The isolated community of Twilight Hill rarely saw a visitor. It had no internet, no mobile phone reception, and its sole analogue television station was heavily censored by the town council.

The only employment was in a mine two towns away, and it only employed men. The mine workers would bus out together each morning from Twilight Hill, and return in the evening.

Twilight Hill had developed a rather unusual approach to its women. No man bothered with consent before fucking a woman. When he was done, he would stuff a handful of bills into her pussy, by way of payment. $20 for the time. Another $20 if he had cum. Another $20 if *she* had cum. $20 if he’d had to use force – but if the girl hurt him in any way while struggling, he owed her nothing.

This was the sole source of income for adult women in Twilight Hill, and so it trained a particular kind of behaviour. Women learned to be attractive, and encourage men to rape them. They learned to struggle, but not effectively. They learned to help men cum from using them, and they learned to cum from rape themselves, with the minimum of cooperation from their partner.

There was no higher compliment for a girl in Twilight Hill than to be called “an eighty-dollar cunt”.

But the limited horizons of Twilight Hill weren’t for everyone. On her eighteenth birthday, innocent, virginal Madeleine Granger ran away to the big city, with nothing to her name but the eighty dollars she had stolen from her mother’s most recent raping.

Alone and naïve, on the streets of a busy metropolis, she was lucky enough to be taken in by a genuinely nice boy, who was affectionate, respectful and supportive. She stayed a week on his couch, looking for a job, and when she was finally successful in getting a job as a receptionist, she celebrated by eagerly, willingly giving the boy her virginity.

Their lovemaking was passionate and intense. Madeleine had never felt so good as she did with his cock filling her pussy, his lips on her lips, his hands on her breasts.

But when it was over, and he had cum inside her, she spread her legs expectantly – and he did nothing.

She widened them a little further, suggestively. He just kissed her and said, “You were wonderful.”

Her eyes widened in horror, and then filled with tears. Sobbing, she leapt from the bed, snatched up her clothes, and fled from his apartment. She was on the first bus home within three hours.  

Poor Madeleine had simply not understood that things were different outside Twilight Hill. She had left a job and a loving boy to return home to a life of misogyny and rape simply because her lover hadn’t stuffed any money into her cunt once he was done with her – and the only way Madeleine could interpret that is that he thought she was literally worthless…


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