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Donna had been avoiding her friends for two months now. At first, their cruel enjoyment of humiliating her had been a fun game. She’d blushed, and protested, but there’d been no denying the fact that the shame made her aroused, and she’d kept coming back for more.

But then it had culminated in that day – the day where she’d found herself naked in a crowded cinema, drinking cum from a cup while more sperm leaked from her freshly-raped pussy. Dozens of strangers had seen her acting like a filthy red-headed big-titted cum-drinking whore, and been repulsed by her.

She had orgasmed harder from that humiliation than she ever had in her life – but it had been too much, too shameful, too degrading. She couldn’t stop thinking about it – and every time she thought about it, she shuddered with self-loathing at what a disgusting, degraded slut she had been.

So she had stayed away from her friends. She had asked her mother, Kai, and her stepfather, Paul, to let her change schools, without really explaining why, and though they were confused and worried, they had agreed. She came straight home after school and avoided the local malls and other places where she might bump into her friend-slash-torturers.

But she couldn’t avoid them forever. Two months after the day in the cinema, there was a knock at the door of her home. Her stepfather, Paul, answered it, and then called out, “Donna! It’s your friends!”

Donna felt her blood turn cold. She reluctantly approached the front door, and saw Katy and Mark there – two of the cruellest of her abusers. 

“Donna!” said Katy, smiling. “I’m so glad you’re here. I was about to tell your stepfather here about that movie we saw the other month – but would you like to go up to your room and chat instead?”

Donna went pale at the thought of her parents hearing about her slutty behaviour at the cinema. “Yes, absolutely, come in,” she said quickly, and led Mark and Katy up to her bedroom before they could say anything further to her stepfather.

In her room, Katy closed the door, and without giving her a chance to speak, Mark pulled hard at her shirt. It ripped, exposing her tits, and he laughed. Donna blushed with rage – and with arousal, feeling the familiar wetness in her pussy at the humiliation.

“What do you want?” she asked, trying to sound stern.

“We want our friend back,” said Katy. “We want to play fun games with you again.” She reached out to tug at Donna’s skirt. Donna slid back, out of her reach, still blushing.

“I don’t want to be friends with you,” said Donna. “You had me raped in a cinema and made me… do those things…”

“I know,” said Mark. “And I know you orgasmed from it. Do you know how I know? Because we have it on film.” And he turned his phone towards her and pressed the screen. A video began to play, showing Donna nude and blindfolded, drinking from a plastic cup marked “CUM”. 

Donna felt herself getting wetter as she watched the footage of her degrading herself.

“We’re going to show this at graduation,” said Katy. “And give it to the kids at your new school, too. And maybe then put it on the internet with your name attached.”

Donna almost orgasmed right then and there. But at the same time she was terrified. It didn’t matter how horny she was – what they were proposing would destroy her life.

“Please, don’t,” she begged. “Please.”

Katy reached out for Donna’s skirt again, and this time Donna let her remove it. When Katy tugged at Donna’s panties, Donna lifted her ass and let Katy pull them off, leaving her nude. Donna was aware her cunt was so wet it was leaving a wet patch on the covers of her bed, where she was sitting, but tried to ignore it.

“So we’ll be friends?” asked Katy.

“Yes,” whispered Donna, defeated.

“Good girl!” said Katy. “So tell us all about that hunk who answered the door. Is that really your stepfather?”

Donna admitted it was. Katy proceeded to ask her question after question about her stepfather, which Donna, not understanding, answered as truthfully as she could.

When they were done, they explained to her the game that she was going to play with them. And when Donna heard it, she started to cry. And shortly thereafter, orgasmed. They waited till she was done crying and cumming, and then explained it again, to make sure she understood.


Donna’s mother left for work early each morning, so by the time Donna was getting ready for school, her stepfather was the only other person in the house. Each morning, Donna was to lie nude in bed, no covers over her, with her bedroom door open. She was to watch the video of her degrading herself at the cinema, and masturbate until she orgasmed. She wasn’t to stop masturbating until she came, no matter what happened.

It only took until the second day for Donna’s stepfather Paul to walk past while she was masturbating and look into her room. Donna froze for a second, then, reluctantly kept masturbating. Her phone volume was low and it was turned towards her, so he couldn’t see what she was watching, but he could see her nude body, and see her fingers frantically rubbing her exposed, wet, cunt.  

On that day, he blushed for a moment, then moved on, pretending not to have seen, but on most days thereafter he would walk past while Donna was performing, and each time, he stopped to watch for longer.

The longer he watched, the faster and harder Donna would orgasm.


Donna’s senior prom was coming up in two months. Twice each week, Donna had to find some alone time with her stepfather, and model a prom outfit for him, and ask him for permission to wear it to the prom.

The catch was that every outfit had to make Donna look like a fuckdoll who deserved to be raped. She needed to send a photo of herself wearing it to Katy and Mark, to get their approval. And if her stepfather gave her permission to actually wear it to the prom, she had to actually wear it.

It was in Donna’s interests to pick outfits as outrageous as possible, to stop her stepfather from agreeing – but of course, if he did say yes, she’d be stuck with it.

She tried her first a few days after Mark and Katy’s visit. She wore nothing but her laciest underwear, and went blushing to her stepfather before school for permission to wear it to the prom. She was still flushed and smelling of sex from her early-morning masturbation.

“Donna, why on earth would you want to dress like that for the prom?” he asked, baffled and blushing. “That’s not appropriate clothing. Absolutely not.”

Three days later she wore a microskirt that didn’t cover her cunt, a white button-up shirt with the buttons removed so it couldn’t close over her tits, and no underwear. He rejected that one too – but she noticed his erection.

Next was naked from the waist up with clothes pegs on her nipples. After that was naked from the waist down, with her panties stuffed up her pussy and her bra poked into her anus (both visibly dangling in full view from their respective orifices). 

And every little fashion show, her stepfather took longer to tell her no, and spent longer looking at her outfit, and the tent of his erection in his pants got a little bit larger.

And every fashion show, when her stepfather dismissed her, Donna had to run to the bathroom and masturbate to another overwhelming orgasm.


Every day, Donna had to make sure her stepfather saw her cunt. Every day, she had to rub her tits against him at least once, and she had to rub her ass against his groin at least once. Every day, she had to kiss him on the lips. Being caught in her morning masturbation didn’t count, and neither did her “fashion shows”. And she wasn’t allowed to break off any sexual contact with her stepfather until he did.

Donna mostly went without panties, so she could bend over and flash him her pussy when her mother wasn’t looking. Once she knew he was staring at her fuckhole, she would have to hold the position, blushing, getting wetter and wetter, until he looked away.

Whenever she got the chance, she would sit in his lap, wiggling her ass against his rapidly-stiffening cock, and not get up until she was told to. If they were alone in the house, sometimes he would tentatively, shyly, grope her breasts as they sat like that, and she would let it happen. One time as she ground her ass into his groin, she felt a sudden warm wetness against her anus, and realised with humiliation and horror that she had made her stepfather cum in his pants. A moment later, the humiliation made her cum too, and she squirted onto her stepfather’s crotch. She couldn’t get up until he told her too, so they sat for long minutes in mutual embarrassment and wetness until he coughed and suggested she get up so he could use the toilet.

Every night before bed she would enfold him in a hug, pressing her big tits against his chest, rubbing them back and forth against him, and kiss him passionately on the lips. At first, this surprised and embarrassed him, but before long he was returning the kisses, pushing his tongue into her mouth, gripping her ass with his hands. As days turned into weeks, he would become bolder in these hugs. His hands would deliberately raise her skirt to expose her bare ass. He would press his crotch – and erect cock – into her naked wet pussy. His fingers would probe her anus, making her jump and moan sluttily into her stepfather’s mouth.


Every morning after Donna left the house to go to school, Katy and Mark would stop her in the park down the road, and get her to tell them everything she had done with her stepfather. They would laugh, and ask her what kind of slut cockteased her stepfather, and got off on it. They would tell her she was a filthy pig from orgasming from being rape-bait for a family member. Then they would take away her panties, if she was wearing any, and make her lick Katy’s cunt while Mark fucked her pussy. She would end up continuing on to school with Katy’s cunt juices on her face and Mark’s sperm leaking from her sluthole.


But somehow, despite everything, two months passed, and her stepfather didn’t rape her. Neither had he allowed her to wear any of the slutty outfits she had proposed.

And so she found herself on prom night wearing the dress that she had *wanted* to wear – the beautiful white-and-cream dress that made her look like a princess.

“Paul, can I wear this to prom?” she asked shyly.

He looked at her, smiling lovingly. “Absolutely, honey,” he said. “And I think this is the best dress of all.”

She beamed with happiness, and did an elated little twirl.

“But…” he added, “it is missing something.” There was something different about his voice. It was thick with lust. She looked down, and saw his cock tenting his pants. “Come over here and kneel in front of me, honey”

Filled with dread, she did as she was told. 

“There’s a good little fucktoy,” her stepfather said, and she winced as if she had been slapped. A moment later, he reached down, and before she knew it, his hands were inside her cleavage, lifting her breasts free of the dress, exposing them to his gaze. 

As horror and betrayal filled her, she felt her cunt suddenly gushing wet, pulsing and engorged. Her cheeks flushed red and her nipples hardened.

Her stepfather took his cock out of his pants. It was hard, bulbous, and red in front of her. There was a drop of pre-cum beading at its tip. Donna couldn’t look away.

“You’ve been such a cockteasing little fuckpig,” he said. “But your mother’s away tonight and I know just exactly how you should dress for prom.” He reached down, and grabbed her tits by her nipples, and pulled roughly. She squeaked with pain, and leaned forward obediently. Her tits were either side of his cock now. Its tip was bumping her chin, smearing its pre-cum on her skin.

“A slut like you knows what to do now, right?” he asked her.

And she did. She lowered her mouth to the tip of his cock, and licked, and at the same time she put her hands on her tits and moved them up and down the shaft of his dick, masturbating it. She knew the word for this – a “titjob”. 

He sighed. “That’s a good little whore-kitten,” he said, gripping a handful of her hair and using it to bounce her head up and down on his cock.

Words ran through her head as she sucked her stepfather’s cock and masturbated it with her large fuckballoons. Raped by my stepfather, she thought. And cockteasing little fuckpig. A slut like you knows what to do. Good little whore-kitten.

She moaned around her mouthful of cock and, unable to help herself, lowered a hand to her pussy and began to masturbate.

She came four times before her stepfather ejaculated. And when he did, he didn’t fill her mouth with his sperm, as she had hoped, but pulled out of her mouth and deliberately ejaculated into her hair, over her face, and onto her tits. She was a sticky sperm-covered mess.

She looked up at him, face flushed, lips parted, breathing heavily, still masturbating.

“Please….” she said. “May I go to prom now?”

He smiled. “Almost,” he said. “But not quite. Why don’t you lick my cock some more until it recovers from all the fun, and then we’ll see if we can decorate your slutty little cunt the same way?”

Donna pictured going to her school prom with wet cum on her face and cleavage and leaking from between her legs.

“Yes, daddy,” she said, in a small, eager voice, and orgasmed again.


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