Jasmine’s parents had made it clear that she *would* become a lawyer.  Her mother Ai had been a Japanese prostitute until she had met Jasmine’s father, and she was determined that her daughter get an actual degree.  Jasmine’s father George, by contrast, was a wealthy barrister, and was adamant that his daughter would follow in his footsteps.

So Jasmine went to college to study law.  But by the time she got there, societal attitudes had started to shift, and the law itself was changing.

She almost dropped out on the spot when she was given the first Female Citizen Safety Test.  The first question read, “What should you do if a man calls you a cunt?” and the answer turned out to be, “Say thank you.”  It was designed to stop the spread of feminist extremism on campus by identifying and expelling radical feminists.  She almost failed the test the first time around, but luckily worked out what answers it was looking for by the halfway point, and was able to correctly answer that her most worthwhile body part was her pussy and sort a list that included men, dogs, Fleshlights and women by “importance” so as to put women last.  

In the second half of the first year, the college introduced the new “female student data chip”, which was a small implant in the pussy of each girl on campus which fed data to a publicly accessible app about the woman’s location, state of arousal, and fertility cycle, for the male students to access and comment on.  In compliance with the new Women Are For Breeding Act (WAFBA), it also slow-released a drug that neutralised contraceptive medications and significantly raised her libido.  Male students would walk past her, looking at the app, and say, “Wow, your cunt is so wet right now, you’re such a whore!”  She found herself needing to masturbate in the college toilets two or three times a day – which of course was duly reported to the app, for the information of the rest of her class.

In her second year, the government passed laws that made rape legal where the victim had “provoked arousal or dressed in an undeniably sexual manner”.  At the same time, following a public plagiarism case involving several female students, the college began requiring women to submit their assignments to their professors in person and completely nude (so that their professors could identify them by their breasts and cunts).  Jasmine was raped by the first professor she presented an assignment to in this manner, and raped again on almost every assignment thereafter.  She got used to it.  When she was lucky, they used condoms.

Throughout this, Jasmine begged her parents to let her drop out of the degree.  But they were adamant – their daughter would be a lawyer, come hell or high water.

In the third year, the college introduced a dress code for female students.  High heels, short skirts, no panties, no bras, and painful clamps for the nipples.   The ensemble was topped off with a ring gag, that left the girls with their mouths forced open, drooling and unable to speak coherently.  The college felt this made them much more pleasant in class.

Most lectures stopped letting female students have seats in the lecture hall, instead providing a large dog cage at the front of the hall for them to crawl into for the duration, and listen to the lecture while pressed up against their horny female classmates.  Jasmine found it impossible to take notes like this, and so opted for the other alternative – sitting on the lap of a male classmate.  The boy so chosen would inevitably expose his erect cock for Jasmine to sit on, and Jasmine would try to pay attention to the lecture as the boy bounced her up and down on his dick until he finally ejaculated into her cunt.

By the fourth year, Jasmine had learned to just let men use her however they wanted to.  The ring gag had slowly trained her out of the habit of speaking, and now she rarely voiced her thoughts, let alone said things like “No” or “Stop”.   She was constantly horny, and being half-naked with cum leaking out of her pussy felt normal.  But she was still on track to graduate.

That was when government passed the All-Purpose Hiring of Women Bill.  It provided that when a woman was paid to perform any service occupation, she had an obligation to perform all the requests of her client for the period of the hiring, regardless of what work she had specifically advertised.

In practice, this meant that a man who hired a woman as a lawyer could fuck her, molest her, dress and undress her, or otherwise use her as a slave for the duration of the hiring.

Further, no woman in a service job could refuse any male client who was willing to pay her scheduled rate.   A schedule of fees was posted covering most service industries to ensure that women were affordable and were paid less than men.

Jasmine again begged her parents to let her drop out.  “It basically means I’m a prostitute!” she wailed, completely unaware that she was currently dressed like a whore anyway, complete with the sperm of a male classmate drying on her cleavage.

“And what’s wrong with being a prostitute?” said her mother archly.  “I was a prostitute in Japan for seven years before I met your father.  At least you’ll be a *lawyer*-prostitute!  It’s what your father wants, and you know that what he wants, he gets!”

So Jasmine tearfully returned to college, and completed her degree.  She attended her graduation nude, and the head of the law faculty ejaculated onto her face on stage as her parents watched.

She spent that night at her parents’ house, but in the morning she woke to discover that all her clothes had vanished.  A small box lay at the foot of her bed, containing a dog collar, high heels, ring gag, and nipple and clitoris clamps.

“Dad, what’s going on?” she cried, shuffling anxiously through the house in the nude, to find her father in her office.

“That’s your uniform,” said her father, looking up from his work.  “I heard that you were worried about being a prostitute, and I’m not having any daughter of mine spending her working life fucking strangers – even if it *is* how your mother met me.   So I’ve put you on retainer, indefinitely.  You work for me now.”

A surge of relief went through her.  Her daddy loved her and was looking out for her!  But then she remembered her clothes, and the box.

“But, daddy, my clothes….” she said.

“Yes, honey,” said her daddy.  “I do intend to get what I paid for.  I’ve been watching you slutting around at that college for four years, and there’s only so much I can take.  Now, why don’t you start your legal career by kneeling down under my desk here and sucking my cock?”

She stared at him in horror – but he was serious.

“Do what your father says,” said her mother, who had appeared in the doorway.  “There’s no shame in being a whore.  And what your father wants, your father gets.”  She walked towards her daughter, and gently pushed Jasmine down to her knees, and then guided her under the large mahogany desk.  

Her father was already taking his cock out of his pants, and, helpless and humiliated but nevertheless well-trained, Jasmine opened her mouth and accepted it.  

“Good girl,” said her father, pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.  “Good girl.”  He looked down at her.  “We’re both so proud of you.”


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