Lana had always been destined by her genetics to develop naturally huge breasts, which would have been embarrassing for her under the best of circumstances. 

But in her early teens, just as her tits were beginning to develop, both of Lana’s parents were arrested and jailed for their participation in a shockingly extensive investment fraud, and Lana was sent to live with her conservative aunt Florence.

Florence hated Lana, and was uncomfortable with Lana’s prodigious breasts. She viewed them with a mix of jealousy and puritan anger.  She talked about them all the time, calling them “udders” and saying that “big udders make a slutty cow”.  She decorated Lana’s room in cow-themed wallpaper, and made a point of never referring to Lana as a “girl” in discussions with doctors or on paperwork, but instead always writing in Lana’s gender as “cow”.  

She refused to buy Lana clothes or school uniforms that fit properly.  They were always two sizes two small, simultaneously crushing Lana’s oversized tits, and causing them to bulge lewdly, stretching the material of her tops obscenely.  She would frequently apologise loudly for how large and whorish Lana’s breasts were, and eventually started making Lana do it herself.  Lana would introduce herself to guests, and then blushingly say, “I’m sorry for how large and slutty my udders are.”

 Sometimes she would make Lana come out into the main room of the house and undress.  From the instant Lana’s tits came into view, her aunt would play a recorded laugh track.  An audience of faceless voices would guffaw and hoot crudely from a speaker.  Her aunt would make Lana take a series of poses.  The more they emphasised her tits, the louder her aunt would turn up the laughter.  Then she would ask Lana questions, but when Lana tried to answer she would play the sound of a cow mooing loudly enough to drown out Lana’s voice.

Domestic punishments always involved beating Lana’s tits – usually with a belt, but sometimes with a cane.  These could come from laziness in chores, or rudeness, but they could also be incurred by not being sufficiently creative in her “special homework”.  This “special homework” involved Florence giving Lana pictures of other girls (“cows”) with similarly huge udders, and asking Lana to write a short essay about what these cows deserved.  Lana quickly came to appreciate the correct answers involved rape, humiliation, pain, and slavery, and she learned to be very creative in her ideas for abusing these big-titted women and in justifying why they deserved it because of their breast size.

Lana got presents on most public holidays from her aunt, and she would be made to open these in front of her friends.  These would inevitably be cowbell necklaces, cow tail butt plugs, nipple clamps, breast pumps, or volumes of big-breasted pornography, and she would be required to blushingly demonstrate her enjoyment of them before everyone.  Her aunt made her display each present prominently in her room, until her bedroom was nothing but a collection of sex toys and cow paraphernalia.

By the time Lana was 19, she was lactating from regular forced use of breast pumps, and her sexuality was inextricably tied to a mixture of shame, guilt and arousal around her breasts.  She felt a constant need to have her tits punished for their size, a sense of mortification over their whorish hugeness, and a knowledge that nevertheless the only worthwhile thing about her was her breasts and that she needed to keep them on display.

Her aunt by now ran a Tinder profile for Lana, and would make dates for her niece.  Men Lana had never met would come to the house and be shown to her bedroom, where they would find her bare-titted, wearing her cowbell choker and butt-plug.  Inevitably this would end in Lana being fucked, consensually or otherwise, and then her aunt would chastise her for being a slut and beat her tits as punishment.

Eventually, Lana’s aunt found a man who returned to fuck Lana multiple times.  She approved of this man, both because he only referred to Lana as “the cow”, and because he always left Lana crying when he was done.  She eventually negotiated to sell Lana to this man for a hefty sum, and following a quick trip to the government shop front to legally change Lana’s name to ”Fuck-Udders the Cow”, a confused Lana was put in the boot of the man’s car, and driven away to her new life on his farm…


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