Chelsea’s opportunities in sport started when international sporting bodies finally got around to addressing underlying inequities in women’s swimming. In the past, to be a successful women’s swimmer, you simply had to be flat chested, due to the drag and resistance caused by the profile of larger breasts.

The rules were finally changed to allow an offset proportional to the size of a woman’s tits. Women with a C cup, for example, received a slight head start over flat-chested competitors; women with a D cup even more so.

Seeing an opportunity to increase viewership of the sport, the handicaps were set to in fact slightly *favour* women with larger breasts. It was very difficult for an A-cup woman to make up the several seconds of head-start given to cow-uddered F-cups. In addition, women were required to keep their breasts exposed while swimming – there was a manifest unfairness in a woman being given a double-D handicap but then binding her tits down to a slimmer profile. 

Chelsea, naturally fit, initially did well in competitive swimming now that her fuckbags weren’t a hindrance. She made good time and people seemed to enjoy looking at her exposed boobs. But soon she realised if she was going to stay competitive she would need even bigger, sluttier udders to keep up with the “sea cows” who were beginning to dominate the sport…


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