Her brother, tired of the way Allie was always a bitch to him, finally took steps to bring her down a peg. He knew she used white noise to help her sleep, so he just switched out her favourite white noise file for one he’d altered to include three subliminal phrases:

(1) Forget to finish dressing before leaving the house.

(2) Bitches who are naked in public are stupid sluts who deserve to be punished.

(3) Being humiliated makes you horny and eager to please.

She listened to that tape every night. For the first week the results were small – she’d go to work without panties, or without a bra, or with one tit hanging out of her dress which she’d notice and quickly correct. But in the second week she would find herself making all the way to her desk in her office before realising she was naked from the waste down, her pretty shaved cunt on full display. She’d blush bright red, and then her cunt would become sopping wet, and she’d stagger to her boss’ office and beg to be forgiven for being so slutty and tell him she need to be punished…

Within a month she’d stopped trying. She couldn’t seem to cover herself when she went out at all, so she just accepted being naked in public. She spent her days beneath her boss’s desk, sucking his cock in between painful spankings of her tits and ass.

And when her brother came to visit – well, she was a bitch now, but of an entirely different sort…


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