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Donna – pretty, red-haired and innocent – was forever the target of her friends’ cruel pranks and humiliations. There was something about her scandalised, mortified blush when something embarrassing happened to her that was just so satisfying, they couldn’t resist.

It started at the beach. Donna was swimming socially on a warm, pleasant day, when her friend Mark pulled at the bow tying her bikini top together. The knot unravelled, the fabric came loose from her body, and before she could react the waves had torn her bikini away, leaving her topless, her large tits bare to the world.

When her friend saw what had happened, they started laughing uproariously. Donna went bright red and tried to cover herself, but then raven-haired Katy yelled out, “Look at her, covering herself like a prude! What an ice queen!” The laughter intensified, and Mark yelled out, “Frigid bitch! Covering herself like a baby!” Donna went even redder, and slowly dropped her hands, exposing her breasts.

She spent the rest of the day bare-titted and humiliated. Everyone laughed at her, and stared at her, but they kept making jokes about when she had tried to cover herself – “What’s the matter, Donna? Want to cover your udders again like a sexless prude? Is it really that you want to cover them, or do you just like playing with your funbags in public? You’re longing to touch them, aren’t you?”

At the end of the day, when she got home – after driving topless through traffic, terrified that someone would look in her car window – she went straight to her bedroom, burst into tears, and began frantically masturbating. She sobbed and sobbed, and violently rubbed her cunt, which had been sopping wet all day, occasionally stopping to slap her pussy painfully or pinch her clit, to punish her for being so stupid, so whorish, so slutty, until she orgasmed, shrieking with humiliation and sexual need.

Another girl might have chosen to stop hanging out with those friends, or at least wear bikinis that were harder to remove. But Donna bought new bikinis, with even looser ties, and it soon became a routine on those beach trips for one or another of her friends to pull off her bikini and make her go topless. After the third or fourth time, they progressed to untying the hip-knots on her briefs, as well, and soon Donna was completely nude – bare-titted and bare-cunted – on a public beach in front of dozens of strangers.

The experience was overwhelming, and she was already about to die of embarrassment, when suddenly Mark yelled out, in a voice full of cruelty and laughter, “Oh my God – look – DONNA’S CUNT IS WET.”

The whole beach heard, and that would have been the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to Donna – if the suddenness of that humiliation had not made her orgasm, right there, in public, and drop to her knees, moaning, as her pussy squirted into the sand.

When she kept hanging out with them after that, they knew there was no humiliation so extreme that they would get in trouble with her, and things just escalated.

When she visited Katy’s house, Katy would randomly open the door while Donna was on the toilet so her brother could see Donna with her panties down. They would pull her shirts up or down in shopping malls to expose her tits to passers-by. They would casually call her “cunt” instead of her name in conversations with strangers, knowing that she would answer to it because she was too embarrassed to make a scene.

And every day ended with Donna masturbating to a soul-shaking, degrading, painful orgasm at home.

One day they were at Mark’s house, when Mark presented Donna with a cup of white liquid. “Want a smoothie, Donna?” he asked.

She thanked him, took it, and started to drink – and immediately knew something was wrong. It tasted off – far too salty, for one thing. She blushed, knowing this was another cruel prank – but kept drinking.

Everyone started laughing when she was halfway through, and when she was done, they let her in on the secret. “That was Mark’s cum, Donna!” giggled Katy. “He wanked off in the milk! You’re a cum-drinker!”

“Fucking cum-drinking slut!” laughed Mark.

“Say thank you to Mark for his cum!” giggled Katy.

Donna blushed, and in a quiet voice she said, “Thank you, Mark.”

After that, feeding Donna cum was the new game. All the boys took part. Every time they gave her a drink, in had sperm floating in it. When they had take-away, the boys would take her burger away from her, and when they came back it had a new “secret sauce”. And Donna would drink and eat the degrading offerings, not making eye contact, blushing, and thank them for their treats.

Because the truth was, that first cum milkshake had been the most delicious thing Donna had ever tasted. The salty taste, mixed with the humiliation, was intoxicating, and she couldn’t get enough. She spent more and more time with the boys, just so they would feed her more cum.

It climaxed with a trip to the cinema, to see the latest Disney film. Seven of the boys, plus Katy, went to the theatre. They made Donna dress in a bikini top and briefs, which was humiliating enough – it wasn’t appropriate wear for the movies, and she felt basically naked.

They went into the movie early, and took seats in the very front row. The cinema was completely empty, except for them. Before she could sit down, the boys undid her bikini top, baring her tits – but they then took it and wrapped it around her head, blindfolding her.

“What are you doing?” she asked, nervously.

“It’s a crap movie anyway,” said Mark. “You don’t need to see it.” And then he pulled off her briefs, leaving her nude.

“Where’s my seat?” she asked.

“Just here,” said Ben, one of the boys. She moved towards the voice, and sat – and then jumped! She had sat in a man’s lap… and his erect cock was out! She tried to stand – but his hands grabbed her, and pulled her back down, and she felt his cock poke between her wet pussy lips, and suddenly she was being fucked. She squealed – but a moment later the movie started, and no one saw her.

“Sshh,” said the man who was fucking her. It was Jim, who she had known since primary school. “The lights have gone down. It’s dark. Don’t make a scene.”

She whimpered, and let him fuck her, as the sounds of a children’s movie began to play loudly. She couldn’t believe this was how she was losing her virginity.

After a while, he came, ejaculating inside her with a happy sigh.

Someone pressed a drink cup into her hand. “Don’t waste what he’s given you,” said Mark’s voice, quietly. “Let it run out into this, like a milkshake.”

Blushing, she gently pulled herself off Jim’s cock, and then squatted on the cinema floor in front of him with the cup between her legs, until all of his cum had dripped out of her pussy into the cup. Then she felt herself guided towards another man, and she sat down on another lap – Ben’s? – and felt another cock begin to fuck her.

She spent the whole movie like that, working her way down the line of male friends, bouncing on the cock of each until they ejaculated, and then letting their cum drain into her cup.

Mark took the longest to orgasm, and by the time he was done, she could hear the final credits rolling. As the last of his cum dripped out of her into the cup, he said, “Now stand up and drink your milkshake.”

Slowly, her legs shaking from all the sex, she rose to her feet, brought the cup to her mouth, and let the beautiful delicious semen flow into her mouth. She swallowed happily, enjoying the taste….

And that was when Ben ripped off her blindfold.

Rather than a dark, empty cinema, Donna abruptly realised that the lights were up, the cinema was crowded with a family audience, and she was standing naked but for her red hair, visibly aroused, right in front of the screen, drinking sperm from a transparent cup that someone had helpfully written “CUM” on the side of with a marker. Nearly a hundred people were staring at her in surprise, revulsion and disgust.

Her eyes widened, and she went pale. She became aware that the boys had already run for the exits, sniggering, leaving her there alone, with no clothes to put back on. The humiliation rolled over her in a horrifying wave…

And she orgasmed. She squirted, and squirted again, and squirted again….


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