin has meaning too. It means I hold closed the seal on the prison of the Dark Lord, Gorad, the Demon of Rape. As long as I keep my legs closed, I keep his prison closed. But if I was to be violated by a man, the seals on his prison would break.”

“Why are you telling me this?” asked Kissy. 

“Gorad is a dark and terrible god,” said Eredethi, “but he can be pleased. Our people have never contemplated it, because what he wants is so appalling – the rape and sexual abuse of women on a societal scale. But here in Terna, that is already happening.”

Eredethi leaned in close and whispered in Kissy’s ear. “Mistress, it may be that he can be *bargained with*. He might be an *ally* – an ally who could free your people from the Gartish – and mine as well.”

Kissy thought of all the women in Terna being raped and abused. She thought about condoning that – encouraging that – for the pleasure of a *demon*….

She orgasmed.

And when she had stopped shaking, she whispered, “What must we do?”


It was easier than she could have imagined.

The first step was merely to intensify the degradation of women in Terna that was already taking place. She suggested them to the Gartish ambassador each day as he raped her, in ways that made them think they were his idea. Then he would take delight in “forcing” Kissy to enact them.

She passed a law changing the legal definition of women from “human” to “cattle”, standing nude in front of her people while having her breasts painfully milked by a peasant boy.

She passed a law making women wholly responsible for the sexual satisfaction of nearby males – it became a crime to not bring a man’s erect cock to orgasm. Then a week later she extended the law to apply to the erections of male dogs and horses.

She passed a law forbidding women from owning money or property, and requiring them to only pay for food and lodging in “rape tokens”, which they would be given one of by a man each time they were raped by him. Most women needed to be raped eight times a week to earn enough food and shelter to live.

She declared four annual public holidays for women to celebrate their degradation and oppression, requiring them to sing, dance and create art that glorified their rape and abuse. (With Eredethi’s help, she designed these celebrations to take the form of ancient prayers to Gorad, the Demon of Rape.)

She created no less than five new sports and hobbies for the men of Terna (and their Gartish occupiers) that centred around the rape and abuse of women. 

And finally, she made it a crime for any woman in Terna to be happy for any reason other than that she had pleased a man, had been humiliated, or had been raped.

As she sat in the Ternish stadium at the mid-season Rapeball championships, publicly nude and masturbating while drinking a milkshake of semen contributed by the palace stablehands, watching a player for the Gartish team sink his cock into the unwilling pussy of the unfortunate “ball”, she was almost disappointed when Eredethi leaned over and whispered in her ear that she had done enough.

She had so many more ideas for the women of Terna.

But they would have to wait.


The date they chose was the Festival of the Cunt. It was one of the new holidays that Kissy had designed in collaboration with the Gartish Ambassador. It was a national day of recognition of the inferiority of females. All women throughout the nation were required to keep their cunt exposed for the day, to use special “Kissy Clips” to pin their labia to their inner thighs and thereby keep their cunts spread, and to clip small silver bells to their clitoris.

Throughout the day, women would apologise to men for their cunts, and ask men to inspect their pussies and give them criticism. Vulva-shaped pinatas were hung in the streets, and children would beat them with sticks or belts to get at the candy inside. Street vendors sold devices for abusing and torturing women’s genitals, and women were expected to buy them and give them to men as gifts. Cunt-shaped garbage bins were erected to receive the rubbish discarded by festival-goers.  

There was a public parade through the capital, led by impressively-dressed Gartish soldiers, and accompanied by crawling bitch-girls from Clemence and chariots pulled by nude pony-girls from Gusset Hill. A large float displayed naked cow-girls, on all fours, attached to forceful milking machines and commanded to moo loudly for the enjoyment of the crowd. Particularly large-titted girls in the crowd were grabbed by the soldiers and impressed into dairy service on the spot.

At night there would be competitions among girls to receive the coveted title of “Least Disappointing Cunt”, and men would share stories and commentary with each other about their womenfolk’s pussies.

Kissy spent most of the day posing for a new portrait. She lounged on her throne, nude but for the royal crown, a jewelled necklace, and a pair of high heels. On the Ambassador’s instructions, Eredethi had wedged a small bouquet of Night’s Bell – the national flower – into Kissy’s cunt, along with a thick Ternish sausage – the national food. Her cunt distended with these unusual objects, Kissy idly stroked her clitoris and fondled her tits. The portrait-painter had masturbated over her before starting work, and his dried cum was still visible on her cheeks and lower lip. The Ambassador had assured her that the resulting painting would capture the spirit of the Ternish nation, would be hung prominently over her throne, and would be the image by which she was remembered down through history.

Prince Tanethor of the Elves – Eredethi’s brother – had been ordered to attend the festival, and had arrived at court that morning. He had brought his other sister, the lesbian warrior-princess Celesiri, with him, and the Gartish ambassador had been pleased to see that the uppity elven bitch was now kept nude and leashed at Tanethor’s side. Better yet, the red-haired whore’s belly was swollen with pregnancy – the incestuous child of her brother, no doubt. The rumour was that while it may have taken Gartish threats to force Tanethor to start raping his sister, he had quickly become quite accustomed to her sexual services, and now happily treated her as is his own personal cum-toilet.

But Kissy was pleased to notice that a defiant, angry spark was still visible in Celesiri’s eyes, which hadn’t been quenched by rape, pregnancy, or being forced to crawl nude on all fours.

Right now, Prince Tanethor was seated across the court from Kissy. A human girl knelt between his legs, sucking on his cock, as Tanethor watched the day’s entertainment. And that entertainment was the lesbian performance of his sisters. Kissy had asked the Gartish Ambassador if she might be able to watch the two elven sisters rape each other, and the Ambassador had agreed eagerly. Eredethi had cried when told what she must do, and Celesiri had protested and initially refused, until her brother had whipped her cunt and tits and reminded her of the fury the Gartish would visit on their homeland if she refused.

Now the two elven women were writhing on the floor, alternately tongue-kissing, cunt-licking, and pinching and abusing each other’s large tits. They had been told to cum as many times as possible and make the other girl cry for as much time as possible, with the losing girl being scheduled for further punishment, and the resulting spectacle had been entertaining for the whole court.

But more importantly, as the girls entwined with each other, it gave Eredethi a chance to whisper the plan she and Kissy had concocted into Celesiri’s ear. And afterwards, when Celesiri returned to her brother, to sit on his lap with his cock in her abused cunt, she was able to pass it along to him, too.

Tanethor and his sisters were not the only elves in the Ternish court. Under the terms of their deal with Terna and the Gartish Empire, the elves had sent thirty elven women each month to be raped by Gartish troops. Because elven women who were violated by mortal cocks were cursed to serve their rapists, those women had stayed to become their abusers’ sex-pets. In six months, the court had accumulated nearly 200 elven slave-whores – and all of these women were eager for revenge. Over the last few months, Kissy had sent Eredethi to “rape” as many of them as she could manage, and now the word had spread throughout the castle of what was to happen.


With the aid of the elven women, sneaking out of the castle that night was not difficult for Kissy. The Gartish guards were drunk, and occupied in raping Ternish women. Kissy and Eredethi slipped out of the castle and made their way to the Ternish Memorial – as close to a national church as the irreligious Ternish people possessed. 

In the rear of the Memorial was the Graveyard of Patriots. The tomb of Kissy’s mother lay here. Her mother had spent her entire life fighting for female rights, female empowerment, and Ternish independence. When she died, a beautiful, elegant statue of her had been placed on her tomb.

However, the Ambassador had had it torn down, and had it replaced by a new statue, depicting Kissy’s mother nude, on all fours, being fucked by a Gartish Rapehound. He had made the crying Kissy masturbate to orgasm while looking at it, every day for a fortnight, and Kissy now found herself confusingly picturing it often during other sexual activity as she neared her orgasm.

The elven women were already present and assembled in the graveyard. So were Prince Tanethor and Princess Celesiri. Red candles had been lit and placed among the graves. Ancient elven runes had been drawn in red paint on the naked bodies of the women.  

To one side stood a small horde of men – nearly 80 in total. They were Ternish patriots, every one. The elven women had found and recruited them, letting them know they could strike back against the Gartish oppressors – but also making it clear that their womenfolk would remain enslaved and accessible to rape, despite this. They now stood ready to take their part in the ritual.

“Are you sure you want to do this, sister?” asked Tanethor, as Eredethi and Kissy approached.

“It’s the only way, brother,” replied Eredethi. “Let Gorad’s rage damn all of these Gartish swine.”

Tanethor nodded in acceptance. “Very well.”

Kissy and Eredethi climbed up onto the marble surface of Kissy’s mother’s tomb, which was the height of a low table. They each lay on their back, their cunts facing opposite sides of the tomb, and held hands.

The elven women began to chant – a low, beautiful, ominous sound.

Tanethor took out his cock and moved between Eredethi’s legs. The first Ternish patriot moved to take a similar position with Kissy.

The chant became deeper, more sinister.

And Tanethor leaned forward and began to rape his sister – the Promised Virgin, the holy symbol of his people. As his cock speared into her virginal pussy, the man on Kissy’s side likewise began to rape his queen.

There was a roll of thunder overhead. A deep voice spoke inside Kissy’s head – and the heads of everyone else present.


“The Slut-Queen Kissy,” moaned Kissy, as the man raping her rhythmically pounded his cock into her cunt.

“Princess Eredethi, once the Promised Virgin, now the Perfect Whore,” said Eredethi at the same time. Her face was flushed, her nipples erect, and the wet sounds coming from between her legs suggested that she was enjoying being raped by her brother considerably more than Kissy had expected.

Kissy’s rapist groaned, and orgasmed, and ejaculated into her cunt. He stepped away, and another man took his place, sinking his cock into Kissy’s messy fuckhole.


Eredethi had drilled Kissy on what to say. “To be raped by men!” she moaned. 

“To be defiled as a fuckpig!” gasped Eredethi at the same time.

And then together, they said, “But also, to have revenge on the Gartish Empire, and freedom from their leash.”

Tanethor orgasmed into his sister’s cunt at this point. He motioned for Celesiri to step up and lick his royal sperm from Eredethi’s pussy, and when Celesiri was done she moved to her brother to suck his cock back to erection, ready to rape Eredethi again.


“The eternal enslavement to men of Ternish women,” said Kissy.

“The degradation and abuse of elven women,” said Eredethi.

“For mixed sexual pain and arousal to become the normal condition of Ternish women,” said Kissy.

“For the destiny of elven women to be as big-titted fuckdolls for men,” said Eredethi.

“For Ternish women to be leashed, kennelled, farmed and bred like animals,” said Kissy.

“For elven women to be fed on a diet of sperm and expected to rape each other for male amusement,” said Eredethi.

The man raping Kissy ejaculated, and a third man took his place.

There was a low chuckle from the voice in their heads.


Thunder cracked overhead, and lightning danced atop the distant mountains.

Tanethor stepped back between Eredethi’s legs and pushed his cock back into his sister’s cunt.

And all that night, they worked to feed rape to Gorad. All 80 Ternish men ejaculated into Kissy’s cunt before the night was through, although she was lucky to be at the infertile part of her cycle, and did not fall pregnant.

Tanethor put five loads of cum into Eredethi’s pussy, and one of them *did* impregnate her.

And in the morning, the curse of Gorad began to take hold.


Throughout Terna, the Gartish soldiers began to drop dead – instantly, painlessly, exactly where they stood. The Ambassador was the first to fall, his male servants were next, and it spread outwards from the capital in a dark wave of death.  

Within an hour, not a single living Gartish male stood within Terna’s borders.

And as the dark wave passed over Terna, the women of the nation felt it take hold of them – a sudden throb in their tits, a pulse in their cunts. A piece of Gorad lodged in every woman, corrupting them subtly. 

From now on, though a Ternish woman might struggle for equality and independence, the spark of Gorad would subconsciously sabotage her at every turn. She would find that every decision she made led her inevitably back to rape and enslavement. She would see that her every attempt to struggle only made her more enjoyable to rape and abuse. She would discover that attempting to resist the systems that enslaved her only made them operate more effectively.

And if all that failed, a woman would find that she had changed in other ways too. She would find that she could only orgasm from rape. She would find that as time passed from her last raping, her capacity for intelligent thought would slowly erode, until she was vacant and easy to re-victimise. 

Within the Elvish lands, the same curse spread, freeing the elves – but condemning their women to sexual slavery.


A month later, Kissy looked out over her kingdom, and was satisfied.

The Gartish Emperor had been furious, of course – but with so many of his soldiers killed in Terna, he had no resources with which to respond, even if he wished to confront the dark power of Gorad directly – which he didn’t.

The people of Terna would not respect a woman as their ruler, of course, particularly one as whorish as Kissy, unless a male held her leash. So in a public ceremony, Kissy had been wed to Prince Tanethor, uniting Terna with the elvish lands. The people of Terna attributed the defeat of the Gartish to Tanethor, and he was hailed as the Saviour of Terna. Kissy’s wedding was attended by thousands, and the people cheered when Tanethor slapped her face and publicly raped her after she took her vows, and cheered louder when he ordered Kissy to rape his two pregnant sisters for the enjoyment of the nation.

Tanethor’s sperm ended up achieving what neither the Gartish ambassador nor the Ternish patriots had – it impregnated Kissy, and soon she was swelling with a half-elven baby-bump. Every morning now she went with Celesiri and Eredethi to be milked nude in the town square and have her milk distributed amongst her subjects. To Kissy’s delight, she found her elven impregnation made her subject to the same curse that had befallen the elven women when the Gartish befouled their waters, and her tits were ballooning up to a lewd new size that befit her status as a royal sex-toy.

Every night, she shared her husband with his two sisters, working with the elven girls to sexually pleasure him. Sometimes they brought a Ternish girl into their bed to rape together. 

The painting of Kissy with her cunt stuffed hung proudly in the throne room, and a new statue of her having her tits whipped had been commissioned to stand outside the castle, for which Kissy had to pose for an hour every morning – whipping included. Tanethor told her that she would be remembered for a thousand years as the whore who sold Terna to the Gartish, and that he would be remembered as the good man who had tamed her and saved the nation. He made her masturbate to orgasm thinking about that, and Kissy found it surprisingly easy.

And as she lay in Tanethor’s bed late at night, contented from her rape orgasms, only one thought bothered her.

There were still women elsewhere in the world who walked free – who believed themselves to be deserving of rights and equality. Was it fair that they thought that, when Kissy had had to turn her entire nation into fuckdolls?

No, she thought. It wasn’t.

And she began to plan how to fix it.


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