Malea hadn’t been paying attention to the privatisation of women’s prisons, so when she was picked up for a clearly nonsense charge of “public indecency” for being in public in a short skirt, she assumed it would be immediately dismissed, and then when she was, to her horror, sentenced to three months of jail time, she didn’t understand an important aspect of the sentence.

“Sentenced to ‘entertainment prison’?” she asked her lawyer. “What does that mean?”

“The women’s prison system is privatised now,” explained her lawyer, “and the prison operators expect to make a profit on their business. Women who are unattractive are generally sentenced to ‘labour prison’, where they have to do manual labour as unpaid employees of the prison. But the judge thinks you’re pretty hot, so he’s sent you to ‘entertainment prison’. Your incarceration will be live-streamed to paying customers, and people can pay the prison money to fuck you.”

“What?” cried Malea, horrified.

“The prison pays the police bribes to find reasons to charge particularly attractive women,” said her lawyer. “That’s probably why you were charged in the first place.”

And so Malea was carted off to entertainment prison.

Upon arrival, she was stripped nude. “You won’t need clothes here,” said the laughing male guard who stripped her.

“I have rights!” protested Malea.

“No, you don’t,” laughed the guard – and then pushed her against the wall and raped her, to prove his point.

All inmates at entertainment prison then went through an induction process. Their nude body was thoroughly photographed, including their anus and their spread pussy. Their sexual responsiveness was tested with vibrators, their tits were weighed and checked for lactation, and then their pain tolerance was tested with electric shocks. They were tattooed on the back of their left hand with a QR code which went to a publicly accessible record of their nude photographs and the crime they’d been arrested for. And then they received a series of piercings.

The piercings went in each girl’s tongue, nipples, labia, and clitoris, and each piercing was fitted with a thick metal ring. The one in the mouth made it difficult for girls to talk properly, and they soon learned to simply stay silent.

The prison uniform was a series of leather cuffs and collars, on the girl’s neck, waist, ankles and wrists. A girl’s hands were never free – they were always locked to either her neck, waist, or ankles, depending on the situation. Girls learned to be helpless and unable to control their bodies.

Girls shared rooms in pairs. They were expected to form a lesbian relationship with their bunkmate for the entertainment of the cameras located in their cell. Girls who didn’t start lezzing off with their cellmate quickly enough would be “put to bed” by the guards, which involved clipping each girl’s tongue ring to the clit ring of her cellmate, in an inescapable 69. After an agonising night of not being able to put their tongue in their mouth, and feeling their cellmate tugging painfully on their clit in an attempt to close her own lips, girls would generally agree to be good little lesbians and rape each other of their own volition.

During the day, female guards would frequently force the prisoners to lick their pussies. Male guards would rape the prisoners, or just randomly masturbate and ejaculate onto the women, prompting the cry of “clean up!”, which obligated the nearest girl to lick the guard’s sperm off the unfortunate prisoner’s face or tits.

In the exercise yard, the girls would have heavy weights hung from their nipple or clit rings, and be made to jog circuits of the yard, dragging the weights painfully. In education units, the girls would be taught to fuck better, or suck better, or taught what pointless fuckdolls they were. In one unit that the guards particularly loved, the girls would be forced to read aloud the degrading and abusive correspondence sent to them by men watching their live streams, while masturbating to orgasm.

If a girl was disobedient, she would be spanked or whipped, and then placed in “time out”. Time out involved having the girl pushed up against the bars of her cell, tits first. Chain would then be run from the girl’s nipple rings or labial rings or clit ring, around the bars of her cell, and then back to her rings, leaving her chained to her cell by her udders or cunt. She would then be left there for upwards of 12 hours, and the guards would usually require the girl to come up with a particularly degrading act they could perform on her before they would free her.

Most girls leave entertainment prison traumatised, submissive, and repentant, but some few take it a different way. Malea was one of those. She had never cum so hard, or so often, as she did in the three months in entertainment prison. She was adept at raping other girls with her hands bound, and thus the entire jail was like a candy shop to her. She enjoyed being sexually forced by the guards, and loved the feeling of being raped while helpless.

Upon her release, Malea immediately went out in public naked, and before the end of the day she had been arrested and was on her way back for a much-anticipated second jail term….


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